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Elecrem Modular Mini-Dairy.

The Elecrem modular mini-dairy can produce a wide range of directly saleable sale·a·ble  
Variant of salable.

saleable or US salable

fit for selling or capable of being sold

saleability or US
 products. It includes four main production systems for the processing and packaging of milk, the production and packaging of cream and butter, the production and packaging of yogurts and fromage frais fromage frais

a low-fat soft cheese with a smooth light texture [French: fresh cheese]
, and the production of soft or pressed cheeses.

We understand this mini-dairy system can process between 250 and 5000 litres of milk per hour. The machines that make up the mini-dairy can be varied, depending on the production line required. The wide range of Elecrem equipment varies from storage tanks to packaging units, including cream separators A cream separator is device invented by Martin Wiberg to separate cream from milk (see also Gustaf de Laval). Before milk-cream separators, cream was separated from milk by letting milk sit until the fat floated to the top and could then be skimmed off by hand. , pasteurisers, maturation tanks, and moulds and presses, sufficient to meet a range of requirements. For more information, readers can contact the French Technology Press Bureau, 21-24 Grosvenor Place Grosvenor Place may refer to:
  • Grosvenor Place (Sydney), an office building in the CBD
  • Grosvenor Place (London), an area in the City of Westminster
, London, tel:010 7235 5330.
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Publication:Food Trade Review
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Date:Sep 1, 2000
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