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Essays in Honor of Edward B. King.

Essays in Honor of Edward B. King, cd. by Robert G. Benson and Eric W. Navior.

(Sewance, Tennessee: University of the South Press, 1991). 253 pp. $25.00. This

collection of historical and literary articles includes two on Robert Grosseteste, by

Richard W. Southern and James McEvoy; three on (,haucer, by John V. Fleming

(on language and truth), D. W. Robertson, Jr (on the Manciple's Tale) and Glynne

W. G. Wickham (on iregetours and court theatre); and single essays on St Augustine

(Gordon Leff), St Bernard (Christopher Holdsworth), Thomas Becket (Franck

Barlow), and Boccaccio as an admirer of Dante (Barbara Reynolds). Fred C.

Robinson discusses the name |Wistan' in The Battle of Waldon; Douglas Gray

considers the imagery of light in Pearl; and George Kane analyses Langland's use

of |for to'. There are also pieces on late mediaeval cults and devotions (Christopher

Brooke), Philip the Chancellor on the eternity of the world (Denys Hay),

conscience and social duty in early Christian thought (Henry Chadwick), Milton

and divine inspiration (O. B. Hardison, Jr), and the Oxford Movement (V. H. H.

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Author:Green, V.H.H.
Publication:Medium Aevum
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Date:Sep 22, 1992
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