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Emergency Procedures for Country Living.

Emergency Procedures for Country Living, by Ralph W. Ritchie; 54 pages, photocopied and spiral bound, $19.95; Ritchie Unlimited Publications, 90586 Nadeau Rd., Springfield OR 97478

This isn't a detailed manual of how to prepare for emergencies, but rather more of a checklist, with some good suggestions and observations thrown in. If you have ever thought that maybe you should have some emergency supplies and a plan, the information here plenty of ideas to work with.

Ralph W. Ritchie writes about doom and gloom with a sense of humor, and it works. Actually, he says he doesn't usually go for doom and gloom, "but this kind of planning must be done on a worst case basis, then you can consider anything less as a blessing."

Planning for what? Everything from electrical outages and broken water pipes to hurricanes, earthquakes and civil disorders.

Ritchie himself appears to have had an unfortunate amount of experience in these matters, ranging from earthquakes, fires and floods, down to spending half a day on a gridlocked freeway (where he was grateful for his emergency supply of water and crackers).

He covers not only basic food storage, water, tools, emergency shelter and so forth, but also tells what to do in various kinds of emergencies. (In case of civil disorder, board up doors and windows with plywood from your emergency supplies... and plywood pre-decorated with graffiti is said to deter looters better.)

Even if you feel relatively safe from disasters of any kind, you should have this information. As Ritchie points out, "When things start to happen, with or without warning, there is no time to think or plan or gather about you the things that will be needed."
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