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Elsewhere: Espada Withdraws Support? Thompson Goes After Bloomberg, Opponent

In an interview with Nick Confessore, Pedro Espada said he is withdrawing his support for Malcolm Smith Malcolm Smith may refer to:
  • Malcolm Smith (artist) (1912–1966), American retro-futurist artist
  • Malcolm Smith (footballer born 1953) (born 1953), English former footballer
  • Malcolm Smith (footballer born 1970) (born 1970), English former footballer
. A conference call ensued.

On NY1, Bill Thompson begins his mayoral campaign with a populist theme, saying Michael Bloomberg Michael Rubens Bloomberg (born 14 February 1942) is an American businessman, and the founder of Bloomberg L.P., currently serving as the Mayor of New York City. He was a general partner at Salomon Brothers before founding the financial software service company in 1981.  "doesn't understand the people he represents."

Two tax-raising bills were introduced to the City Council today, but only one of them definitely has support.

Nancy Pelosi doesn't see "any reason" Charlie Rangel should step down from his chairmanship.

The House Ethics Committee ethics committee A multidisciplinary hospital body composed of a broad spectrum of personnel–eg, physicians, nurses, social workers, priests, and others, which addresses the moral and ethical issues within the hospital. See DNR, Institutional review board.  is expanding its investigation into Rangel to include donations to his eponymous CUNY CUNY City University of New York  center

Phil Singer is skeptical that Pete King really wants to run for Hillary Clinton's Senate seat.

If Mark Green runs for public advocate Public Advocate is a governmental position similar to an ombudsman. Depending on the jurisdiction it could be an elected or an appointed position. , he may want to take some of his supporters back from Eric Gioia.

A Willets Point tenants group that is meeting with officials is not standing together.

Among Staten Islanders, Vito Fossella's political future looks bleak.

At a press conference with Al Gore, Barack Obama said he had no idea what was going on in indicted INDICTED, practice. When a man is accused by a bill of indictment preferred by a grand jury, he is said to be indicted.  Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich's office.

An Obama aide tells Ben that when David Axelrod said Obama did speak to Blagojevich, he was wrong.

Ben wonders if Valerie Jarrett's abrupt withdrawal from consideration might mean the transition team was on to Blagojevich.

Did Rahm Emanuel tip off the feds?

Dick Durbin wants the Illinois State Legislature to call a special election to fill Obama's seat.

Joe the Plumber, in advance of the release of his book (title: Joe the Plumber: Fighting for the American Dream) throws John McCain under a bus.
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Author:Katharine Jose
Publication:The New York Observer
Date:Dec 9, 2008
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