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Education update.


In the FALL issue of The Canadian Manager, we gave you the good news on our agreement with City University in Washington that graduates of the Institute's C.I.M. program will receive a considerable amount of credit toward a university degree in business.

Here's how the credit system will work for those who have obtained the designation by completing core courses, i.e., courses conducted by the Institute. First, the entire C.I.M. program must be completed. No credit will be granted for partially-finished work. Second, because this is a service to our members, CIM membership must be maintained throughout the duration of your degree program. Graduates who are no longer members may rejoin the Institute by contacting the National Office (416) 493-0155 or their local branch.

The City University Bachelor's degree consists of 180 quarter credits. With very few exceptions, courses are 10 weeks in duration and count for five credits each. Required courses are divided into lower division (90 credits) and upper division (90 credits). Those who obtain the C.I.M. designation through core courses have been granted the following upper division credits:

Upon graduation, you should have 40 credits. If you take an additional course through the Institute (M3A alternate) you may earn five more. An additional nine or ten, five-credit upper division courses still will have to be taken, but remember, they are 10-week courses and you can register any time. Depending upon your stamina (these are difficult courses!) four or even five may be completed in one year. Note: It is not wise to take more than one at a time; though some overlap can occur.

Lower division credits may be earned in a variety of ways (Remember you need 90 of them): 1. It is possible to obtain credit for previously-completed courses taken through colleges, universities and professional organizations. 2. You may attend courses at Canadian community colleges and colleges of applied arts and technology. 3. In certain cases, courses taken through the Canadian military MAY count toward credit. 4. Lower division courses are offered by City University in a distance learning mode, note that 45 credits earned this way MAY allow a student to obtain the American two-year Associate degree en route to the bachelor's degree. 5. A portfolio may be completed so that University officials can evaluate Prior Learning Experience for learning obtained through documented "life experience". Up to 45 credits may be earned in this manner. Note that less than 45 credits may be granted. 6. There may be opportunities to earn lower division credits through examination as well these avenues are being explored.

The registration procedure is simple:

1. The prospective student applies

to the National Office of the Institute

for the City University

Calendar, application form,

membership renewal form (if

necessary) and request for transcript


Note: Officers of the Institute
 will determine if the applicant
 is a member in
 good standing - if membership
 has lapsed, arrangements
 will be
 made for renewal.

2. Should the prospective student

decide to enroll at City University,

the completed request for

transcript form, and if necessary

a membership renewal form,

will be sent directly to the Institute's

National Office along

with the appropriate fees (see

below). 3. The completed application form

is sent directly to City University

in Bellevue, Washington. 4. Any other transcripts the student

may have, should be sent

from the learning institution(s)

directly to City University,

a) the prospective student is

responsible for contacting

their colleges/universities

and arranging for transcripts

to be mailed.

b) if you have taken the C.I.M.

course in any manner other

than through core courses, a

photocopy of all other transcripts

must be sent to the


c) if, in the third year of the

program you took an option

course or courses, you must

send a copy of your transcript

to the Institute.

5. Follow the City University registration

process as instructed

by the University - the prospective

student's transcripts will be

evaluated and he/she will be

notified as to the number of

credits awarded and the advisability

of completing the portfolio.

The cost of this program is $595.00 for each five-credit course. There is a $50.00 registration fee payable to City University and $34.00 for an evaluated C.I.M. Transcript to be sent directly to City University. All tuition fees are completely tax deductible. Books may be purchased by mail or telephone directly from the City University bookstore, and both VISA and Mastercard are accepted for all payments.

If you have obtained your C.I.M. designation through the course equivalency route, or if you have taken options during the 3rd year of the program, your transcript will have to be assessed on an individual basis. Although it is very likely that you will be granted at least 40 credits, they may not all be in the upper division. If for example, you completed your C.I.M. program by taking community college courses, most of your credits are likely to be granted in the lower division. Similarly, if you studied through university equivalents, taking both junior (1st & 2nd year) and senior (3rd & 4th year) courses, you are likely to be granted a mixture of upper and lower division credits. Either way, however, you are likely to get 40 credits. I will be reviewing each transcript individually and making a preliminary recommendation to City's evaluation team (hence the $35.00 cost). Let me stress, however, that the university evaluators have the final say as to how many credits you are awarded. [Tabular Data Omitted]
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Title Annotation:CIM news
Author:Wright, Philip C.
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Date:Dec 22, 1989
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