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Entire Cayton family benefits from root canal removal: an update on the whole recovered family.

It is our greatest pleasure to hear from patients long recovered on the Gerson Therapy. It is even more exciting when, as in this case, the whole family was involved, followed the suggestions and requirements of the Gerson treatment, and was able to overcome a host of problems.

The first one we saw was in 1995, Cora Cayton. She was 55 at the time. Actually she had discovered a lump in her breast in 1951 and had been diagnosed with a lumpectomy. (See her story in the booklet, Healing Breast Cancer the Gerson Way, page 16.) The lumpectomy disclosed a malignant breast tumor and the doctor at the North Kansas City Hospital suggested a mastectomy, followed by radiation and chemotherapy.

Cora and her husband, Mike, refused. Mike had gone into details of alternative medicine and disagreed with the "slash, burn, and poison" approach.

Over the next two years, Cora attempted to stop the disease with various approaches : a 14-day fast, high doses of Vit. C, vegetarianism--but everything failed. She was getting worse. Finally, they discovered the Gerson Therapy, but were not able to implement it at home. A year later Cora was very ill. Her entire breast had turned into tumor tissue. At that point, Mike sent her to the Gerson hospital in Mexico in July of 1995. He feared that it was too late for her.

Cora did take some mild radiation, at the suggestion of the Gerson doctor, and a mastectomy and she slowly got better. She was then able to carry on the Therapy at home.

At the same time, the Gerson Institute distributed information about the problems caused by dead teeth, the filling of root canals, and the resulting infections in the jaw bone. As it was, Cora had six of those dead teeth with filled root canals. The family dentist refused to remove them, not agreeing that they could cause any problem. Mike found a knowledgeable dentist in Nebraska who removed the root canal filled teeth, two at a time. Cora's energy increased dramatically with each extraction.

Cora stayed on the Therapy for two years but even after her presumed "recovery" she remained a vegetarian and did her daily coffee enemas. Even so, a year later she began to have depressions. Mike suspected a parasite problem and started Cora on Hulda Clark's suggested parasite treatment. This seems to keep the depression under control Cora is normal, remains well and even took a job aside from looking after her home.

However Mike developed serious kidney problems. When he discovered that damaged root-canal filled teeth might also cause his trouble, he went back to the dentist in Nebraska and had the offending teeth removed. His kidneys are now functioning normally and he feels great. He contacted us a few days ago and stated that now, at 72, he is in good shape, working, and outliving most of his neighbors and colleagues of the same age.

There is more to this family history. Their daughter, married to an athlete, was plagued with repeated miscarriages and constant anxiety attacks. It turned out that she, too, had two root canal filled teeth. Again the Nebraska dentist was engaged to remove them. He found that the bone surrounding those teeth was rotting. When the teeth were gone and the bone healed, the young woman conceived and bore children. Her father confirmed a few days ago that she now has eight healthy children!

Mike is very grateful for the help his whole family obtained through the Gerson Therapy, including also the proper treatment (the removal) of 'dead' (root-canal filled) teeth. He states that "there is only one thing troubling him with this approach: Nobody listens to you when you tell them ...".
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Author:Gerson, Charlotte
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Date:Nov 1, 2009
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