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Elizabeth Landeen promoted to assistant manager of Research and Development.


Elizabeth Elizabeth, sister of King Louis XVI of France
Elizabeth, 1764–94, sister of King Louis XVI of France, known as Madame Elizabeth. Deeply loyal to her brother, she remained in France during the French Revolution, suffered imprisonment, and was
 Landeen has been promoted to the position of assistant manager of NEHA's Research and Development (R&D) department. This position was previously staffed by Tom Dickey, who retired in February. Elizabeth has worked as a project coordinator in the R&D department for four years. She has primarily managed and coordinated the Epi-Ready: Foodborne Illness A foodborne illness (also foodborne disease) is any illness resulting from the consumption of food. Although foodborne illness is commonly called food poisoning, this is often a misnomer.  Response Strategies Team Training program, which is funded largely through grants from the Centers from Disease Control and Prevention. Under Elizabeth's supervision, this program has expanded into a variety of areas via collaborative efforts with various federal partners, as well as through the creation of the Industry-Foodborne Illness Investigation Training (I-FIIT), which is geared towards the retail food industry. She was also actively involved in the revision process for developing a new and improved version of the Epi-Ready training program scheduled to pilot in early April.

As Elizabeth transitions into her new role as assistant manager, she is looking forward to working more closely with each of R&D's programs, establishing new connections, and strengthening current relationships with various federal, state, local, academic, and industry partners. She would like to thank the Epi-Ready, I-FIIT, R&D, and NEHA NEHA National Environmental Health Association
NEHA National Executive Housekeepers Association
NEHA Northern Estates Homeowners Association (Indianapolis, Indiana) 
 teams for their support and hard work. Elizabeth would also like to thank Tom Dickey for his dedication to the environmental health profession, his unwavering sincerity and kindness Kindness
See also Generosity.

Allworthy, Squire

Tom Jones’s goodhearted foster father. [Br. Lit.
, and for his mentoring and friendship. Please join NEHA in congratulating Elizabeth on her promotion and wishing her great success in this position.
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