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En memoire de - in memory of Alexandra Dodger (1983-2011).

This issue is dedicated to Alexandra Wojciechowski Dodger, a McGill Law alumna who worked as a managing editor on Volumes 54 and 55 of the McGill Law Journal. Alex had finished her coursework and commenced her articles at Amnesty International in Ottawa. She had written the New York Bar and was registered to write the Ontario bar. In the early hours of October 15, 2011, Alex was struck and killed by a drunk driver while she was walking home.

Alex fearlessly pursued justice and equality while at McGill's Faculty of Law. Anyone who met her could immediately tell just how dedicated she was to improving access to justice, locally and internationally, for those who were marginalized or invisible. From workers' rights to migrant rights and women's rights, Alex was particularly effective in her work because she was driven, above all, by a sincere connection to the people for whom she was fighting. In other words, Alex was driven by love. She knew how to fight, but she could also startle you with her kindness.

Alex was also an avid traveler, a vivacious adventurer, and a true intellectual. She wandered the world, never once forgetting where she came from: a working class household in Etobicoke. Nevertheless, from Paris to Palestine, Alex really knew how to relate to those around her, and she did not shy away from the most challenging of debates. She had a potent combination of unpretentious genius, vision, loyalty and humour. She took her passion, combined it with the consciousness of her privilege and beliefs and infused it into all of her intellectual pursuits. Because of this, she had the unique ability to change the way that those around her thought about themselves, and their world.

Those who knew Alex observed that she had already accomplished more in her young life than most people could accomplish in two lifetimes. Perhaps this way it is easier to grasp why her time had come. Our tragedy is that we are left to wonder what she would have achieved, had she not been taken so soon. What is left in her physical absence is for us to draw strength from what Alex stood for, to learn from what she believed and from the way she lived. Let us be inspired by the promise that Alex held, and live life without reservation or regret. Let us push for change and create the kind of world that Alex would have been proud of. In this way, we will keep her memory alive.

Rest in peace, Alexandra.

Dina Awad

Friend and colleague, managing editor of Volumes 55-56.

Ce numero est dedie a Alexandra Wojciechowski Dodger, une diplomee de la Faculte de droit de McGill, qui a ete redactrice administrative pour les volumes 54 et 55 de la Revue de droit de McGill. Alex avait termine ses etudes et commence son stage avec Amnistie internationale, a Ottawa. Elle avait passe les examens du Barreau de New York, et etait inscrite pour passer ceux du Barreau de l'Ontario. Au petit matin du 15 octobre 2011, un conducteur de voiture ivre a frappe et tue Alex, alors qu'elle rentrait chez elle a pied.

Alex recherchait sans relache et sans apprehension la justice et l'egalite a la Faculte de droit de McGill. Quiconque la rencontrait realisait immediatement combien l'amelioration de l'acces a la justice, aux niveaux local et international, pour ceux et celles qui sont en marge de la societe, comptait pour elle. Des droits des travailleurs aux droits des migrants et des femmes, Alex etait particulierement efficace dans son travail parce qu'elle etait motivee, avant toute chose, par un lien sincere avec les personnes pour lesquelles elle luttait. Autrement dit, c'etait l'amour qui motivait Alex. Et si elle savait lutter, elle pouvait surtout surprendre par sa gentillesse.

Alex etait aussi une voyageuse avide, une aventuriere pleine d'entrain, et une vraie intellectuelle. Elle a voyage loin, sans jamais oublier ses racines : une famille de la classe ouvriere d'Etobicoke. Neanmoins, de Paris a la Palestine, Alex savait comment etablir des liens avec ceux qui l'entouraient, et elle ne se derobait pas face aux debats les plus difficiles. Humble, elle faisait a la lois preuve de genie, de vision, de loyaute et d'humour, ce qui lui donnait une tres grande force. Dans chacune de ses quetes intellectuelles, elle insufflait sa passion, combinee avec la conscience de son privilege et ses certitudes. Grace a cela, elle possedait ce don unique de pouvoir changer la maniere dont les gens autour d'elle se percevaient, et percevaient le monde.

Ceux qui connaissaient. Alex avaient observe qu'elle avait deja accompli davantage dans sa jeune vie que la plupart des gens pourraient accomplir en deux vies. De ce point de vue, il est peut-etre plus facile de saisir pourquoi son moment etait venu. La tragedie est que nous ignorons ce qu'elle aurait accompli, n'eut ete son deces premature. Maintenant qu'elle n'est plus la, il nous incombe de puiser force et inspiration dans ce qu'elle representait, d'apprendre de ce en quoi elle croyait, et de la facon dont elle vivait. Soyons inspires par les ideaux d'Alex, et vivons sans retenue ou regret. Encourageons le changement, et creons le monde dont Alex aurait ete fiere. De cette facon, nous perpetuerons son souvenir.

Repose en paix, Alexandra.

Dina Awad

Amie et collegue, redactrice administrative des volumes 55-56.
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Author:Awad, Dina
Publication:McGill Law Journal
Article Type:Obituary
Date:Dec 1, 2011
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