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Editor's notebook.

In this issue, we are focused on the immense power and importance of Department of the Navy networks. We measure their performance, lament when they don't work according to plan, defend them against cyber attacks, and use them not only to share critical business data, but also to fight the war on terror.

To this end, we fittingly explore the mission of Naval Network Warfare Command, the command in charge of running the Navy's networks. As NETWARCOM's Director of Operations Rear Adm. Janice Hamby says, "when we talk about Navy networks, you must include the social networks, the information networks, the cognitive networks, the electronic attack network, the network defense networks--not just the telecommunications infrastructure."

NETWARCOM is also spearheading many of the efforts to make Navy networks more robust and cost-effective to operate with initiatives such as CANES, Consolidated Afloat Networks and Enterprise Services, and CARS, Cyber Asset Reduction and Security. You will read about these efforts and more in this issue.

You will also find the DON Chief Information Officer Campaign Plan, included in its entirety as a pullout, which DON CIO Rob Carey discussed in the July-September 007 edition of CHIPS.

Finally, CHIPS is proud to reprint NETWARCOM Vice Commander Rear Adm. Edward Deets' compelling article, "Individual Augmentee," from NETWARCOM's InfoDomain magazine.

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Sharon Anderson

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Author:Anderson, Sharon
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Date:Oct 1, 2007
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