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Entry into Autzen Stadium goes digital.

Byline: Ron Bellamy The Register-Guard

The University of Oregon will introduce digital scanning of tickets at Autzen Stadium this week, and director of ticket sales Garrett Klassy urged fans not to wait until just before kickoff to enter the stadium for the Ducks' much-anticipated football game with California.

"It's a brand new system," Klassy said Monday. "We don't expect every game to be slow, but it's new to all our ticket-takers, ushers and staff, and we're urging fans to get there early to make sure they're in the stands at kickoff and not out in line."

Klassy said all season tickets, individual-game tickets and student tickets have been printed with a bar code this season, and that more than 85 scanners have been installed at Autzen Stadium. A similar ticketing approach will be used for events at McArthur Court and Hayward Field.

"It keeps any counterfeit or illegal issues outside the stadium," Klassy said, noting that all pro football venues and stadiums in the the SEC and ACC have installed digital scanning.

The new system will also eventually allow ticket-buyers with computers and Internet access to receive their tickets via e-mail and print out their tickets themselves.

Furthermore, the system will make it possible for Oregon to create a secondary-market system, similar to those used by professional sports teams, in which season ticket-holders can resell their tickets - at this point of the planning, only to other UO season ticket-holders or to individuals who contribute at least $50 a year to the Duck Athletic Fund - on the athletic department's Web site.

"It's a three-step process," Klassy said. "First, we want to make sure the scanning works at the gates." He said the athletic department will send a letter to fans and season ticket-holders when print-at-home tickets are available and when the secondary ticket market is ready for operation.

"We're hoping to launch that next month," Klassy said. "The secondary market has become very popular. We'd rather have the ability of our season ticket-holders to sell to people on our Web site because at least we can legitimize the ticket. If it's sold through our office, we know it's legitimate. If someone goes to StubHub or eBay or another venue like that, you never know if you get the real ticket or not."

Klassy said that at this point the plan is to create a system in which only season ticket-holders or those who have contributed to the DAF can purchase tickets through the UO-operated secondary market, so that they aren't bought up by fans from rival schools.

An Autzen Stadium tradition - the halftime exodus of fans for tailgating, and subsequent return in the second half - won't be affected by the digital scanning system on Saturday, Klassy said. Fans who leave the stadium will get a hand stamped, and will need to show the stamp, and their ticket, to get back inside.

"Sometime later in the season we may do something where we scan the ticket out as they leave and scan it back in, just so we have some data knowing how many people are leaving and coming back in during the game," Klassy said.
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Title Annotation:Sports; Oregon will begin to introduce barcode readers for football tickets at Saturday's Cal game
Publication:The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR)
Date:Sep 25, 2007
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