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Eduard Kusters Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG.

Division Paper & Rolls

Eduard Kusters Strasse 1 D-47805 Krefeld

Corporate Information

Established in 1949 customer orientation was the philosophy of Eduard Kusters, which made Eduard Kusters Maschinenfabrik what it is today. The Kusters Group, is owned and operated by the Kusters family, proved to be successful within a relatively short period of time of operation. With facilities in Europe, Canada and the U.S., Kusters supplies paper machinery internationally.

Kusters has expanded its product line through research and development, introducing Vario Swimming Rolls, Machine Calenders, Tissue Combining Presses, Gloss Calenders, Crown Compensated Rolls for Presses and Calenders, the ProSoft Calender and a new extended nip roll for the wet press featuring perfect nip geometry control and line load distribution.

Kusters' Swimming Roll (S-Roll) is the pioneering invention making it possible to compensate for roll deflections regarding nip forces, which allowed the building of wide and fast paper machines. It has been installed in press sections, machine calenders and supercalenders for the last four decades and recently in soft nip calenders.

The S-Roll is an excellent tool for the Tissue Com bining Presses (and Calenders). No other deflection controlled roll is more suitable for delivering extremely low linear pressures at high speeds.

Mat-On-Line and Gloss-On-Line (Calenders) provides superior finish and economy of operation compared to conventional machine calendering and supercalendering.

ProSoft Calenders (Multi Nip Calenders) provides highest gloss and smoothness values for SC-Grades for on or off-line operation.

The Kusters Peritherm Roll is a peripherally drilled thermo roll with optimal drilling for excellent temperature uniformity.

The development of the Multiple Roll Calenders (Multi-HV Roll) allows both broad and narrow wave CD profile corrections without any additional devices. The Multi-HV Roll is based on individually controlled elements. The correction potential is independent of the main nip force, with corrections applicable as nip force additions or subtractions at any location on the roll.

The X-Nip Press (Shoe Press) allows a higher dryness and therefore a production increase compared to normal press rolls.

Kusters Roll Service center in Krefeld, Germany and our new facility in Spartanburg, SC, are ISO 9001 certified and staffed to completely recondition Press and Calendering Rolls, The pilot calender at the Kusters R&D center is complete with all equipment necessary to guarantee optimum calender design.
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