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Environmental funds crucial to health. Krisberg, Kim Report Jul 1, 2014 185
The making of Antarctica's Fjords. Jun 1, 2014 429
Climate change effects on shallow lakes: design and preliminary results of a cross-European climate gradient mesocosm experiment. Landkildehus, Frank; Sondergaard, Martin; Beklioglu, Meryem; Adrian, Rita; Angeler, David G.; Hejzla Report Jun 1, 2014 8487
European Commission Provides 282.6 million Euros for 225 New Environment and Climate Projects. May 3, 2014 410
EC Allocates EUR 282.6M for Environment, Climate Projects. Apr 30, 2014 230
Extreme heat still on the rise: peak high temps on land climb despite stalled global average. Mole, Beth Apr 5, 2014 373
Adam Majcher: Climate Change Program Manager (Acting). Majcher, Adam Brief article Apr 1, 2014 322
Poverty Environment Climate Mainstreaming (Pecm) project. Mar 27, 2014 164
Biotechnology and food security. Zilberman, David; Kaplan, Scott; Kim, Eunice; Sexton, Steven; Barrows, Geoffrey Report Mar 22, 2014 5705
March of the mangroves. Brief article Mar 14, 2014 176
Land blubber. Brief article Mar 14, 2014 107
Climate Change Not a Top Worry in U.S. U.S. concerns with the quality of the environment dropped in 2014. Riffkin, Rebecca Mar 12, 2014 876
Microclimate variability significantly affects the composition, abundance and phenology of butterfly communities in a highly threatened Neotropical dry forest. Checa, Maria F.; Rodriguez, Jacqueline; Willmott, Keith R.; Liger, Belen Report Mar 1, 2014 7599
Changes in climate, catchment vegetation and hydrogeology as the causes of dramatic lake-level fluctuations in the Kurtna Lake District, NE Estonia/Muutused kliimas, valgla taimkattes ja hudrogeoloogias kui dramaatiliste veetaseme koikumiste pohjused Kurtna jarvestikus Kirde-Eestis. Vainu, Marko; Terasmaa, Jaanus Report Mar 1, 2014 10218
Optimum hurricane futures hedge in a warming environment: a risk-return jump-diffusion approach. Chang, Carolyn W.; Chang, Jack S.K.; Wen, Min-Ming Abstract Mar 1, 2014 9021
Australia : New maps reveal locations of species at risk as climate changes. Feb 11, 2014 434
Cities plan for climate change. Feb 1, 2014 292
Dear EarthTalk: How is it that climate change is responsible for killing whitebark pine trees and thus impacting mountain ecosystems? Scheer, Roddy; Moss, Doug Jan 26, 2014 575
Tornado intensity climbing in the United States: since 1994, twisters have left bigger paths of destruction. Rosen, Meghan Jan 25, 2014 327
BR-T1284 : Assessment of the Impacts of Climate on the Stability of the Amazon Rainforest. Jan 18, 2014 259
There are no climate sceptics on the end of a fire hose. Mohr, Tony Jan 1, 2014 344
Growing thirstier by the day. Kumar, Supriya Jan 1, 2014 733
Mexico and climate change: was the country a multilateral leader? Ramirez, Blanca Torres Essay Jan 1, 2014 6628
Ours is a shared struggle for a just transition toward a new economy. Jan 1, 2014 1792
Why we need an ecosocialist revolution. Speech Jan 1, 2014 3973
10 C[O.sub.2] levels pass milestone: Panel affirms humans' role in warming. Wayman, Erin Dec 28, 2013 333
Climate change winners. Dec 24, 2013 641
Climate change and southern New Hampshire: more heat waves, flash floods coming to region, says new report. Brooks, David Column Dec 13, 2013 590
Ready or not. Brief article Dec 9, 2013 280
Evolution not keeping up with climate change. Dec 1, 2013 406
Science can help solve South Africa's problems. Dec 1, 2013 249
China climate negotiator laments 'severe' pollution. Nov 5, 2013 477
Cool idea: while nations concede a pressing need for attacking carbon dioxide emissions, other pollutants offer quicker paybacks. Wayman, Erin Cover story Oct 5, 2013 3045
Macedonian agriculture feels the climate changes. Oct 1, 2013 230
Defending climate change liability. Koshofer, Warren A. Oct 1, 2013 983
Seabirds face risks from climate change: research in remote regions can also be dangerous. Madin, Kate Sep 22, 2013 1059
The decline and fall of the emperor penguin? Climate change and shrinking ice threaten polar bird. Levin, David Sep 22, 2013 848
Gentle giants: the national parks' towering sequoias have thrived for thousands of years. can they survive climate change? Siber, Kate Sep 22, 2013 923
Natural gas: friend or foe? With region's climate goals at risk, CLF works to keep gas in check. Cover story Sep 22, 2013 1033
Aspen in a changing world: the adaptable aspen lives across the globe, from snowy high-elevation forests to dry deserts. But can this circumglobal super species adapt to a changing climate? Williams, Tyler Sep 19, 2013 2284
Hurry up--or die. Brief article Sep 19, 2013 258
SWEDEN - The crustacean chemosensory system: Consequences of climate and environmental change. (CRUCSCHANGE). Sep 18, 2013 315
Ice shelf busts, sponges boom: creatures emerge in Antarctic after Larsen A collapse. Shugart, Jessica Brief article Sep 7, 2013 320
Climate change may shift habits: in some places, animals are expected to alter lifestyles. Milius, Susan Sep 7, 2013 556
Editor's notebook. Share, Jeff Editorial Sep 1, 2013 760
The 'climate' is changing in Washington. Faircloth J.T. Sep 1, 2013 738
Melting snow patches reveal Neolithic archery. Callanan, Martin Report Sep 1, 2013 5741
Addressing climate change in forests, container crops. O'Brien, Dennis Sep 1, 2013 1219
Spy satellite reveals climate changes. Aug 29, 2013 313
Guinea-Strengthening Resilience of Farming Communities% Livelihoods against Climate Changes in the Guinean Prefectures of Gaoual, Koundara and Mali Project. Aug 7, 2013 404
Climate-friendly food production. Aug 1, 2013 664
Data on Antarctic climate key to filling in unknowns. Emerson, Eva Editorial Jul 27, 2013 423
Say what? Zielinski, Sarah Brief article Jul 13, 2013 103
El Nino occurred more in late 20th century due to man made climate changes. Jul 1, 2013 372
Climate concerns; ECONOMY TODAY ENVIRONMENT. Jun 22, 2013 126
Climate engineering research. Parson, Edward A. Jun 22, 2013 865
Sudden climate changes accelerated Stone Age technological and cultural innovation. Jun 19, 2013 471
Climate appeal: N.H. ski areas join petition to fight climate change. Brief article Jun 14, 2013 214
Fighting for air: how climate change is leading to more ozone, more pollen and more asthma problems. Belli, Brita May 1, 2013 2861
Extreme storm surges may occur more often with climate change. Wayman, Erin Brief article Apr 20, 2013 172
Dear EarthTalk: What would you say are the most important steps we need to take as a nation to counter the impacts of climate change? Scheer, Roddy; Moss, Doug Apr 7, 2013 594
Needed: research guidelines for solar radiation management: as this approach to geoengineering gains attention, a coordinated plan for research will make it possible to understand how it might work and what dangers it could present. Morgan, M. Granger; Nordhaus, Robert R.; Gottlieb, Paul Mar 22, 2013 5152
Reducing production: an unfolding goal. Fitz, Don Mar 22, 2013 4017
How rural America got fracked. Cantarow, Ellen Mar 22, 2013 3178
Seeking the half-full glass. Cottingham, Jan Brief article Mar 18, 2013 205
City looks at tackling its green issues. Mar 13, 2013 666
Moving day. Mar 12, 2013 414
Damage assessment. Brief article Mar 12, 2013 219
Hack the sky? Mar 12, 2013 2168
How's the weather? You don't want to know. Brief article Mar 1, 2013 280
Who should pay for climate damage? Mar 1, 2013 2770
Infectious disease. Brief article Mar 1, 2013 207
Warmer temps draw pine beetles north. Santisi, Jennifer Mar 1, 2013 222
Choose your future: a vision of sustainable America in 2100. Assadourian, Erik Mar 1, 2013 3305
Great expeditions: documenting the changing ice-scape on Alaska's lost coast--with the kids. Belli, Brita Mar 1, 2013 744
Climate justice in Bangladesh: a critical review. Mohammad, Noor; Hasani; Zinatul; Jady; Ruzian; Aminurasyed Report Mar 1, 2013 8633
2012: warmest year on record. Brief article Jan 18, 2013 148
Dear Earthtalk: how is it that climate change is negatively affecting the health of rivers and, by extension, the quality and availability of fresh water? Jan 6, 2013 527
It's working. Mohr, Tony Brief article Jan 1, 2013 330
More cyclones are coming. Santisi, Jennifer Jan 1, 2013 343
An ivy league Forest: you can't really see the Forest without looking closely at the trees. Kowalski, Kathiann M. Jan 1, 2013 1276
Passing the torch: sustainable farming in Honduran communities. Slifka, Karim Jan 1, 2013 935
Australia : New Antarctic ice core project. Dec 17, 2012 507
Artificial watershed provides "real" data. Dec 1, 2012 443
Extremely bad weather: studies start linking climate change to current events. Raloff, Janet Nov 17, 2012 3940
World's first Climate Innovation Centre. Brief article Nov 1, 2012 119
Arctic Ocean ice melt smashes previous record: frozen area falls well below 2007 minimum extent. Witze, Alexandra Oct 6, 2012 793
Dear EarthTalk: what is the scientific consensus on all the extreme weather we've been having--from monster tornadoes to massive floods and wildfires? Sep 23, 2012 546
Cool coral refuges in a warmer world. Madin, Kate Sep 22, 2012 807
Rain, rivers, and the fate of civilizations. Winner, Cherie Sep 22, 2012 3495
The retreat of the Gualas Glacier. Lippset, Lonny Sep 22, 2012 510
Protecting watersheds as the world heats up. Steen, Scott Sep 22, 2012 717
Sea change: Everglades National Park hopes to alter the tide of climate change and, perhaps, the future of park planning. Grange, Kevin Sep 22, 2012 978
France : NGO partners reinforce urgency of Climate and Clean Air Coalition's call-to-action. Aug 29, 2012 346
ARS scientists: all-purpose agronomists. Shafer, Steven R.; Simmons, Kay Aug 1, 2012 734
Tiny atmospheric particles 'could be driving climate change'. Aug 1, 2012 317
Climate change and food security: the role of biotechnology. Quaye, Wilhemina W.; Yawson, R.M.,; Ayeh, E.S.; Yawson, I. Report Aug 1, 2012 3877
Climate change prompts French ski area to mull downsize. Jul 31, 2012 566
Man-made climate change blamed for extreme weather. Jul 28, 2012 517
Parents aid fry with low pH. Raloff, Janet Brief article Jul 28, 2012 159
Sea rise speeds up on East Coast: Climate-related changes in ocean currents may be to blame. Powell, Devin Jul 28, 2012 338
Clue to ancient civilisation's demise; WELSH SCIENTISTS BELIEVE CLIMATE CHANGE TO BLAME. Jul 27, 2012 675
Liverpool Varsity study says adding iron to sea could combat climate change. Jul 24, 2012 431
Polar Bear Gene Study Finds Earlier Origin, Tracks Traces Of Climate Change. Jul 24, 2012 543
United Kingdom : Competition to protect infrastructure from climate change. Jul 24, 2012 355
Dumping iron in oceans 'may cure climate change'. Jul 19, 2012 530
'Developing countries' hold 'industrialised' West responsible for climate change. Jul 14, 2012 154
Climate change affects all of us. Jul 14, 2012 246
Vulnerable to climate change. Hashange, Hilma Jul 13, 2012 490
Climate change 'may lead to fewer but more violent thunderstorms'. Jul 11, 2012 492
Climate change could make curry spices home-grown speciality in UK. Jul 10, 2012 340
BIOS: Will Climate Change Cause Ocean Bacteria to Bloom? Jul 9, 2012 537
Climate change suspended coral reef growth for 2 millenniums. Jul 6, 2012 495
Humans caused climate change long before Industrial Revolution. Jul 4, 2012 507
Only 18 pc Americans consider climate change world's biggest environmental threat. Jul 4, 2012 199
Largest sea turtles threatened by climate change. Jul 2, 2012 718
Climate change accord with China. Jul 1, 2012 116
More information is not always better: the case of voluntary provision of environmental quality. Owen, Ann L.; Videras, Julio; Wu, Stephen Report Jul 1, 2012 13351
Precious birds facing extinction in the hills; OVERSTOCKING AND CLIMATE CHANGE MAY BE FACTORS. Jun 26, 2012 699
Climate change means farmers need to adapt. Jun 26, 2012 371
Investors set their sights on land for wind farms; CLIMATE CHANGE AND RENEWABLE ENERGY FEARS DRIVING DEMAND. Jun 21, 2012 649
Mauritius : RGSC Holds Exhibition on Climate Change: Threats and Challenges. Jun 16, 2012 403
History plays part in telling the future; Centuries-old whalers' logbooks are used to measure climate change. Jun 15, 2012 529
Tunisia : Mainstreaming climate change in Bank operations - Training course on climate change, energy and transport. Jun 13, 2012 170
Climate Change Will Boost Number of U.S. West's Wildfires. Jun 12, 2012 526
Climate change a multi-dimensional developmental challenge: PM. Jun 12, 2012 345
Cosmic climate change in early universe 'may have stunted black holes'. Jun 10, 2012 282
Conservation of ecosystem in Karakoram park demanded. Jun 8, 2012 556
Speakers for creating public awareness on impact of climate change. Jun 7, 2012 450
PWP, Climate Ministry to arrange activities on Environment Day. Jun 5, 2012 182
Resilient coastal city regions; planning for climate change in the United States and Australia. Book review Jun 1, 2012 159
ESTs stressed to counter climate change. May 31, 2012 315
Climate change 'wiped out ancient Indus civilization'. May 29, 2012 1247
Climate change is on the agenda. May 15, 2012 155
Climate Change Adaptation to promote Asia-Pacific Growth. May 7, 2012 405
Climate change adaptation to promote inclusive Asia-Pacific growth. May 7, 2012 443
Aliens in Antarctica: visitors carry unwelcome species into a once pristine environment. Powell, Devin May 5, 2012 1379
The World "Connects the Dots" Between Extreme Weather & Climate Change. May 5, 2012 664
Climate change is badly affecting plankton, claims researcher. May 4, 2012 282
Lester Brown's mission: the founder of the Earth Policy Institute on the climate crisis--and reasons for hope. Cho, Renee May 1, 2012 843
App depicts impact of climate change on planet. Apr 30, 2012 431
Wind farms 'may cause climate change'. Apr 30, 2012 458
SADC most affected by climate change. Jacobs, Clemencia Apr 27, 2012 577
Help for climate change. Apr 26, 2012 151
Working together to tackle climate change and resource depletion; The Mayday Network goes from strength to strength says Tracy Rees, deputy director at Business in the Community Wales. Apr 25, 2012 571
A climate change for the better; CentiPedal invention wins UK acclaim. Apr 24, 2012 431
Religious groups call for action on climate change. Apr 22, 2012 824
Business to unite for island climate change summit. Apr 18, 2012 322
Americans Link Weather Extremes to Climate Change. Apr 18, 2012 259
Climate change 'throwing nature's timing out of sync'. Apr 15, 2012 776
Telcos forum to review climate change issues. Apr 14, 2012 402
Rapid climate change putting Asia's rice production at risk. Apr 13, 2012 644
Climate refugees: a changing climate threatens to destroy people's way of life and drive them from their homelands. Crane, Cody Apr 13, 2012 1067
Climate Change 'boosts plants at first and then quickly stunts it'. Apr 12, 2012 491
CBRE hits green bullseye. Apr 11, 2012 153
Heat stress 'may help coral reefs survive future climate change'. Mar 31, 2012 506
Bring on climate change. Mar 31, 2012 636
Horizon and 3DClassworks Tackle Climate Change with Education: "Destination Zero Carbon" Goes Global. Mar 29, 2012 641
Climate change 'behind extreme weather conditions'. Mar 29, 2012 285
200 to tackle climate change; green SHOOTS. Mar 27, 2012 124
'Time to move beyond rhetoric on climate change'. Mar 22, 2012 339
Experts for strategy to address climate change issues. Mar 21, 2012 326
Confusion over climate change; Views of the North. Mar 19, 2012 115
3-day media workshop on climate change starts on Tuesday. Mar 19, 2012 341
Battery-powered bus to beat climate change. Mar 17, 2012 311
Hands-on eco lesson for pupils; Youngsters see climate change for themselves in the lab. Mar 15, 2012 445
Guidelines for Climate Change discussed. Mar 12, 2012 257
Guidelines for climate change resilient villages in Punjab. Mar 8, 2012 258
Green Sukuk initiative launches to drive finance for climate change investment projects. Mar 5, 2012 383
Climate change and the building envelope. Burton, Brian Mar 1, 2012 1071
Climate change is the new evolution debate. Herbert, Marion Mar 1, 2012 343
Not a drop to drink: how water scarcity will soon be Asia's defining crisis. Larson, Christina Mar 1, 2012 1713
Hot topic: duck season: is climate change cause to push back hunting dates? Hart, David Mar 1, 2012 1171
Weather out of whack. Belli, Brita Editorial Mar 1, 2012 494
The freak weather that won't be denied; will the upswing in extreme weather events finally convince us to take action on climate change? MacDonald, Christine Cover story Mar 1, 2012 4750
Audio: In Texas Schools, Climate Change an Unsettled Science. Feb 20, 2012 135
Training course on climate change concludes at LEAD house. Feb 17, 2012 305
Training course on climate change concludes at LEAD house. Feb 17, 2012 305
ICIMOD team apprises climate change phenomenon with Kundi. Feb 17, 2012 323
Clinton announces new coalition to reduce short-lived climate pollutants. Feb 16, 2012 448
Environment and Climate Affairs Ministry Organizes Awareness Lectures. Jan 17, 2012 193
'Food becomes everything': while taking in refugees, Kenya has its own challenges of hunger and climate change. Herlinger, Chris Jan 6, 2012 2380
Africa faces greatest risks. Brief article Jan 1, 2012 232
Africa to turn climate challenges into opportunities. Brief article Jan 1, 2012 202
African ubuntu saves climate change talks. Versi, Anver Jan 1, 2012 702
How the west was lost. Ward, Chip Dec 28, 2011 2070
Can air conditioning save you? Cox, Stan Dec 28, 2011 1310
Thermal contraction. Brief article Dec 13, 2011 224
UN climate talks reach a late deal; EMISSIONS. Dec 12, 2011 119
Pathways to healing: climate change and its unrecognized impact on our health. Zablocki, Elaine Dec 1, 2011 1436
A sinking feeling: this satellite map shows some of the Pacific island nations threatened by rising sea levels. Nov 21, 2011 404
Global warming effect on comfort climate conditions in Iran. Borna, Reza; Roshan, Gholamreza; Shahkoohi, Alireza Khaje Report Nov 1, 2011 4258
Need to integrate climate changes in sectoral policies (study). Oct 11, 2011 261
Climate change will hit namibian economy. Brief article Oct 1, 2011 102
Payback on going greener. Brief article Oct 1, 2011 192
Adapting to climate change. Ashe, Dan Sep 22, 2011 521
Out of sync: climate change is affecting the national parks' most ancient and critical cycles. Can citizen science help? Shteir, Seth Sep 22, 2011 876
EPA releases climate ready water utilities toolbox. Berndt, Carolyn Sep 19, 2011 270
Mushrooms on the move. Brief article Sep 16, 2011 160
Ready or not: even if we stopped burning all fossil fuels today, we are locked into some climate changes. Mitra, Maureen Nandini Sep 16, 2011 3753
Extinction is forever: a quest for the last known survivors. Freedman, Eric Report Sep 16, 2011 2107
Conversation: Kieran Suckling. Mark, Jason Interview Sep 16, 2011 2290
Climate change - Africa's solution: renewable energy sources, which Africa has in plentiful supply, could strongly mitigate the effects of climate change on the world but the question is who should foot the bill to develop these resources. Wanjohi Kubukuru reports. Kubukuru, Wanjohi Jul 1, 2011 649
Science helps SA farm communities adapt to change. Wahlquist, Asa Jun 1, 2011 1337
Meeting challenges at the energy-water-carbon interface. Raupach, Michael Jun 1, 2011 1675
Phosphorus troubles return to the Great Lakes. Irving, Tyler Brief article May 1, 2011 300
UAE to have National Committee for climate change. Apr 10, 2011 116
Adaptation: call for national concrete database. Brief article Apr 1, 2011 226
Sofia May Become ThessalonA-ki Due to Climate Changes. Mar 21, 2011 184
Make the right change for climate: cut fuel subsidies for flood funds not emission reduction schemes. Lowe, Ian Mar 1, 2011 377
Climate change. Mohr, Tony Mar 1, 2011 291
Sustainability and plastics. Oderwald, Susan Feb 1, 2011 1096
NLC membership adopts national municipal policy. Dec 20, 2010 1257
South America. Nov 8, 2010 553
EEG Plants 150 Trees in Mushrif Park. Oct 10, 2010 606
Climate change hits SE Australian fish species. Sullivan, Rachel Brief article Oct 1, 2010 224
The ethical implications of sea-level rise due to climate change. Byravan, Sujatha; Rajan, Sudhir Chella Report Sep 22, 2010 10494
From lakes to ocean, N.H. climate is changing. Brooks, David Sep 10, 2010 887
Island states must adapt to climate change. Aug 1, 2010 480
NLC announces new sustainability resources for cities. Zborel, Tammy Jul 19, 2010 660
CO2 absorption would reduce due to warmer ecosystems: Experts. Jul 1, 2010 200
ISO 26000 putting social responsibility to work. Frost, Roger Jul 1, 2010 1122
Northern exposure. Smeaton, Christina Jul 1, 2010 681
Samoans use film-making to counter climate change. Jackson, Emma Jul 1, 2010 206
Five-year programme ensures drinking water supply regardless climate changes. Jun 20, 2010 167
Mexico values efforts of Yemen over issues of climate changes. Jun 18, 2010 101
Flower power. Brief article Jun 15, 2010 161
No money down: global justice groups say wealthy countries must pay reparations for climate chaos. Friedman-Rudovsky, Jean Jun 15, 2010 2939
Welcome to Eneropa, Rem Koolhaas' vision of a united nations of energy. Hartman, Hattie Jun 1, 2010 381
Weeding out the positive from climate change. Brief article Jun 1, 2010 239
Search for optimal solution of public building renovation in terms of life cycle/ Visuomeninio pastato optimalaus renovacijos sprendimo paieska, atsizvelgiant i energetinius, aplinkos apsaugos ir ekonominius kriterijus. Uzsilaityte, Lina; Martinaitis, Vytautas Report Jun 1, 2010 6136
Analysis of changes in flowering phases and airborne pollen dispersion of the genus Betula (birch)/Berzo genties zydejimo faziu ir ziedadulkiu sklaidos pokyciu analize/[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]. Veriankaite, Laura; Sauliene, Ingrida; Bukantis, Arunas Report Jun 1, 2010 4712
Chestnut trees could temper climate change. Brief article Jun 1, 2010 259
Threatened polar bears fight for survival. Owen, Megan Jun 1, 2010 878
Support energy independence. Lowery, J.D. May 24, 2010 711
Climate change hotline for Africa. Brief article May 1, 2010 224
PCA: Energy, climate bill must balance ecological, cement interests. May 1, 2010 753
SEC climate change disclosures: effects on businesses. Malonza, Lorraine Conference news May 1, 2010 703
Rising seas. Hohmann, Skye Brief article May 1, 2010 101
Extreme Australia: wildfires, dust storms, downpours--Australians have had a decade of wild weather. Could it happen to us? Fritz, Sandy Country overview Apr 12, 2010 1737
Conrad Cairo Flicks The Switch To Support Earth Hour. Apr 4, 2010 209
Making waves on climate risk: new SEC guidelines on disclosing climate-change risks may require some revamping of corporate reporting. Field, Anne Apr 1, 2010 1804
Materials top titles. Brief article Apr 1, 2010 241
Copenhagen's 'Hail Mary'. Mckibben, Bill Apr 1, 2010 656
Climate change and religious hysteria. Duodu, Cameron Apr 1, 2010 1709
Norway looks forward to economic development of Arctic. Brief article Apr 1, 2010 155
Supporting rainforest biodiversity in a changing climate. Isaac, Jo Apr 1, 2010 652
Dubai Properties Group to Unite Over 17,000 Stakeholders in Support of Earth Hour 2010. Mar 24, 2010 325
Leading by example, revisited: can the EU still serve as a model to lead global climate policy? Geden, Oliver Mar 22, 2010 772
Urbanism and healthy living: two competitions to promote healthy urban living. Bomberg, Neil Mar 8, 2010 355
Taking stock: climate change and transportation: an overview of current activities, mitigation technologies, and adaptation strategies, including a sample greenhouse gas inventory by a State DOT. Turcbetta, Diane Mar 1, 2010 5866
De Boer replacements as climate change boss emerge. Lyman, Eric; Nuthall, Keith Mar 1, 2010 102
Climate crackup: a breakdown in Copenhagen saves a divided world from carbon rationing. Bailey, Ronald Conference notes Feb 18, 2010 3983
Environment Agency. Feb 17, 2010 263
Cities look abroad to prosper at home. Peirce, Neal Feb 8, 2010 813
India abandons IPCC, sets up own panel. Brief article Feb 5, 2010 289
Outcrops' oases' in a changing climate. Brief article Feb 1, 2010 174
Indonesia embraces Landcare. Brief article Feb 1, 2010 149
Protecting biodiversity in an uncertain climate. Feb 1, 2010 1406
Global hotspot under stress: while the south-west corner of Western Australia is recognised as a global biodiversity hotspot, its unique ecosystems have suffered land clearing, introduced pests and weeds, a changed fire regime, loss of water and salinisation. climate change may tip the balance for some species, unless effective action is taken. Burbidge, Andrew Feb 1, 2010 1240
Campaign to trim Australia's C[O.sub.2] footprint by a million tonnes. McKay, Kim Feb 1, 2010 700
Climate change will alter type of fruits grown in south east. Ford, Richard Brief article Jan 30, 2010 253
Energy, safety and nuclear capabilities intertwined. Ferguson, Charles D. Jan 30, 2010 749
Routine tree deaths doubled. Brief article Jan 2, 2010 145
Climate change will Worsen Hunger, study says. Block, Ben Jan 1, 2010 354
Coral reefs under threat. McKeown, Alice Jan 1, 2010 703
Climate of risk: climate warming demands fresh thinking about security policy. Renner, Michael Jan 1, 2010 3795
A climate of fire: a year on from the devastating Black Saturday bushfires, what are the lessons learned? And is anyone listening? Smitz, Paul Jan 1, 2010 618
Up, up and away ... your voices heard in Copenhagen! In November, ACF put out the call for every concerned Australian to make Executive Director Don Henry their 'proxy' at Copenhagen. ACF made sure your voices were heard loud and clear ... in a most unusual way! Walsh, Adam Jan 1, 2010 420
Effects of climate change. Holbrook, Emily Jan 1, 2010 543
Natural gas is the key to our low-carbon future. Hopper, Regina Jan 1, 2010 904
World waits until end of 2010 for practical climate change response. Osborn, Alan Jan 1, 2010 548
Approach on environmental health indicators for monitoring the health impact of climate change. Curseu, Daniela; Popa, Monica; Sirbu, Dana Manuela Report Jan 1, 2010 1847
UN Chief: world needs clean energy revolution. Brief article Jan 1, 2010 163
2010 Climate Competitiveness Index shows promising gains. Brief article Jan 1, 2010 146
Globalization in the era of environmental crisis. Sachs, Jeffrey Jan 1, 2010 2205
A case for climate neutrality. Jan 1, 2010 1286
On the climate change front line: global markets offer a vital buffer for isolated pacific families. Hiller-Garvey, Lisa Jan 1, 2010 838
Forests and climate change. McIntyre, Kris Jan 1, 2010 657
Advancing the trade and climate change agenda. Birkes, Lara; Fidanza, Brindusa Jan 1, 2010 615
Climate neutrality, between wishes and reality: the ITC experience. Cordier, Michael Jan 1, 2010 1142
Directory. Directory Jan 1, 2010 372
Environmental security and regional stability in the Persian Gulf. Russell, James A. Dec 22, 2009 6166
Daily Wrap Up - Dec 9. Dec 9, 2009 415
Is government action worse than global warming? Why policy nihilism may be the only rational response to climate change. Bailey, Ronald Dec 1, 2009 1117
Globalization with a human face: Jagdish Bhagwati on the trouble with protectionism, how to deal with climate change, and why NAFTA was bad for free trade. Dalmia, Shikha Interview Dec 1, 2009 3898
Water solutions adapted for climate change. Desha, Cheryl; Hargroves, Charlie; Smith, Mike Dec 1, 2009 1264
Preparing Australia's coastal zone for a changing climate. Brief article Dec 1, 2009 242
Zenawi wants compensation for Africa. Brief article Dec 1, 2009 107
Travel Environment Watch - Africa / Middle East. Nov 23, 2009 859
Environmental health indicators of climate change for the United States: findings from the State Environmental Health Indicator Collaborative. English, Paul B.; Sinclair, Amber H.; Ross, Zev; Anderson, Henry; Boothe, Vicki; Davis, Christine; E Report Nov 1, 2009 10104
Livestock and climate change: what if the key actors in climate change are ... cows, pigs, and chickens? Goodland, Robert; Anhang, Jeff Essay Nov 1, 2009 5802
Seeing REDD: a useful climate-change policy tool, or a license to deny forest dwellers' rights? Wells, Zachary; Brands, Kelly Moore Nov 1, 2009 688
Carbon reduction can work with development. Brief article Nov 1, 2009 134
President Hu talks with Obama on climate deal. Brief article Oct 23, 2009 243
Climate change, not drought, the main suspect. Oct 1, 2009 350
The mucky country: the director of The Climate Project--India poses the questions should developed countries like Australia pay for the climate adaptation burden imposed on poor nations? Gupta, Gaurav Oct 1, 2009 735
Climate change: a humanitarian crisis unfolding: there were signs that all was not right on the Carteret Islands. Locals on the Pacific Ocean islands had begun noticing frequent storms, wild sea and swells, king tides and unusually rough oceans. Then, for Ursula Rakova, the changes quite literally split her world in half. Ambrose, Margaret Oct 1, 2009 730
David Shearman and Joseph Wayne Smith. The Climate Change Challenge and the Failure of Democracy. Urooj, Amena Book review Sep 22, 2009 287

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