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Electric Drives, 2d ed. (CD-ROM included).


Electric drives, 2d ed. (CD-ROM CD-ROM: see compact disc.
 in full compact disc read-only memory

Type of computer storage medium that is read optically (e.g., by a laser).

Boldea, Ion and Nasar, S. A.

Taylor & Francis


522 pages




Updated to account for developments in the research literature and adding a new chapter on control of electronic generators, this work describes modern (variable speed) electric drives in terms of topology, performance, design elements, digital simulation programs and test results, and practical issues in industrial drives. In addition to the new chapters mentioned above, Boldea (U. Politehnica, Romania) and Nasar (U. of Kentucky) present material on electrical motor types, power electronic converters for electric drives, DC brush motors, rectifier rectifier, component of an electric circuit used to change alternating current to direct current. Rectifiers are made in various forms, all operating on the principle that current passes through them freely in one direction but only slightly or not at all in the  and DC chopper fed brush motor drives, closed-loop motion control in electric drives, induction motor Induction motor

An alternating-current motor in which the currents in the secondary winding (usually the rotor) are created solely by induction. These currents result from voltages induced in the secondary by the magnetic field of the primary winding (usually
 drives, PM and reluctance (or hybrid) synchronous motors Synchronous motor

An alternating-current (ac) motor which operates at a fixed synchronous speed proportional to the frequency of the applied ac power.
, vector (d-q) control and direct torque and flux control of PM and reluctance synchronous motors, switched reluctance motors Reluctance motor

An alternating current motor with a stator winding like that of an induction motor, and a rotor that has projecting or salient poles of ferromagnetic material.
 and drives, and representative large power drives which use GTOs and thyristors. The CD-ROM contain an electronic version of the text, problem solutions, selected slides for instructors, and eight digital Matlab/Simuling simulation programs.

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