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Engage In-Game Advertising Announces Launch, Pioneers Localized Video Game Advertising for SUBWAY(R).

SAN FRANCISCO San Francisco (săn frănsĭs`kō), city (1990 pop. 723,959), coextensive with San Francisco co., W Calif., on the tip of a peninsula between the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay, which are connected by the strait known as the Golden  -- Engage In-Game Advertising In-game advertising (IGA) refers to the use of computer and video games as a medium in which to deliver advertising. 2005 spending on in-game advertising was USD$56 million, and this figure is estimated to grow to $1. , the first independent in-game media company to provide strategic planning Strategic planning is an organization's process of defining its strategy, or direction, and making decisions on allocating its resources to pursue this strategy, including its capital and people.  and placement services targeted specifically for video game advertising, announces its launch today. The company adds that it is pioneering localized Translated into the spoken language of the country. See localization.  in-game advertising programs in targeted markets for SUBWAY subway: see rapid transit.

Underground railway system used to transport passengers within urban and suburban areas. The first subway line, 3.
(R), the nation's largest quick service restaurant (QSR QSR Quick Service Restaurant
QSR QoS (Quality of Service) Satisfaction Rate
QSR Quality System Regulations
QSR Quality Status Report
QSR Quality System Review
QSR Quarterly Status Report
QSR Quality System Requirement
) chain.

San Francisco-based Engage focuses solely on providing strategic direction for companies that want to reach targeted audiences by integrating their advertising messages into console, PC and mobile game properties. Unlike other in-game media companies, Engage serves companies on regional and local levels on a market-by-market basis, allowing brands to better target their audiences geographically.

Engage's launch comes at a time when key market segments are turning from traditional media to new forms of electronic entertainment. For example, television viewership view·er·ship  
The people who watch a television program or motion picture: a largely male viewership. 
 among men 18 to 34 declined by 12 percent in 2004, while the same group spent 20 percent more time playing video games See video game console. . As a result, the 18- to 34-year-old male demographic has become increasingly more difficult to reach through traditional advertising mediums.

"Since it's a relatively new medium, many companies are unaware of the promotional reach and creative flexibility video game advertising can provide when trying to target the elusive 18- to 34-year-old male audience," said David Smith, vice president of business development for Engage. "When done correctly -- and the in-game ads contextually support the game environment -- we're finding gamers are in favor of video game advertising because it enhances the realism of the game play. As a result, our clients are discovering that in-game advertising is connecting well with their key customers."

That's exactly what SUBWAY(R) found when one of its largest local advertising agencies tapped Engage to develop an in-game advertising strategy targeting men 18 to 34 in several designated market areas, including San Francisco, Las Vegas Las Vegas (läs vā`gəs), city (1990 pop. 258,295), seat of Clark co., S Nev.; inc. 1911. It is the largest city in Nevada and the center of one of the fastest-growing urban areas in the United States.  and Sacramento. The objective for the in-game campaign was to increase awareness around the SUBWAY(R) $2.49 daily special and drive sales from the restaurant's heavy users.

After only three weeks of advertising in the most popular online action game played among men 18 to 34, SUBWAY(R) reached 31,000 unique gamers and achieved more than 19,000 eyeball See eyeballs and eyeball driven.  hours of exposure in one market alone. All SUBWAY(R) markets running in-game advertising are seeing a measurable increase in traffic and sales.

"Not only was the campaign incredibly effective in connecting with our target audience, but it was cost effective as well," said Shawn Hazeghazam, a local advertising board chair for SUBWAY(R). "Our post-campaign survey showed a 94 percent ad recall among our target audience. For every penny we paid, our brand received one minute of exposure. This in-game program really delivered for us, at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising mediums."


Engage In-Game Advertising is the first in-game media company to provide strategic planning and placement services for video game advertising on a market-by-market basis. The company offers client brands and advertising agencies objective analysis of media and promotional opportunities within and around console, PC and mobile game properties. For more information, visit
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jan 10, 2006
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