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The global warming: carbon regime. Jasper, William F. Jan 4, 2016 2034
Renewable Energy Credits. Nov 26, 2015 457
FirstEnergy Ohio Utilities Launch Request for Proposal for 2015 Solar and Renewable Energy Credits. Sep 30, 2015 1668
Provision Of Consulting Brokerage Services for Selling Kilowatt Hours and Renewable Energy Credits Related to Landfill Gas Pipeline. Aug 17, 2015 329
First intra-African carbon credits sold. Brief article Jul 1, 2015 137
Renewable Energy Credits. Jun 10, 2015 257
UN calculates 300-year "climate debt". Jasper, William F. Mar 9, 2015 807
Purchase of CO2 emission credits. Feb 24, 2015 125
The environmentally conscious skies: did the European Union's game of brinkmanship lead to a viable global plan for emissions trading in aviation? Prum, Darren A.; Kisska-Schulze, Kathryn Jan 1, 2015 21051
FirstEnergy Ohio Utilities Launch Request for Proposal for 2014 Solar and Renewable Energy Credits. Oct 22, 2014 1680
Canada : ALBERTA city offsetting power use with renewable energy credits. Oct 4, 2014 117
EPA ramps up war on carbon dioxide. Hoar, William P. Sep 8, 2014 2083
Study says EPA regs would cost jobs in Arkansas. Brief article Aug 4, 2014 151
States fighting EPA's global-warming decrees. Jul 28, 2014 363
Pool of experts for consulting work and control as part of the trading of emission allowances (ETS). Jul 21, 2014 211
Putting a price on carbon: the metaphor. Driesen, David M. Jun 22, 2014 14704
Streams of environmental innovation: four decades of EPA policy reform. Fiorino, Daniel J. Jun 22, 2014 17807
United States : ELECTRICITY supplier not buying VERMONT renewable energy credits. May 21, 2014 152
Purchase of CO2 emission credits. May 19, 2014 160
An estimate of the age distribution's effect on carbon dioxide emissions. Lugauer, Steven; Jensen, Richard; Sadler, Clayton Apr 1, 2014 10074
Regulatory dealing:technology adoption versus enforcement stringency of emission taxes. Coria, Jessica; Villegas-Palacto, Clara Report Apr 1, 2014 15537
Rapping about land rights and revolution in panama. Bell, Beverly; Field, Tory Mar 22, 2014 1049
Dear EarthTalk: If "cap and trade" has worked so well in Europe for reducing greenhouse gas emissions there, why haven't we tried something similar here in the U.S.? M., Sandra Mar 16, 2014 641
EU states will comply with emissions-trading scheme. Brief article Feb 24, 2014 124
Europe lags behind America in carbon-cutting. Brief article Feb 24, 2014 153
Belgium : State Aid - Commission authorises allocation of 404.6 million free greenhouse gas emission allowances for modernisation of Polish electricity sector. Jan 23, 2014 253
Sell renewable energy credits, the clean environmental attributes of wind power. Dec 5, 2013 129
Belgium : State Aid: Commission authorises 945 million worth allocation of free greenhouse gas emission allowances for modernisation of Bulgarian electricity sector. Dec 5, 2013 421
Belgium : Commission authorises 945 million worth allocation of free greenhouse gas emission allowances for modernisation of Bulgarian electricity sector. Dec 5, 2013 421
Finland : Backloading inadequate to revitalise EU emissions trading. Nov 8, 2013 335
Travel Environment Watch - Asia / Pacific. Oct 7, 2013 276
State environmental policy innovations: North Carolina's Clean Smokestacks Act. Andrews, Richard N.L. Sep 22, 2013 8792
State environmental policy innovations: North Carolina's Clean Smokestacks Act. Andrews, Richard N.L. Sep 22, 2013 20174
Seeing the forest for the trees: regulating carbon dioxide emissions from bioenergy production under the Clean Air Act. Schlusser, Ameilia Sep 22, 2013 22059
United States : FirstEnergy Utilities Launch Request for Proposal for 2013 Solar and Renewable Energy Credits. Sep 14, 2013 452
FirstEnergy Ohio Utilities Launch Request for Proposal for 2013 Solar and Renewable Energy Credits. Sep 12, 2013 1690
China : Establishment of National Registry System for Domestic Emissions Trading Scheme & Voluntary Carbon Emission Reduction (ETS) Project. Sep 3, 2013 266
Monitoring soil carbon will prepare growers for a carbon trading system. Suddick, Emma C.; Ngugi, Moffatt K.; Paustian, Keith; Six, Johan Report Jul 1, 2013 6219
Scattered and dissonant: the Clean Air Act, greenhouse gases, and implications for the oil and gas industry. Ritchie, Alex Jun 22, 2013 7410
Scattered and dissonant: the Clean Air Act, greenhouse gases, and implications for the oil and gas industry. Ritchie, Alex Jun 22, 2013 22464
Climate change and natural gas dynamic governance. Burleson, Elizabeth Jun 22, 2013 6339
Climate change and natural gas dynamic governance. Burleson, Elizabeth Jun 22, 2013 21336
What is the right price for carbon emissions? The unknown potential for devastating effects from climate change complicates pricing. Litterman, Bob Jun 22, 2013 4526
Pricing carbon when we don't know the right price: despite the unknowns, we should begin to tax carbon. Pindyck, Robert S. Jun 22, 2013 3185
Uncertainty can go both ways. Henderson, David R. Jun 22, 2013 1201
Travel Environment Watch - Asia / Pacific. Brief article Jun 10, 2013 190
Carbon tax: an answer for global warming ... and US fiscal concerns? Lapsevic, Karen Jun 1, 2013 762
Extension of renewable energy credits an uncertain gift. Pearson, Kevin T. Apr 1, 2013 788
The hidden risks of energy innovation: advocates of tackling climate change through innovation are at risk of dangerously overreaching at home and abroad; a more modest program could produce better results. Levi, Michael Jan 1, 2013 4234
EU postpones ETS extension. Brief article Dec 1, 2012 223
ALPA Voices Approval for Freeze of EU Emissions Trading Scheme. Nov 12, 2012 473
United Kingdom : Businesses urged to compete for growing low carbon opportunities. Oct 17, 2012 457
Distributional impacts of greenhouse gas emissions trading: alternative allocation and recycling strategies in California. Rose, Adam; Wei, Dan; Prager, Fynnwin Oct 1, 2012 10798
United States : FirstEnergy Ohio Utilities Launch Request for Proposal for 2012 Solar and Renewable Energy Credits. Sep 28, 2012 422
FirstEnergy Ohio Utilities Launch Request for Proposal for 2012 Solar and Renewable Energy Credits. Sep 27, 2012 1542
Fiddling as the world floods and burns: how climate change urgently requires a paradigm shift in the permitting of renewable energy projects. Thaler, Jeffrey Sep 22, 2012 8175
Fiddling as the world floods and burns: how climate change urgently requires a paradigm shift in the permitting of renewable energy projects. Thaler, Jeffrey Sep 22, 2012 24311
Legal disputes related to climate change will continue for a century. Pierce, Richard J., Jr. Sep 22, 2012 8964
Senate moves to bar US airlines from European Union emissions trading. Sep 22, 2012 421
Australia : AUSTRALIA, EU to link EMISSIONS TRADING SYSTEMS. Aug 30, 2012 184
Australia : Australia and European Commission agree on pathway towards fully linking Emissions Trading Systems. Aug 29, 2012 248
Research and Markets: The EU Emissions Trading Scheme the Impact on Airlines in Russia and Other CIS Countries - 2012. Aug 8, 2012 438
Kenya : KENGEN intends to get 1.1 billion shillings from carbon trading. Brief article Aug 1, 2012 169
-A4A lauds U.S. House for protecting U.S. airlines from EU Emissions Trading Scheme. Jun 29, 2012 235
Enhesa and Baker & McKenzie join forces to host a free webinar on emissions trading -- 3 and 16 July 2012. Jun 27, 2012 359
Of fables and federalism: a re-examination of the historical rationale for federal environmental regulation. Andresen, William L. Jun 22, 2012 8329
Of fables and federalism: a re-examination of the historical rationale for federal environmental regulation. Andresen, William L. Jun 22, 2012 21620
Playing without aces: offsets and the limits of flexibility under Clean Air Act climate policy. Richardson, Nathan Jun 22, 2012 24079
When must EPA set ambient air quality standards? Looking back at NRDC v. Train. Oren, Craig N. Jun 19, 2012 12204
Closing the gap: using the Clean Air Act to control lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions from energy facilities. Hagan, Colin R. May 19, 2012 13631
Using section 111 of the Clean Air Act for cap-and-trade of greenhouse gas emissions: obstacles and solutions. Enion, M. Rhead May 19, 2012 20278
Climate change, the Clean Air Act, and industrial pollution. Kaswan, Alice May 19, 2012 29667
Greenhouse gas dissonance: the history of EPA's regulations and the incongruity of recent legal challenges. Moreno, Robert B.; Zalzal, Peter May 19, 2012 13329
European emissions trading in practice; an economic analysis. Book review Apr 1, 2012 189
NEPA, climate change, and public lands decision making. Squillace, Mark; Hood, Alexander Mar 22, 2012 29153
A4A supports co-sponsoring of bill to prohibit US operations in EU ETS. Brief article Mar 8, 2012 107
A4A supports co-sponsoring of bill to prohibit US operations in EU ETS. Brief article Mar 8, 2012 108
Carbon markets: inherent limitations and complementary policies. Perry, Neil; Twomey, Paul Feb 1, 2012 2487
A post Keynesian perspective on industry assistance and the effectiveness of Australia's carbon pricing scheme. Perry, Neil Feb 1, 2012 8907
Australia's carbon tax: a sheep in wolf's clothing? Spash, Clive L.; Lo, Alex Y. Feb 1, 2012 8880
FirstEnergy Ohio Utilities Launch Request for Proposal for 10-Year Solar Renewable Energy Credits Generated in Ohio. Jan 30, 2012 1436
Travel Environment Alert - Europe. Brief article Jan 9, 2012 217
Travel Environment Alert - North America. Jan 9, 2012 999
Aircraft News - Europe. Jan 2, 2012 3570
Energy Watch. Jan 2, 2012 11196
Travel Environment Watch - Europe. Jan 2, 2012 1757
Travel Environment Alert - Europe. Jan 2, 2012 1643
Travel Environment Alert - North America. Jan 2, 2012 2146
Companies' perspectives of the New Zealand emissions trading scheme. Brears, Robert Jan 1, 2012 5760
Letter from our CEO. Henry, Don Editorial Jan 1, 2012 400
We said yes to climate action: we have a price on carbon pollution. Ed Butler on what it means and what next for the climate campaign. Butler, Ed Jan 1, 2012 448
Ask the economist. O'Connor, Simon Brief article Jan 1, 2012 295
Campaign updates. Jan 1, 2012 1164
Cap and trade comes to California. Blomberg, Lindsey Brief article Jan 1, 2012 242
A new wavelength? Carbon tax, cap & trade, and market adaptation. Moore, Michal C.; Adler, Jonathan H. Jan 1, 2012 16287
EU welcomes court ruling on emissions trading scheme for airlines. Dec 21, 2011 247
Emissions trading scheme poised for January take-off. Dec 14, 2011 298
Airlines for America welcomes introduction of US Senate bill to prohibit US aircraft operators from participating in EU Emissions Trading Scheme. Dec 8, 2011 224
Airlines for America welcomes introduction of US Senate bill to prohibit US aircraft operators from participating in EU Emissions Trading Scheme. Dec 8, 2011 223
Travel Environment Watch - Latin America / Caribbean. Nov 28, 2011 539
Regional News - Latin America / Caribbean. Nov 28, 2011 1051
Company Watch - EU Emissions Trading Scheme. Nov 28, 2011 735
FirstEnergy's Ohio Utilities Meet Compliance Benchmarks Through Request for Renewable Energy Credits. Nov 7, 2011 1301
Three structural changes for a new system of international climate change mitigation agreements based on the WTO model. Spence, Samara Nov 1, 2011 16965
Auction Planned for FirstEnergy Solutions' Emission Allowances. Oct 24, 2011 1590
Dear EarthTalk: What's the latest in regard to putting limits on greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S.? Oct 16, 2011 567
Air Transport Association Comment on the EU Emissions Trading Scheme Preliminary Opinion. Oct 6, 2011 566
AltaTerra Briefing to Feature Growing Use of Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) in Green Power Strategies, and Whole Foods Case Study. Oct 1, 2011 524
A way through the impasse in U.S. climate change legislation: a GHG tax that possesses political and administrative feasibility and conforms to international law. Lowe, Sean Sep 22, 2011 13805
Setting the foundation: climate change adaptation at the local level. Gremillion, Thomas M. Sep 22, 2011 17407
Pollution price unpackaged: our climate change campaigner Claire Maries was in Canberra for the announcement on the price on pollution. The verdict? Say Yes! Maries, Claire Sep 1, 2011 697
WTE: WTF? Government confusion in waste-to-energy projects? Now there's a surprise. Frost, Calvin Sep 1, 2011 1195
NACC calls on the EU to suspend Emissions Trading Scheme in favour of comprehensive multilateral solution. Aug 10, 2011 155
NACC calls on the EU to suspend Emissions Trading Scheme in favour of comprehensive multilateral solution. Aug 10, 2011 154
FirstEnergy Ohio Utilities to Procure Solar Renewable Energy Credits Through Request for Proposal Process. Aug 2, 2011 1443
Renewable Energy credit. Aug 1, 2011 115
Coca-Cola in good shape to hit 2020 carbon emissions targets. Brief article Jul 23, 2011 247
Taiwan allowed to trade carbon emission rights in Britain. Liu, Ken Brief article Jul 20, 2011 284
Low carbon development strategy. Brief article Jul 1, 2011 248
The Clean Development Mechanism and the poverty issue. Blevin, Marie Jun 22, 2011 13242
Marketising the environment. Stilwell, Frank Essay Jun 22, 2011 7057
PPL Electric Utilities Completes 2011 Solicitation for Solar Renewable Energy Credits. Jun 2, 2011 566
Science helps SA farm communities adapt to change. Wahlquist, Asa Jun 1, 2011 1337
Assessing domestic electricity price rises. Sabto, Michele Jun 1, 2011 1483
The National Business Leaders Forum: leading the sustainability business. de Blas, Alexandra Jun 1, 2011 627
OKI Completes Cancellation of the Emission Credits for FY 2010 under the Carbon Zero Emissions Facilities Initiative. Apr 19, 2011 431
UNITED ARAB EMIRATES : Municipality of Abu Dhabi City takes Part in the Global Earth Hour and calls residents to participate. Mar 25, 2011 483
Company men gone green? Mar 22, 2011 439
Heat expands all things: the proliferation of greenhouse gas regulation under the Obama administration. Adler, Jonathan H. Mar 22, 2011 12860
Take-or-pay crisis V2.0: what wind power generators and providers failed to learn from gas pipelines' 1980 dilemma. Looper, Scott Mar 22, 2011 14076
Climate change and crises of international law: possibilities for geographic reenvisioning. Osofsky, Hari M. Mar 22, 2011 4865
Three climate crises. Badrinarayana, Deepa Mar 22, 2011 2763
Pennsylvania Power Company Completes Purchase of Solar Renewable Energy Credits. Mar 18, 2011 1282
Emissions Trading Contributes to the Spread of Electric Vehicles in Estonia. Mar 4, 2011 564
Bulgaria to Reopen Emissions Trading Registry Friday. Mar 3, 2011 159
The sun sets on the era of unbridled emissions: with greenhouse gas emission restriction bills currently being considered by governments around the world, it is well past the time for companies to evaluate their emissions. Here are some strategies. Miller, Travis Mar 1, 2011 1461
Make the right change for climate: cut fuel subsidies for flood funds not emission reduction schemes. Lowe, Ian Mar 1, 2011 377
Price carbon cut pollution: the Multi-Party Climate Change Committee has a real opportunity to put a price on carbon and cut emissions. Maries, Claire Mar 1, 2011 706
UNITED ARAB EMIRATES : 'US-UAE atomic participation aims at low-carbon'. Brief article Feb 26, 2011 162
Seoul to start carbon emission trade. Feb 14, 2011 242
Okayama firm to buy CO2 emission credits from local municipality. Feb 7, 2011 165
Okayama firm to buy CO2 emission credits from local municipality. Feb 7, 2011 165
Bulgaria Back in Emissions Trade Game as It Regains Kyoto Accreditation. Feb 5, 2011 584
Climate Policy Initiative and Climate Strategies Study Finds EU Emissions Trading Scheme Supports Low-carbon Investment but Impact Can Be Strengthened. Feb 1, 2011 651
Climate Policy Initiative and Climate Strategies Study Finds EU Emissions Trading Scheme Supports Low-carbon Investment but Impact Can Be Strengthened. Feb 1, 2011 667
Intel Increases Renewable Energy Credit Purchase to 2.5 Billion Kilowatt Hours. Feb 1, 2011 1097
Free markets, property rights and climate change: how to privatize climate policy. Dawson, Graham Feb 1, 2011 11487
Invenergy and NYSERDA Enter Into Renewable Energy Credit Purchase Agreement. Jan 12, 2011 645
Cap and trade by stealth: U.S. states partner with foreign governments: though international plans for an agreement limiting greenhouse gases and setting up cap and trade have been stalled, at regional and state levels they are booming. Newman, Alex Jan 10, 2011 1024
The curious case of greening in carbon markets. Boyd, William; Salzman, James Jan 1, 2011 11206
RGGI recap: carbon cap-and-trade price falls to minimum. Brief article Dec 17, 2010 211
Orc Software: OTC Global Holdings Selects Orc Trader for Emissions Trading. Dec 16, 2010 712
California Business Owners and Entrepreneurs Urge Air Board to Adopt Strong Emissions Trading Program. Dec 15, 2010 548
Lighting the terrorist fuse. Feffer, John Dec 14, 2010 1960
New Analyses Find that California Cap-and-Trade System Will Have Only Minor Economic Impact; Poll Finds Increased Voter Support for AB 32 and Strong Backing for the Proposed Emissions Trading Program. Dec 9, 2010 2609
Bulgaria Hopes to Restore Emissions Trading Rights by End-2010. Dec 9, 2010 360
Staving off the climate crisis: the sectoral approach under the Clean Air Act. Clemmer, Teresa B. Sep 22, 2010 16843
Climate change adaptation: a collective action perspective on federalism considerations. Glicksman, Robert L. Sep 22, 2010 18633
The enforcement challenge of cap-and-trade regulation. McAllister, Lesley K. Sep 22, 2010 17662
Is the Clean Air Act at a crossroads? Oren, Craig N. Sep 22, 2010 16737
Federal control of greenhouse gas emissions. Reitze, Arnold W., Jr. Sep 22, 2010 35376
No comment: despite a flood of information about the Gulf spill, there's very little understanding of its impacts. Grossman, Elizabeth Sep 22, 2010 2927
Cubing the Kyoto Protocol: post-Copenhagen regulatory reforms to reset the global thermostat. Ferrey, Steven Sep 22, 2010 18107
"The big trees were kings": challenges for global response to climate change and tropical forest loss. Irland, Lloyd C. Sep 22, 2010 17691
Dairy companies get emission guidelines. Brief article Sep 18, 2010 131
Better together? The implications of linking Canada--US greenhouse gas policies. Sawyer, Dave; Fischer, Carolyn Aug 1, 2010 13950
Towards auctioning; the transformation of the European greenhouse gas emissions trading system; present and future challenges to competition law. Brief article Aug 1, 2010 202
NV Energy Seeks Offers for Renewable Energy Credits. Jul 29, 2010 398
Vectren Successfully Completes Implementation of FARRMS EmissionsTracker for Emissions Allowance Management. Jul 22, 2010 403
Kansai Electric to buy CO2 emission credits from 2 Vietnamese projects. Jul 19, 2010 117
EU to Set New Rules for Emission Trading. Jul 18, 2010 140
State issues climate action plan review. Brief article Jul 2, 2010 146
The road to a sustainable society is paved with good intentions: is the failure of national politicians to exercise leadership on climate change out of step with public opinion or does it in fact reflect a disconnect between our expressed concern and willingness to act? Vadasz, Danny Viewpoint essay Jul 1, 2010 1261
Taxing the environment or tax for the environment? At the conclusion of an extensive review of the Australian tax system, Australians have been presented with limited progress towards a tax system that can begin to support a healthy environment. O'Connor, Simon Jul 1, 2010 382
FirstEnergy Ohio Utilities to Seek Proposals for Renewable Energy Credits for 2010 and 2011. Jul 1, 2010 1356
UN Confirms All-Out Ban on Bulgaria's Carbon Emissions Trade. Jun 29, 2010 659
Research and Markets: GHG Emissions Credit Trading. Jun 28, 2010 519
Weighing the value of a ton of pollution: introducing trading was a helpful start toward market- oriented reforms, but policymakers need to get the prices of permits right to get the most out of environmental regulations. Muller, Nicholas Z.; Mendelsohn, Robert Jun 22, 2010 3238
New York's C(O.sub.2) cap-and-trade program: regulating climate change without climate change legislation. Shufelt, Jennie Jun 22, 2010 10128
Do carbon dioxide credits help the environment? Rogers, Heather Brief article Jun 22, 2010 240
Meeting the challenge of climate change: the poverty of the dominant economic narrative and market solutions as subterfuge. Rosewarne, Stuart Essay Jun 22, 2010 12768
The cost of a market solution: examining the Garnaut proposal for emissions trading. Spies-Butcher, Ben Essay Jun 22, 2010 7159
Climate-change science: in a situation typical of politics, after diplomats gathered in Copenhagen to tax and limit C[O.sub.2] emissions, Climate scientists gathered to show global-warming is not a problem. Hiserodt, Ed Jun 21, 2010 3968
Cap-and-trade con: climate-change alarmists use fabricated fear of global warming to establish Eco-government. Terrell, Rebecca Jun 21, 2010 2195
A CO2 emission trading scheme for German road transport; assessing the impacts using a meso economic model with multi-agent attributes. Book review Jun 1, 2010 160
Can we reduce emissions without an emissions trading scheme? Sullivan, Rachel Jun 1, 2010 2244
English High Court Permits Air Transport Association Legal Challenge to EU Emissions Trading Scheme to Proceed. May 27, 2010 686
Trading in the carbon market: leveling the playing field in sustainable investment. Pulitzer, Philip S. May 18, 2010 14302
New study shows cost and C[O.sup.2] savings. May 8, 2010 555
CarbonDesk Chooses Trayport(R)'s GlobalVision Broker Trading System(SM) for Emissions Trading. May 5, 2010 637
Don't miss the boat: UK organisations using large amounts of energy have fewer than six months to register with the carbon reduction commitment (CRC) energy-efficiency scheme. We ask members of the energy-reduction team at EDF Energy what this will mean for the power giant--and businesses around the country. Foot, Jonathan; Hyland, Siobhan; Jegar, Charles; Bee, Sarah May 1, 2010 2108
Anglo-German raids target emissions trading carousel scam. Nuthall, Keith May 1, 2010 106
Emissions trading and the transport sector. Mason, Deirdre May 1, 2010 1086
Research and Markets: The International Tree - Based Carbon Emissions Trading Industry Report Is The First Edition Of Planned Regular Reviews On This Subject. Apr 23, 2010 1054
Travel Environment Watch - Asia / Pacific. Brief article Apr 19, 2010 258
Reliant Buys Renewable Energy Credits from Texas Wind To Meet Electricity Needs of its Residential and Small Business Customers on Earth Day. Apr 15, 2010 485
South Africa leads climate change talks. Conference news Apr 1, 2010 307
TSE Group and TOCOM Establish an Emissions Trading Exchange Preparatory Company. Apr 1, 2010 151
EU Handed Out More Free Carbon Allowances Than Needed in 2009. Apr 1, 2010 649
A new challenge for the clean energy sector. Considine, Mary-Lou Apr 1, 2010 334
Emissions trading won't hurt small business. Brief article Apr 1, 2010 208
EPA delays compression station emissions rule. Brief article Apr 1, 2010 272
Greenhouse gas emission limits face new hurdle. Brief article Apr 1, 2010 214
Gas utilities should ask a simple question: "What's in your pipeline?". Nicoloro, Michael A.; Fontaine, Joan M. Apr 1, 2010 1131
Natural gas sectors nervous about EPA GHG tailoring rule. Brief article Apr 1, 2010 317
Subject to Debate. Mark, Jason Editorial Mar 22, 2010 551
Continental cap-and-trade: Canada, the United States, and climate change partnership in North America. Childs, J. Scott Mar 22, 2010 22234
Subprime carbon: fashioning an appropriate regulatory and legislative response to the emerging U.S. carbon market to avoid a repeat of history in carbon structured finance and derivative instruments. Lotay, Jessie S. Mar 22, 2010 15089
Research and Markets: Analyzing the Carbon Emissions Trading in Europe - The EU ETS Scheme. Mar 16, 2010 500
Post-Copenhagen carbon management still a C-suite priority: the recent global conferences sent a mixed signal on the future of climate change legislation and control. But one result is clear: responding to the business issues of climate change should remain high on the priority list for corporate leaders. Starbuck, Stephen Mar 1, 2010 1811
Preparing for a clean-energy future: thought talked about for years it's a long, slow road to become truly resource-efficient. Legislation may ultimately drive the process, but in the meantime, forward-looking companies are getting a head start by understanding the energy they use and making responsible usage decisions. Tobin, Mike; Boyadjis, George Mar 1, 2010 2305
Green it is more than a 'feel good' issue. Sinnett, William M. Mar 1, 2010 2257
All hands on deck: local governments and the potential for bidirectional climate change regulation. Trisolini, Katherine A. Mar 1, 2010 36921
Taking stock: climate change and transportation: an overview of current activities, mitigation technologies, and adaptation strategies, including a sample greenhouse gas inventory by a State DOT. Turcbetta, Diane Mar 1, 2010 5866
Research and Markets: Carbon Trading & Pricing: An Essential Guide to the Factors Influencing the Price of Emissions Allowances in the EU. Feb 10, 2010 310
Growth in gas use to support Northwest renewable energy development, reduce emissions. Brief article Feb 1, 2010 262
Carbon recycling: an alternative to carbon capture and storage. Oloman, Rowan Feb 1, 2010 1134
India to start renewable energy credits trade in May. Feb 1, 2010 124
Is Tony Blair a Climate missionary or Climate mercenary? Jan 18, 2010 538
Activists protest carbon trading summit. Mueller, Emma Brief article Jan 18, 2010 228
N.H. joins regional low-carbon fuel pact. Kibbe, Cindy Jan 15, 2010 574
ABI Research Sees Carbon Emissions Trading Reaching $395 Billion in 2014. Jan 4, 2010 442
Like it or not, greenhouse gas emission regulations are coming. Mathews, Mark; Scott, David Column Jan 1, 2010 712
Powering Africa: the new power-generation surge. Report Jan 1, 2010 1095
Carbon trading: a brief introduction. Reyes, Oscar Jan 1, 2010 2985
Vancouver, Canada. Monday, Alex Brief article Jan 1, 2010 84
Top global risks 2010. Jan 1, 2010 662
Capping carbon. Driesen, David M. Jan 1, 2010 27747
Climate exceptionalism. Nagle, John Copeland Jan 1, 2010 19849
Clean Air Act dynamism and disappointments: lessons for climate legislation to prompt innovation and discourage inertia. Buzbee, William W. Jan 1, 2010 17234
The future of environmental law and complexities of scale: federalism experiments with climate change under the Clean Air Act. Osofsky, Hari M. Jan 1, 2010 7460
Embedded carbon a new trade priority. Kasterine, Alexander Brief article Jan 1, 2010 273
How to stay competitive in the world of carbon restrictions: solutions for developing countries. Holzer, Kateryna Jan 1, 2010 1210
Counting carbon in exports carbon footprinting initiatives and what they mean for exporters in developing countries. Kasterine, Alexander Jan 1, 2010 879
The Carbon Challenge: New Zealand's Emissions Trading Scheme. Mason, Cliff Brief article Jan 1, 2010 264
ETS a subsidy for polluters. Brief article Jan 1, 2010 193
California's climate change program: lessons for the nation. Nichols, Mary D. Dec 22, 2009 10197
Challenges and opportunities for regulating greenhouse gas emissions at the state, regional and local level. Doyle, Jim Dec 22, 2009 6267
The changing climate of cooperative federalism: the dynamic role of the states in a national strategy to combat climate change. Snyder, Jared; Binder, Jonathan Dec 22, 2009 11521
The role of Illinois and the Midwest in responding to the challenges of climate change. Scott, Douglas Dec 22, 2009 2712
A Colorado perspective: the new energy economy. Martin, Jim; Brannon, Ginny Dec 22, 2009 3831
Climate change action in Connecticut: linking energy, the environment and the economy. Farrell, Paul E. Dec 22, 2009 4517
Climate change action in Arizona. Owens, Steve Dec 22, 2009 6600
The essential role of state enforcement in the brave new world of greenhouse gas emission limits. Bogoshian, Matt; Alex, Ken Dec 22, 2009 5564
Constitutional implications of regional C(O.sub.2) cap-and-trade programs: the northeast regional greenhouse gas initiative as a case in point. Funk, William Dec 22, 2009 6575
SB 375: promise, compromise and the new urban landscape. Darakjian, John Dec 22, 2009 16245
Our politicized energy debate. Gallman, Vanessa Dec 22, 2009 406
Climate catch 22. Brief article Dec 22, 2009 306
Leaked document from COP15 triggers brawls. Brief article Dec 8, 2009 190
Frost & Sullivan to Hold Web Conference on the European Emissions Trading Market - The Road Ahead. Conference news Dec 2, 2009 460
Emissions trading; lessons learned from the European Union and Kyoto Protocol climate change programs. Book review Dec 1, 2009 146
EPA: Capping dissent? Belli, Brita Nov 10, 2009 432
Detecting the green light: local chambers ahead of Washington. Peirce, Neal Nov 2, 2009 840
Carbon reduction can work with development. Brief article Nov 1, 2009 134
Kogel-Sever first company to trade in carbon dioxide: it has been assessed that Kogel's reduction will be 54,000 tons of carbon dioxide a year. the plant is a joint venture of a number of investors from Macedonia. even before the start of the construction, the managing team thought of using CMD, for which a special international consulting house was signed up. Nov 1, 2009 325
Establishing an aggressive legal framework for the future of wind energy in Europe. Hagenbuch, Tyler Nov 1, 2009 13867
Emissions Trading Banking on the December 2009 Global Climate Deal in Copenhagen, Finds Frost & Sullivan. Oct 28, 2009 769
Cap-and-trade coercion. Arp, Adrian L. Letter to the editor Oct 12, 2009 325
Verification of cap-and-trade's costs. Brief article Oct 12, 2009 321
RGGI carbon permit price slides 32%. Brief article Oct 9, 2009 275
Optimal two-part pricing in a carbon offset market: a comparison of organizational types. Fulton, Murray; Vercammen, James Oct 1, 2009 10054
First Trading Platform for Voluntary Emission Credits Announced. Sep 29, 2009 380
Cap & Trade: attention is being diverted from the dangerous Cap and Trade bill that has already passed the House of Representatives and now awaits Senate action. Hiserodt, Ed Viewpoint essay Sep 28, 2009 4276
Treaty norms and climate change mitigation. Moellendorf, Darrel Report Sep 22, 2009 8624
Carbon hopes and landless farmers in Indonesia and Malaysia. Chiew, Hilary Sep 22, 2009 1192
Forest hit job. Sep 22, 2009 514
Emissions trading? I beg your indulgence. Smith, Gar Sep 22, 2009 745
Restructuring a green grid: legal challenges to accommodate new renewable energy infrastructure. Ferrey, Steven Sep 22, 2009 18506
Regulating greenhouse gases in Canada: constitutional and policy dimensions. Hsu, Shi-Ling; Elliot, Robin M. Sep 22, 2009 26822
The allocation of free emissions units and the WTO subsidies agreement. Windon, James Sep 22, 2009 14499
America's new climate unilateralism: a better approach to Copenhagen. Charnovitz, Steve Sep 22, 2009 1736
Cost containment in climate change policy: alternative approaches to mitigating price volatility. Metcalf, Gilbert E. Sep 22, 2009 9228
Costly cap and trade. Brief article Sep 21, 2009 208
Who will win the carbon race? From 2010, Britain's food retailers will be ranked according to their carbon usage. Nick Hughes reports on how supermarkets are limbering up for the race to be greenest. Hughes, Nick Sep 19, 2009 1327
Wholesalers are going green too: retailers may be grabbing the headlines with their state-of-the-art eco-stores, Plan As and plastic bag reduction initiatives, but wholesalers are doing their bit to address the whole green agenda as well. Phillips, Beth Sep 19, 2009 1261
Climate Change Policy: Preliminary Observations on Options for Distributing Emissions Allowances and Revenue under a Cap-and-Trade Program. Sep 1, 2009 701
Property sector needs to be ready for carbon emissions trading. Aug 19, 2009 352
Don't inhibit ACES. Currier, David P. Aug 14, 2009 531
Cap and trade pioneer sees major flaws in the model, doubts success. Aug 13, 2009 362
Daily Wrap Up - August 10 - Energy. Brief article Aug 10, 2009 177
Travel Environment Watch. Aug 10, 2009 370
Taxing energy in the name of climate change. Hoar, William P. Viewpoint essay Aug 3, 2009 1467
Green-Industrial complex: Al Gore and his allies know the color of money. O'Neill, Brendan Cover story Aug 1, 2009 2416
Caught out! Big polluters' wild claims exposed! An investigation by ACF and the Australian Climate Justice Program suggests the country's biggest polluters may have made misleading and false claims as they attempt to instill fear into the government, media and general public, while trying to keep shareholders optimistic. Meadows, Josh; Berger, Chuck Cover story Aug 1, 2009 1334
Climate change bill moves forward ... toward natural gas industry. Aug 1, 2009 704
Natural gas outlook uncertain as supply/demand balances vary. Freedenthal, Carol Aug 1, 2009 1442
Cap-and-trade role on national security sparks debate in Senate. Jul 30, 2009 383
The world as 'a city'--but how to shape it? Peirce, Neal Column Jul 27, 2009 841
ADDING and REPLACING Dayton Power & Light Seeks Bids for Renewable Energy Credits. Jul 24, 2009 288
A good first step: federal energy legislation has strengths, but can be made better. Curran, Jerry Jul 17, 2009 470
Cap-and-trade bill economic benefits disputed in Senate. Jul 16, 2009 364
Cap-and-trade a 'threat' to U.S. economy: Palin. Jul 14, 2009 405
U.S. cities consider congestion pricing. Bradley, Matt; Pulidindi, Julia Report Jul 13, 2009 917
Initial IRS guidance addressing EU cap-and-trade systems, subpart F rules. Janosy, Lauren M.; Helou, Alexandra K. Jul 1, 2009 1139
Carbon exposure's cost. Heffes, Ellen M. Brief article Jul 1, 2009 227
Accounting for emissions: emerging issues and the need for global accounting standards. Fornaro, James M.; Winkelman, Kenneth A.; Glodstein, David Jul 1, 2009 3667
Smoke signals: the carbon credit market churns, waiting for the winds of change. Slavin, Al Jul 1, 2009 2131
Carbon trading is on the horizon, ready or not: momentum continues to grow for the expansion of carbon markets in North America and a cap-and-trade system in the United States, presenting a myriad a challenges for businesses. Here's a look ahead from Pat Concessi. Concessi, Pat Jul 1, 2009 1078
Pelosi voices optimism about 'cap and trade' vote. Jun 26, 2009 326
EPA announces Climate Showcase Communities grant opportunity. Jun 22, 2009 358

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