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Employment Law Manual: Recruitment, Selection, Termination.

Author: Gerard P. Panaro

Publisher: Warren, Gorham & Lamont Inc., 210 South Street, Boston, MA 02111; 1990, 543 pages, hardback: $96 Reviewer: Kurt H. Decker; Attorney with Stevens and Lee in Reading, PA, specializing in employment law

A century ago, employees had few or no workplace rights. Today, one of the most rapidly evolving subjects in law is individual employee rights. Statutory protections and judicial erosion of the at-will employment relationship have given employees better job security.

In this age of expanded employee rights, employers need reference sources to help them recruit, select, and terminate employees without creating legal problems. Employment Law Manual is such a reference.

The book is primarily directed at human resource professionals and others who deal with personnel matters. Employment law attorneys make up a secondary audience who can use the book in advising clients. Panaro encourages all who deal with employment issues to view them as bases for potential litigation and to act in the best possible defensive manner to minimize or avoid such risks.

The manual's guiding principle is practicality. It offers advice and suggestions, including lists of dos and don'ts; checklists; and sample language for contract clauses, handbook provisions, waivers, disclaimers, and consents. In many cases, sample clauses are quoted verbatim from the legal decisions in which they were at issue.

Panaro provides an up-to-date summary by focusing on individual employee rights issues of greatest concern to employers. He discusses principles that apply to advertising, applications, and interviews; employment law problems arising from defamation; selection criteria; making a job offer; affirmative action; performance evaluation, discipline, and disparate treatment; legal theories on wrongful discharge, wrongful discharge based on contract theories, and discriminatory discharge; and suggestions for developing, implementing, and administering discharge procedures.

The book is well written and full of current information. Human resource professionals and employment law attorneys will find Employment Law Manual a valuable tool for dealing with the daily problems of individual employee rights and limiting employer liability.
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Author:Decker, Kurt H.
Publication:Security Management
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Jul 1, 1990
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