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English is a pain!

Rain, reign, rein,

English 1. English - (Obsolete) The source code for a program, which may be in any language, as opposed to the linkable or executable binary produced from it by a compiler. The idea behind the term is that to a real hacker, a program written in his favourite programming language is  is a pain.

Although the words

Sound just alike,

The spelling's not the same!

Bee, be, B,

I'd I'd  

1. Contraction of I had.

2. Contraction of I would.

I'd I had or I would
I'd have ~would
 rather climb a tree

Than learn to spell

The same old word,

Not just one way, but three!

Sight, site, cite,

I try with all my might.

No matter which

I finally choose,

It's not the one that's right!

There, their, they're,

Enough to make you swear swear v. 1) to declare under oath that one will tell the truth (sometimes "the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth"). Failure to tell the truth, and do so knowingly, is the crime of perjury. .

Too many ways

To write one sound,

I just don't think it's fair!

To, two, too,

So what's a kid to do?

I think I'll go

To live on Mars

And leave this mess with mess with

Informal, chiefly US to interfere in, or become involved with, a dangerous person, thing, or situation: he had started messing with drugs 

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Title Annotation:pane?
Author:Bingham, Shirlee Curlee
Publication:U.S. Kids
Article Type:Poem
Date:Jul 1, 1998
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