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Scientists Move One Step Closer to Creating an Invisibility Cloak. Jul 16, 2016 372
United States : Frost & Sullivan Lauds Digital Barriers for its Novel ThruVision Technology that Taps the Terahertz Frequency Range for Passive Security Screening of People. Jun 30, 2016 723
Frost & Sullivan Lauds Digital Barriers for its Novel ThruVision Technology that Taps the Terahertz Frequency Range for Passive Security Screening of People. Jun 28, 2016 1363
Frost & Sullivan Lauds Digital Barriers for its Novel ThruVision Technology that Taps the Terahertz Frequency Range for Passive Security Screening of People. Jun 28, 2016 1325
United States : $137m contract to Alion to support DISA's electromagnetic spectrum management. Jun 23, 2016 200
United States : Finessing Miniaturized Magnetics into the Microelectronics mix. Jun 17, 2016 828
Provide Management of Systems information from SDIS. Jun 8, 2016 254
Purchase of a laser system for high energy, ultrashort laser pulses. Jun 7, 2016 202
On this day. Jun 2, 2016 143
ON THIS DAY. Jun 2, 2016 320
ON THIS DAY. Jun 2, 2016 221
SmartGraphene: Graphene based smart surfaces: from visible to microwave. May 14, 2016 393
Stemtech International to provide cell phone radiation solution. May 12, 2016 222
Stemtech International Partners with World-Renowned Scientist to Provide Solution to Cell Phone Radiation. May 10, 2016 525
Section 12. Environment. May 1, 2016 10639
Controlling radiation. Corneliussen, Roger Brief article May 1, 2016 137
Light-Powered 3-D Printer Creates Terahertz Lens. Apr 30, 2016 557
SGS Reports: End of Transition Period for Australian Electrical Standards. Apr 27, 2016 262
Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Shielding Market Analysis - By Types (Cables, Grounding, Conductive Paints); By Equipment (Spectrum Analyzer, Amplifier, Others) & By Application (Electronics, Automotive, Others) - Forecast-2016-2021. Apr 26, 2016 504
Dominating the Next Phase of EMS Warfare Discussions at 2nd Annual Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations Summit - Free to Government/Military. Apr 22, 2016 576
Delivery of mobile devices for the diagnosis of infrastructure facilities for the needs of the department of civil and environmental engineering university of gdansk. Apr 20, 2016 380
Global Laboratory and Handheld Raman Instruments Market 2016-2020 - Increased Spending on R&D -- Research and Markets. Apr 8, 2016 651
Global Laboratory and Handheld Raman Instruments Market 2016-2020 - Increased Spending on R&D -- Research and Markets. Apr 8, 2016 657
Section 12. Environment. Apr 1, 2016 9936
Increasing spectrum efficiency. Kidd, Thomas Apr 1, 2016 697
Sharing electromagnetic spectrum. Anderson, Sharon Apr 1, 2016 542
United States : New DARPA Grand Challenge to Focus on Spectrum Collaboration. Mar 25, 2016 538
Technical inspection and testing services. Mar 18, 2016 165
DSI Announces 2nd Annual Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations Summit. Mar 16, 2016 649
Engineers Develop Flexible Skin That Traps Radar Waves, Cloaks Objects. Mar 8, 2016 484
Section 12. Environment. Mar 1, 2016 11200
Service Dosimetry Of Electromagnetic Radiation, Modeling, Simulation And Verification Of The Model Of Exposure To Electromagnetic Radiation, Meta-Analysis Of Previous Studies Of Health Effects Of Elec. Feb 5, 2016 148
Section 12. Environment. Feb 1, 2016 11101
Defense spectrum organization (dso) electromagnetic spectrum (ems) services applied engineering spectrum and e3 engineering support. Jan 7, 2016 105
mo's corner. Jan 1, 2016 306
Spectrum unification. Kidd, Tom Jan 1, 2016 931
Epilepsy in the Egyptian population. Dec 24, 2015 659
Purchase an anechoic chamber for the training of students of upmc characterization of electromagnetic radiation emitted by microwave equipment for the technology hall of saint-cyr-l~ecole. Nov 27, 2015 198
Defense spectrum organization (dso) electromagnetic spectrum (ems) services applied engineering spectrum and e3 engineering support. Nov 26, 2015 101
Effect microwave electromagnetic radiofrequency on germination and seedling growth consequences of six wheat Triticum aestivum cultivar. Abu-Elsaoud, Abdelghafar M. Report Nov 1, 2015 8252
Supply and installation of 2 electron emission electron -a trans including cryo-ultramicrotome (lot 1) and a field emission sem dual-beam system (lot 2). Sep 12, 2015 156
'Technology harming our children' MPs say. Sep 10, 2015 592
Terahertz Radiation Systems: Technologies and Global Markets. Sep 9, 2015 1358
Hyperspectral image segmentation based on particle swarm optimization with classical clustering methods. Kumar, V. Saravana; Naganathan, E.R. Aug 1, 2015 4165
Dispensing tinted spectacles. Hughes, Eirian Report Jul 25, 2015 2861
Terahertz Radiation Systems: Technologies and Global Markets. Jul 6, 2015 1337
Supply of electromagnetic radiation measurements. Jun 12, 2015 190
Are you losing sleep over your smartphone? May 30, 2015 492
Naaw sensor system through microwave electromagnetic waves. May 5, 2015 122
Objects Invisible Without Metamaterial Cloaking. Apr 15, 2015 579
Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations Summit Announced. Apr 3, 2015 213
Measurement of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation in Substation (TC). Mar 13, 2015 110
Pulsed electromagnetic energy as an adjunct to physiotherapy for the treatment of acute low back pain: a randomised controlled trial. Krammer, Anita; Horton, Stuart; Tumilty, Steve Report Mar 1, 2015 5882
Japan : JAPAN develops a new accurate clock. Feb 12, 2015 206
Towers pose no EM emission risks. Letter to the editor Jan 6, 2015 143
Dominating the electromagetic spectrum: SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific researchers are developing new multiband antenna. Petrie, Patric Jan 1, 2015 977
The emergence of the Contractor in the supply of the experimental station, as part of the National Center for Electromagnetic Radiation Research (Phase I), located on the Campus of the 600th Anniversa. Dec 24, 2014 551
Cianna Medical, Inc. Announces FDA Clearance For SAVI SCOUT Surgical Guidance System. Dec 10, 2014 999
Measurements of electromagnetic radiation from antenna stations. Dec 5, 2014 156
Leidos Awarded Contract by Air Force Research Laboratory. Dec 4, 2014 734
Assessment of the effect of electromagnetic fields on biochemical and antioxidant parameter changes of Cucurbita maxima duchesne. Nabizadeh, Simin; Majd, Ahmad; Arbabiyan, Sadigheh; Mirzai, Masoumeh; Sharifnia, Fariba Report Dec 1, 2014 3929
New Raytheon hyperspectral sensors will provide unprecedented images from space. Nov 17, 2014 472
MS-BEEM: Multiple Scattering description of Ballistic Electron Emission Miscroscope for materials used in spin injection. Nov 11, 2014 345
Delivery of the experimental station : Electromagnetic radiation for research purposes. Nov 8, 2014 298
Design of carbon/glass/epoxy-based radar absorbing composites: microwaves attenuation properties. Ashraf, Afzaal; Tariq, Mateen; Naveed, Kashif; Kausar, Ayesha; Iqbal, Zafar; Khan, Zaffar M.; Khan, Report Nov 1, 2014 3581
NTT Resonant Acquires Patent in Japan and U.S. (pending) for EM Shield Box. Oct 2, 2014 697
Haberdasher's Monmouth girls hit awards hotspot. Oct 1, 2014 399
Using imperialist competitive algorithm for optimal radiative properties of nano scale metal coatings. Rad, Somayyeh Amiri; Oloomi, Seyyed Amir Abbas; Mirjalily, Seyyed Ali Agha Report Oct 1, 2014 2761
Minimize radiative properties of non metallic thin films using simulated annealing algorithm. Mirjalili, Mohammad Hadi; Oloomi, Seyyed Amir Abbas; Zare-Shahabadi, Abolfazl Oct 1, 2014 3339
Electromagnetic spectrum operations: an approach to the universal maneuver domain. Bourque, Jesse Oct 1, 2014 1067
Delivery of the experimental station : Electromagnetic radiation for research purposes. Sep 29, 2014 296
Weak electron emission current for characterization of nanomaterials, gas and radiation sensing towards medical applications/Elektronide emissioonist pohjustatud norga voolu kasutamine nanomaterjalide iseloomustamisel ja gaaside ning kiirguse avastamisel, hinnates meetodi voimalikke meditsiinilisi rakendusi. Dekhtyar, Yuri Report Sep 1, 2014 4749
Detection of Solenopsis invicta (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) nests using spectral data. Wu, W.B.; Hong, T.S.; Zeng, L.; Xu, Y.J.; Huang, D.L.; Chileshe, J.M.; Chen, J.T.; Yi, C.D.; Liu, X. Report Sep 1, 2014 2704
API Technologies to Present Electromagnetic Spectrum Solutions at 51st Annual Association of Old Crows Symposium. Aug 27, 2014 635
Supply and Installation of Ultra High Vacuum Photo-electron Emission Spectroscopy Equipment. Aug 13, 2014 115
Blackbody radiation in optically thick gases? Robitaille, Pierre-Marie Report Jul 1, 2014 2184
New strategic directions in spectrum management. Kidd, Thomas; Moorefield, Frederick, Jr. Jul 1, 2014 1828
Maintenance of the system to map the electromagnetic spectrum. Jun 27, 2014 118
Sharing the electromagnetic spectrum. Wellman, Bryant A.; Hahn, Garth R. Jun 22, 2014 3104
Electronics may upset birds' compass: weak electromagnetic waves can impede robins' migratory orientation. Milius, Susan Jun 14, 2014 778
Mobiles 'may harm fertility' UK BULLETINS. Jun 10, 2014 135
The emergence of the Contractor in the supply of measuring instruments for the synchrotron SOLARIS project National Center for Electromagnetic Radiation for research purposes (stage I ),co-financed by. Jun 4, 2014 512
Geons--domain-specific regionalization of space. Lang, Stefan; Kienberger, Stefan; Tiede, Dirk; Hagenlocher, Michael; Pemkopf, Lena Report Jun 1, 2014 7022
Wireless Armour: Underwear Range Pledges to Protect Men from Harmful Radiation. May 18, 2014 689
Millimeter Wave Technology Market worth $1.9 Billion by 2020. May 2, 2014 991
Millimeter Wave Technology Market worth $1.9 Billion by 2020. May 2, 2014 995
The emergence of the Contractor in the supply of ion pumps with accessories, on the draft National Center for Electromagnetic Radiation for Research Purposes, co-financed by the EU under the OPIE for. Apr 16, 2014 569
Device Turns Flat Surface into Spherical Antenna. Apr 14, 2014 719
Supply of measuring instruments for national center for electromagnetic radiation. Apr 2, 2014 318
Tire condition monitoring system. Apr 1, 2014 120
Low-cost spectral reflectance sensor. Mar 1, 2014 498
United States : DoD to bring in a unique Electromagnetic Spectrum Strategy (EMS). Feb 26, 2014 165
US expands availability of electromagnetic spectrum to improve military, commercial access. Feb 20, 2014 399
Study on temperature influence factors and electromagnetic heat coupling of in-wheel motor for micro-electric vehicle/ Temperaturos poveikio ir besikaupiancios elektromagnetines silumos ant mikroelektrinio automobilio rato imontuoto variklio itakos tyrimas. Chen, Q.P. Report Jan 1, 2014 5244
Five ways to improve your microbiome alongside drugs and bugs. Kohlstadt, Ingrid Jan 1, 2014 1058
Spectrum--in plain language. Kidd, Thomas Jan 1, 2014 1199
The emergence of the Contractor for the delivery of 89 systems to the solenoid power correction associated with the National Center for Electromagnetic Radiation for Research Purposes, located on the. Nov 8, 2013 453
Select a contractor for the supply of vacuum chambers synchrotron storage ring, for the National Center for Electromagnetic Radiation for Research Purposes, located on the Main Campus of the 600th ann. Nov 8, 2013 370
Bioelectromagnetic medicine. Rosch, Paul J.; Markov, Marko S. Nov 1, 2013 3113
RSPK and consciousness/RSPK y consciencia/RSPK et conscience/RSPK (SPUK) und bewusstsein. Roll, William G.; Joines, William T. Report Sep 22, 2013 11490
Cluster satellites 'dancing in space' may help spill electromagnetic waves secrets. Sep 20, 2013 193
United Kingdom : Revolutionary smart sensor technology is latest patent milestone. Sep 17, 2013 431
Supply of custom vacuum chambers synchrotron storage ring, for the National Center for Electromagnetic Radiation for Research Purposes, located on the Main Campus of the 600th anniversary of the Resto. Aug 21, 2013 327
Terahertz Radiation Systems: Technologies and Global Markets. Aug 15, 2013 4671
Reasearch and evaluation of electromagnetic fields of refrigerators/Saldytuvu elektromagnetiniu lauku tyrimai ir vertinimas. Baltrenas, Pranas; Macaitis, Kestutis; Macaitis, Vytautas Report Aug 1, 2013 2844
Interaction between two types of antenna and human head phantom. Lak, Asma Report Jul 1, 2013 896
Effects of mobile phone radiation on the liver of immature rats. Ghaedi, Shahrbanoo; Hossein, Kargar Jahromi; Mohammad, Farzam; Sara, Azhdari; Saeid, Mahmoudi Teimou Report Jun 1, 2013 2922
Effects of mobile phone radiation on liver enzymes in immature male rats. Ghaedi, Shahrbanoo; Hossein, Kargar Jahromi; Mohammad, Farzam; Sara, Azhdari; Saeid, Mahmoudi Teimou Report Jun 1, 2013 2422
A spark of interest; What is the most important object in Welsh history? Today Professor IWAN RHYS MORUS, Aberystwyth University, argues the case for a radio transmitter. May 17, 2013 828
Investigation on cascaded H-bridge multilevel DSTATCOM for mitigation of load current harmonics in distribution utilities. Suresh, S.; Devarajan, N. Report Apr 1, 2013 3011
A coming 'data deluge' from space: the European Space Agency's new satellites will provide high-resolution images that will help insurance underwriting. Panko, Ron Apr 1, 2013 595
Iran Produces Electromagnetic Adsorbent Cellulose Nanofibers with Antibacterial, Anti-flame Properties. Mar 18, 2013 336
Strain energy density in the Elastodynamics of the Spacetime Continuum and the electromagnetic field. Millette, Pierre A. Report Mar 1, 2013 2407
How to Choose a Non-Contact Infrared Temperature Sensor. Feb 28, 2013 580
MICROWAVE VISION Group, Manufacturer of Electromagnetic Wave Measurement Systems, Announces a 5% Increase in Revenue to [euro]46.2 Million. Financial report Feb 27, 2013 568
Belgium : Since 2008, Belgacom informs its customers about the electromagnetic waves of mobile phones, and promotes responsible use. Feb 27, 2013 349
Remarkable professionals ensure command and control of electromagnetic spectrum. Kidd, Thomas Jan 1, 2013 900
Gravitational field shielding by scalar field and type II superconductors. Zhang, B.J.; Zhang, T.X.; Guggilia, P.; Dohkanian, M. Report Jan 1, 2013 3467
An infrared sphere method to measure mean radiant temperature. Leung, Christopher; Ge, Hua Report Jan 1, 2013 6076
Protection of high voltage transmission lines of Canada from the ice by high-frequency electromagnetic waves. William, Kaganov Report Dec 31, 2012 2469
Reduce Cell Phone Radiation by 97.4% with New Cellsafe Radi-Cushion. Dec 5, 2012 658
Research and evaluation of the intensity parameters of electromagnetic fields produced by mobile communication antennas/Mobiliojo rysio antenu elektromagnetiniu lauku intensyvumo parametru tyrimai ir vertinimas. Baltrenas, Pranas; Buckus, Raimondas; Vasarevicius, Saulius Report Dec 1, 2012 8015
Invisibility Cloak Breakthroughs Demonstrated in NYC. Nov 19, 2012 865
Deflector Shield Realized with Fractal Antenna and Cloak Technology. Nov 13, 2012 416
Electron 'invisibility cloak' could lead to new gen electronics'. Oct 13, 2012 605
Japan : World's First Technology for Wireless Communications and Power Supplies on a Single Sheet. Oct 4, 2012 406
Electromagnetic hypersensitivity review of evidence. Klotter, Jule Oct 1, 2012 538
Optimizing metabolism: the toxicity trifecta: treating the underlying causes of fatigue. Kohlstadt, Ingrid Report Oct 1, 2012 1249
Research and evaluation of the energy flux density of the mobile phone electromagnetic field/Mobiliuju telefonu elektromagnetinio lauko energijos srauto tankio tyrimai ir ivertinimas. Baltrenas, Pranas; Buckus, Raimondas Report Oct 1, 2012 3709
Matthew H. Swartz: director, communications and network division Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for information dominance (N2/N6). Interview Oct 1, 2012 2372
Electromagnetic emission from humans during focused intent/Electromagnetische emission bei menschen bei fokussierter absicht/Emision electromagnetica de humanos durante intencion enfocada/Emission electromagnetique d'humains durant une focalisation de l'intention. Joines, William T.; Baumann, Stephen B.; Kruth, John G. Report Sep 22, 2012 6401
Simulation of electromagnetic field propagation generated by radio waves from antennas for mobile cellular communications. Stankevicius, Zilvinas Report Sep 1, 2012 2880
Residents ponder effects of mobile phone towers. Aug 25, 2012 537
Pong Applauds GAO's Call for FCC to Review Cell Phone Radiation Guidelines, Calls for Withdrawal of FCC's "Safe" Designation Pending Further Review. Aug 20, 2012 1005
Cell phone radiation jolt wakes up govt. Aug 13, 2012 315
US watchdog calls for review of cell phone radiation standards. Aug 8, 2012 589
General health status of residents nearby high voltage substations in Tehran, Iran. Nassiri, Parvin; Asghari, Mehdi; Farvaresh, Ehsan; Safari, Hossein; Monazzam, Mohammad Reza; Ghaemia Report Aug 1, 2012 2720
-Radiant to issue secured debentures, bonus shares. Jul 9, 2012 279
Paradigm in sustainability and environmental design: lighting utilization contributing to surplus-energy office buildings. Araji, Mohamad T.; Darragh, Shaun P.; Boyer, Jeffrey L. Report Jul 1, 2012 7896
FCC may take up issue of cell phone radiation. Jun 18, 2012 754
Guarding against RF dangers. May 1, 2012 182
Limit your exposure to cell phone's damaging radio waves. Apr 21, 2012 449
New chip could allow cellphones to see through walls. Apr 19, 2012 421
BYK introduces CarboBYK 9810 CNT dispersion; BYK 1710 defoamer. Apr 1, 2012 184
How burdensome is electrosmoq? Banis, Reimar Apr 1, 2012 2127
Department of the Navy congratulates award winners. Apr 1, 2012 1592
Health risks of wireless technology, Part 2/4. Mar 28, 2012 1129
Doubts cast over cell phone radiation risk to unborn babies. Mar 17, 2012 272
Electromagnetic Spectrum Warriors Convene at Nellis AFB. Mar 2, 2012 526
Radiant Energy announces expansion. Feb 1, 2012 129
Effect of electromagnetic waves (cold pasteurization) on yolk liquid stored at different time on the logarithmic count of mesophilic aerobic bacteria. Lotfian, F.; Hashemiravan, M.; Jahed, E.; Khodaparast, M.H. Haddad; Khaneghah, A. Mousavi Report Feb 1, 2012 4326
Create, Grow and Sustain Electromagnetic Spectrum Warfare Professionals. Jan 19, 2012 686
Ensuring spectrum-dependent systems are "up to code" saving time, money. Kidd, Thomas; Rossow, Mark Jan 1, 2012 833
Q&A with senior chief information systems technician Jason M. Rufa--carrier strike group two spectrum manager. Interview Jan 1, 2012 728
A robust FEM-BEM minres solver for distributed multiharmonic eddy current optimal control problems in unbounded domains. Kolmbauer, Michael Report Jan 1, 2012 8431
Interaction between electromagnetic radiation and toxic metals. Masur, Charles Report Jan 1, 2012 2128
The interaction of radio-frequency fields with dielectric materials at macroscopic to mesoscopic scales. Baker-Jarvis, James; Kim, Sung Report Jan 1, 2012 21310
Photon-assisted spectroscopy of dirac electrons in graphene. Abdelrazek, Ahmed S.; Zein, Walid A.; Phillips, Adel H. Jan 1, 2012 2693
Obscurants and electronic warfare. Chapman, Frank D.; Reichert, Andrew Company overview Dec 22, 2011 3278
Mobile phone radiation may reverse Alzheimer's. Dec 8, 2011 277
Pong(TM) Research Corporation Introduces New Cell Phone and iPad Cases to Protect Against Potentially-Harmful Wireless Device Radiation. Nov 17, 2011 1282
Pong(TM) Research Corporation Introduces New Cell Phone and iPad Cases to Protect Against Potentially-Harmful Wireless Device Radiation. Nov 17, 2011 1282
Full spectrum: the spectrum sharing and reallocation dilemma. Kidd, Thomas; Rossow, Mark Oct 1, 2011 885
Miggels joins Radiant Energy. Oct 1, 2011 132
Irrigation management with infrared thermometry. O'Shaughnessy, Susan; Evett, Steve; Howell, Terry, Sr. Sep 1, 2011 701
Pong Research Receives Investment From Leading Consumer-Focused Private Equity Firm Catterton Partners. Company overview Aug 16, 2011 1228
New invisibility cloak 'can conceal any object from humans'. Jul 28, 2011 188
DNA integrity and sperm morphology of Wistar rats exposed to low frequency electromagnetic fields during different periods of development/Integridade de DNA e morfologia espermatica de ratos submetidos a campos eletromagneticos de baixa frequencia durante diferentes periodos do desenvolvimento. Tenorio, Bruno Mendes; Jimenez, George Chaves; Guerra, Maria Madalena Pessoa; Nogueira, Romildo de A Jul 1, 2011 4830
Maryland Researchers Skeptical of Cell Phone Radiation Studies. Jun 3, 2011 759
Sweden disregards precautionary principle in wireless technology development. Johansson, Olle; Gullbrandsson, Annika; Damvik, Mats; Hallberg, Orjan; Hellberg, Kalle; Lindkvist, L Report Jun 1, 2011 1298
WHO: Cell Phone Radiation Possibly Carcinogenic. Jun 1, 2011 838
Mobile phone masts a health hazard: Expert. May 30, 2011 399
Too much mobile phone use bad for male hormones. May 28, 2011 443
Cell Phone Radiation Safety Advocate and FCC Regulatory Watchdog Cynthia Franklin Announces Launch of Consumer Information Website. Apr 4, 2011 501
Goodrich Wins U-2 Multi-Spectral Sensor Upgrade Contract. Mar 29, 2011 325
Talking back--weapons, warfare, and feedback. Glover, Victor J. Excerpt Mar 22, 2011 7854
Ground-penetrating radar study of the Rahivere peat bog, eastern Estonia/Rahivere turbaraba uuringud georadariga. Plado, Juri; Sibul, Ivo; Mustasaar, Mario; Joeleht, Argo Report Mar 1, 2011 5492
Elimination of high order harmonics from the output voltage of an inverter using a special configuration device. Ionescu, Gelu; Paltanea, Gheorghe; Paltanea, Veronica; Nemoianu, Iosif Vasile; Cazacu, Emil Report Jan 1, 2011 1289
Researches concerning the problem of coupling between the electromagnetic and thermal fields from microwave installations. Molnar, Carmen Otilia; Arion, Mircea Nicolae; Soproni, Vasile Darie; Bandici, Livia Report Jan 1, 2011 1584
Contribution on electromagnetic shielding of working and living spaces. Gutt, Gheorghe; Gutt, Sonia; Alexuc, Florin; Cristian; Stroe, Silviu-Gabriel; Mironeasa, Silvia; Gut Jan 1, 2011 1386
The superficial hardening of inner cilindrical surfaces. Leuca, Teodor; Nagy, Stefan; Mich-Vancea, Claudiu; Nagy, Adrian Report Jan 1, 2011 1244
Algorithm for simulation of the coupled electromagnetic and thermal phenomena. Nagy, Stefan; Leuca, Teodor; Mich-Vancea, Claudiu; Nagy, Adrian Report Jan 1, 2011 1622
Modeling inductive heating process of a cylindrical structure mode of two different materials at a frequency of 1000Hz. Hoble, Dorel Anton; Stasac, Claudia Olimpia; Bandici, Livia; Molnar, Carmen Otilia Report Jan 1, 2011 1214
EarthStar. Haines, David; Hinterding, Joyce Dec 1, 2010 303
Dispersion of own frequency of ion-dipole by supersonic transverse wave in solid. Minasyan, Vahan; Samoilov, Valentin Oct 1, 2010 1886
The fast goodbye: the non-lethal Active Denial System may soon be ready for use in deployed locations and war zones. Roughton, Randy Jul 1, 2010 1724
Electromagnetic pollution and our health/Elektromanyetik kirlilik ve sagligimiz. Seyhan, Nesrin Jun 1, 2010 2839
The intensity of the light diffraction by supersonic longitudinal waves in solid. Minasyan, Vahan; Samoilov, Valentin Apr 1, 2010 2645
Chink found in invisibility armor: charged particles could spot location of a cloaked object. Sanders, Laura Jan 2, 2010 384
Investigation of three-pole oscillation circuit/Tripolio virpesiu konturo tyrimas. Kutka, Narimantas; Goceikis, Saulius Jan 1, 2010 1671
Parallel system for analysis of meander delay line/Dispersines lygties sprendimo budai. Pomarnacki RaimondaS Jan 1, 2010 2215
GA aided optimization of transmitters' parameters to reduce EMF pollution. Rolich, T.; Grundler, D. Jan 1, 2010 3869
Create a sleeping sanctuary reduce electrosmog. Warren, Vicki Report Dec 1, 2009 2123
Microwaves' role examined. Klotter, Jule Clinical report Nov 1, 2009 816
Power quality improvement by suppressing harmonics using power active filters. Ali, Sardar; Sujatha, P.; Anjaneyulu Report Nov 1, 2009 4470
Blackbody radiation and the loss of universality: implications for Planck's formulation and Boltzman's constant. Robitaille, Pierre-Marie Oct 1, 2009 2356
Hot topic. Beckett, Alex Brief article Sep 12, 2009 177
Consequences of exposure to electromagnetic waves of mobile phones on fetal blood flow and heart rate. Farid, Asmaa; Azmy, Osama; Taha, Tamer; Bibars, Mamdouh; Abbassy, Amr Report Jul 1, 2009 1900
Undetectable sensor would still see: new cloaking method may allow signals to be sent, received. Sanders, Laura May 9, 2009 392
'Dirty electricity' affects blood sugar. Klotter, Jule Report May 1, 2009 723
Global warming and the microwave background. Robitaille, Pierre-Marie Apr 1, 2009 1931
Efficient low-lift cooling with radiant distribution, thermal storage, and variable-speed chiller controls--Part I: component and subsystem models. Armstrong, P.R.; Jiang, W.; Winiarski, D.; Katipamula, S.; Norford, L.K.; Willingham, R.A. Report Mar 1, 2009 15607
Efficient low-lift cooling with radiant distribution, thermal storage, and variable-speed chiller controls--part II: annual energy use and savings. Armstrong, P.R.; Jiang, W.; Winiarski, D.; Katipamula, S.; Norford, L.K. Report Mar 1, 2009 13999
The sky's the limit: this year marks the 400th anniversary of Galileo's telescope. See how astronomers' view of the night sky has changed since then. Hamalainen, Karina Feb 23, 2009 1329
A survey of voltage and current harmonics in various industries connected to a state electrical grid. Valluvan, K.R.; Kandasamy, A.S; Natarajan, A.M. Report Jun 1, 2008 3150
World on a string: toward experimental support for string theory. Weaver, Bill Mar 1, 2008 1187
Healing with electromedicine and sound therapies, Part One. Sylver, Nenah Feb 1, 2008 5176
The hidden dangers of cell phone radiation. Kovach, Sue Aug 1, 2007 6856
Am I in danger? How far away should you stand during an x-ray exam? Tolekidis, George Feb 1, 2007 1633
New interactive Web site on radiation. Brief article Dec 1, 2006 153
A source of energy for any kind of star. Rabounski, Dmitri Oct 1, 2006 4426
Developing de Broglie wave. Zheng-Johansson, J.X.; Johansson, Per-Ivar Oct 1, 2006 3274
Radiant plasma may combat cavities. Brief article Sep 9, 2006 274
Spectral emission of moving atom exhibits always a redshift. Zheng-Johansson, J.X. Jul 1, 2006 3328
A study of the effects of cellular telephone microwave radiation on the auditory system in healthy men. Dellepiane, Massimo Mar 1, 2006 1922
Vatican Radio named as polluter. Brief Article May 20, 2005 160
There is no speed barrier for a wave phase nor for entangled particles. Smarandache, Florentin Apr 1, 2005 1023
Court rules againts Vatican radio in pollution case. (World). Donovan, Gill Brief Article Apr 25, 2003 211
Hold that call...: is the keitai craze putting your health at risk by exposing you to untold radiation? (Upfront). Hornyak, Tim Brief Article Sep 1, 2002 941
Structure in the vacuum. Wagner, O.E. Sep 22, 2001 7849
Set Your Phasers on Sting. Garcia, Rich Brief Article May 1, 2001 546
WORLD. Donovan, Gill Interview Mar 30, 2001 1754
Vatican Radio officials charged. ALLEN, JOHN L. JR. Brief Article Mar 23, 2001 951
Radio Waves: Invisible Danger. Firstenberg, Arthur Dec 22, 2000 1054
Bad for your health. Brown, Carolyn M. Brief Article Mar 1, 2000 885
Making Waves. Finton, Nancy Brief Article Mar 22, 1999 1001
Microwaving our planet. Firstenberg, Arthur Jun 22, 1997 2132
Scientists find no evidence of health risks from residential EMF exposure. Hellwege, Jean Jan 1, 1997 579
Discordant HAARP. Rembert, Tracey C. Jan 1, 1997 1040
Electromagnetic radiation and health risks: cell phones and microwave radiation in New Zealand. Smith, Isobel Jul 1, 1996 2673
Electromagnetic radiation field property devaluation. Rikon, Michael Jan 1, 1996 2297
Electric signals may herald earthquakes. Monastersky, Richard Oct 21, 1995 647
T rays for two: terahertz waves give rise to a new imaging technique. Lipkin, Richard Cover Story Aug 26, 1995 1251
Electromagnetic radiation and cancer: recent developments. DeBoskey, Bruce H. Jul 1, 1995 2189
Electromagnetic pollution and a prescription for survival: a battle of the century. Cover Story Mar 22, 1993 1291
Paul Brodeur: historian and crusader. Mar 22, 1993 395
Dietary weapons against radiation: foods and nutritional supplements capable of neutralizing effects of radiation. Mar 22, 1993 320
Detoxification: an antidote to radiation. Mar 22, 1993 260
Precaution and the electromagnetic challenge. Zimmerman, Philip W. Mar 22, 1993 551
VDT risk linked with radiation levels. Dec 22, 1992 155
An Earth-Station Planner's Primer. Goldman, S. Mar 1, 1985 1413

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