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Apollo Trade Magazine/Journal Apr 1, 2016
Art and Christianity Academic Magazine/Journal Mar 22, 2016
Artforum International Academic Magazine/Journal May 1, 2015
Arts & Activities Children's--Upper elementary Magazine/Journal May 1, 2016
ArtUS Academic Magazine/Journal Sep 22, 2009
Ceramics Art & Perception General Magazine/Journal Dec 1, 2015
Ceramics Technical General Magazine/Journal Nov 1, 2015
  • Pewabic pottery: still glazing after all these years: Jonathan Rinck spotlights the historic pottery.
  • Sestina.
  • Ceramic stoves: Zehra Cobanli, Soner Genc and Hasan Baskirkan research this symbol of warmth.
  • Q&A with Jeff Zamek.
  • The Human Figure Symposium: Linda Ganstrom reports on the event of Arrowmont's Figurative Association.
  • Public art practice: Lauren Karle and Sarah McNutt describe forms of the new genre.
  • In conversation with Lindy van Hasselt: John Shirley talks with the artist about her work.
  • Earth, fire and vegetable oil: Jonathan Rinck and Jonathan Gam describe the firing of the experimental kiln.
  • Upper handle shapes: Pan Chunyu studies the upper handle shapes of the purple clay pots of Yixing, China.
  • Lost art of grieving: Frank James Fisher reveals his personal healing process.
  • Pottery painting in West Africa: Ozioma Onuzulike examines painted pottery in Negeria and Ghana.
  • A ceramic mosaic edifice: David L Hume visits the extraordinary home of Liz Breger, aka Beth Pewther.
  • Bronwyn Williams-Ellis.
  • Woodfiring at the top end: Penny Smith details the practices of an indigenous culture.
  • Molela: Chitra Balasubramaniam tells of the picturesque tiles of one area in India.
  • What is the matter? Bridget Nicholson ponders the material: clay.
  • Paper-cut decals: Lei Shen, Xingmei Xu, Donggen Fang and Ying Tang discuss the Chinese porcelain decoration tradition of decals.
  • Mary Kaun-English: Tim Saunders describes her pit-firing process.
  • The Apotoyowa (grinding bowl) of Ghana: Ozioma Onuzulike discusses issues surrounding the continued production of local grinding bowls.
  • The Banff Centre: Ed Bamiling details the creativity that is inspired at the centre.
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    Chicago Review General Magazine/Journal Sep 22, 2014
    ChildArt Children's--Upper elementary Magazine/Journal Oct 1, 2015
    CineAction Academic Magazine/Journal Jan 1, 2016
    Comparative Drama Academic Magazine/Journal Sep 22, 2015
    Czech Music General Magazine/Journal Jan 1, 2016
    Dance Magazine General Magazine/Journal May 1, 2016
    M A R G I N: life & letters in early Australia Academic Magazine/Journal Jul 1, 2010
    Marg, A Magazine of the Arts Trade Magazine/Journal Mar 1, 2016
    Medieval and Renaissance Drama in England Academic Magazine/Journal Jan 1, 2015
    Opera Canada General Magazine/Journal Dec 22, 2015
    Queen's Quarterly General Magazine/Journal Dec 22, 2015
    School Arts Professional Magazine/Journal Jan 1, 2007
    SFMOMA Artcasts General Audio Mar 20, 2015
    South African Theatre Journal General Magazine/Journal Mar 1, 2012
    Southeastern College Art Conference Review Academic Magazine/Journal Jan 1, 2014
    Take One Trade Magazine/Journal Sep 1, 2005
    Theatre Notebook General Magazine/Journal Feb 1, 2015

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