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Apollo Trade Magazine/Journal Nov 1, 2014
Art and Christianity Academic Magazine/Journal Jun 22, 2014
Artforum International Academic Magazine/Journal Dec 1, 2013
Arts & Activities Children's--Upper elementary Magazine/Journal Dec 1, 2014
ArtUS Academic Magazine/Journal Sep 22, 2009
British Art Journal Academic Magazine/Journal Sep 22, 2013
  • 'Basil Beattie: Promises, Promises.
  • 'The Radev Collection: Bloomsbury and Beyond'.
  • 'Frank Holl. Emerging from the Shadows'.
  • Charles Sebag-Montefiore with Julia I Armstrong-Totten: A Dynasty of Dealers: John Smith and Successors, 1801-1924. A Study of the Art Market in...
  • Gemma Blackshaw: Facing the Modern: The Portrait in Vienna 1900.
  • David Buckman: From Bow to Biennale, Artists of the East London Group.
  • David Cross, editor: Dear Mary, Love Percy. A Creative Thread. The Illustrated Letters of Percy Kelly to Mary Burkett, 1968-1993.
  • Edward Morris and Emma Roberts with contributions from Timothy Stevens: Public sculpture of Cheshire and Merseyside (excluding Liverpool).
  • Olivier Lefeuvre: Philippe-Jacques De Loutherbourg, 1740-1812.
  • Pont-Aven: a haven for painters.
  • Sorrell on Sorrell: memories of the art and life of Alan Sorrell (1904-74).
  • Lord Macartney's Embassy to Peking, 1793: new light on China and the English landscape garden.
  • Battle Abbey gatehouse: picturesque remains.
  • Colouring the watch: three outstanding examples of the enameller's art.
  • Robert Peake (c1551-1619) and the Babington Plot.
  • 'The pencil is the child of my heart': a re-discovered album of drawings by Elizabeth Rigby, Lady Eastlake.
  • A Rubensian drawing for a lost painting: Benjamin West's study for Pharaoh and His Host Lost in the Red Sea.
  • A dog's world: the significance of canine companions in Hogarth's Marriage A-la-Mode.
  • Van Dyck's project for a family portrait of Lord Arundel.
  • A life framed in portraits: an early portrait of Mary Nevill Fiennes, Lady Dacre.
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    Ceramics Art & Perception General Magazine/Journal Sep 1, 2014
    Ceramics Technical General Magazine/Journal May 1, 2014
  • Sustainable Ceramics: A Practical Approach.
  • Pit Firing Ceramics: Modern Methods, Ancient Traditions.
  • Pinch Pottery: Functional, Modern Handbuilding.
  • Image Transfer on Clay.
  • The New Ceramics Paperclay: Art and Practice.
  • Spatial awareness through ceramics education: Rowena Hannan shares her curriculum for developing spatial awareness in the secondary student of the...
  • Hi tech, old tech: Nick Charlton describes an innovative transition to new technology.
  • 7th Eskisehir Terra Cotta Symposium: Anna Calluori Holcombe shares the experience of a symposium in Turkey.
  • Thoughts from a 50-year career: John Jessiman recounts his illustrious life in clay.
  • Speaking the lingo: Caroline Ezzy relates Andrew Bryant's contributions to the field of ceramics.
  • The quest for the illusive leaf bowl: John Britt describes his search for an ancient technique.
  • Ayyanar pottery: Chitra Balasubramaniam details the richness of an Indian tradition.
  • Wedgwood in Melbourne: Part two: Inga Walton concludes her discussion with Piers, Lord Wedgwood of Barlaston (1954-2014).
  • Central Saint Martins ceramics design decree course: Paul Bailey looks at the work from Central Saint Martins, University for the Arts London and...
  • South Wales Potters, 50 years on: Mary Cousins pays tribute to a longstanding organisation of potters.
  • Reuse of the product obtained on grinding kiln rollers in the manufacture of ceramic wall tiles.
  • Etched Black Pottery from Azamgarh, Nizamabad, India: Chitra Balasubramaniam explores the pottery traditions of Bidri work.
  • Red Star Studios: Blair Schulman describes the continuing expansion of space and resources.
  • Doi Din Dang: David L Hume explores the studio of Somluk Pantiboon.
  • The history of G-200 feldspar: Jeff Zamek shares his research on the clay and glaze material.
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    Chicago Review General Magazine/Journal Jun 22, 2014
    ChildArt Children's--Upper elementary Magazine/Journal Mar 1, 2014
    CineAction Academic Magazine/Journal Jun 22, 2014
    Comparative Drama Academic Magazine/Journal Sep 22, 2014
    Czech Music General Magazine/Journal Jul 1, 2014
    Dance Magazine General Magazine/Journal Dec 1, 2014
    M A R G I N: life & letters in early Australia Academic Magazine/Journal Jul 1, 2010
    Marg, A Magazine of the Arts Trade Magazine/Journal Sep 1, 2014
    Medieval and Renaissance Drama in England Academic Magazine/Journal Jan 1, 2014
    Opera Canada General Magazine/Journal Sep 22, 2014
    Queen's Quarterly General Magazine/Journal Sep 22, 2014
    School Arts Professional Magazine/Journal Jan 1, 2007
    SFMOMA Artcasts General Audio Oct 9, 2014
    South African Theatre Journal General Magazine/Journal Mar 1, 2012
    Southeastern College Art Conference Review Academic Magazine/Journal Jan 1, 2013
    Take One Trade Magazine/Journal Sep 1, 2005
    Theatre Notebook General Magazine/Journal Oct 1, 2013

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