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Lutheran Theological Journal (North Adelaide North Adelaide is a predominantly residential precinct of the City of Adelaide in South Australia, situated north of the River Torrens and within the Adelaide Park Lands. History , S.A.)

The following articles appear in Vol. 43, No. 3 (December, 2009):

Michael E. Putney, "Address to Mark the Tenth Anniversary of the Joint Declaration on the Document of Justification (I)," pp. 148-151.

John Henderson

Main article: Henderson (surname)

The name John Henderson may refer to:
  • John Henderson (AFL football)
  • John Henderson (clergyman), early settler in Yalobusha County, Mississippi
, "Address to Mark the Tenth Anniversary of the Joint Declaration on the Document of Justification (2)," pp. 152-154.

Friedemann Hebart, "Identifying the Tree Church: Lutheran Profile or Ecumenical Obligation?" pp. 155-166.

Denis Edwards, "Receptive Ecumenism ecumenism

Movement toward unity or cooperation among the Christian churches. The first major step in the direction of ecumenism was the International Missionary Conference of 1910, a gathering of Protestants.
 and the Charism char·ism  
n. Christianity
 of a Partner Church: The Example of Justification," pp. 167-177.

Fraser Pearce, "Scripture, Tradition, and Authoritative Teaching: A Lutheran Response to a Catholic Invitation," pp. 178-186.


Theologisch-Praktische Quartalschrift (Linz)

Otto Hermann Pesch, "Thomas von Aquin im okumenischen Dialog mit Martin Luther: Stolperstein oder Brucke?" Vol. 157, No. 4 (2009), 398-406.

Zeitschrift fur gatholische rheologie (Innsbruck)

Boris Repschinski, "Aufruf zur Emeuerung: Zum 50. Jahrestag der Ankundigung des Zweiten Vatikanischen Konzils." Vol. 131, No. 1 (2009), 1-4.


Perspectiva Teologica (Belo Horizonte Belo Horizonte (bəl'rēzôN`tĭ) [Port.,=beautiful horizon], city (1996 pop. 2,091,770), capital of Minas Gerais state, E Brazil. )

Roberlei Panasiewicz, "Cristo como universal concreto: Uma leitura da visao cristologica de Claude Geffre e sua disposicao para com o dialogo inter-religioso." Vol. 41, No. 113 (January/April, 2009), 87-98.


Ecumenism (Montreal)

The following articles appear in Vol. 44, No. 173 (Spring, 2009):

Adele Brodeur, "The Call for Vatican If: 50 Years Later," p. 3.

Paul-Emile Charbonneau, "50 Years: Something Worth Celebrating! 1962-1965: The

Best Four Years of My Life!" pp. 4-9.

Gilles Routhier, "Ecumenism Awaiting a New Impetus," pp. 10-14.

Thomas Ryan, "The Catholic Church's Conversion Experience," pp. 24-26.

Gregory Baum Gregory Baum (born 1923) is a Canadian Roman Catholic theologian.

Born in Berlin, Germany, he came to Canada from England in 1940. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree in mathematics and physics in 1946 from McMaster University, a Master of Arts degree in mathematics in
, "Ecumenism at Vatican II Noun 1. Vatican II - the Vatican Council in 1962-1965 that abandoned the universal Latin liturgy and acknowledged ecumenism and made other reforms
Second Vatican Council

Vatican Council - each of two councils of the Roman Catholic Church
 and Fifty Years Later," pp. 27-30.


Teologia y vida (Santiago de Chile)

Anneliese Meis, "La cuestion de la especificidad de la mujer en Edith Stein Edith Stein (October 12, 1891 – August 9, 1942) was a German philosopher, a Carmelite nun, martyr, and saint of the Catholic Church, who died at Auschwitz. In 1922, she converted to Christianity, was baptized into the Roman Catholic Church and was received into the Discalced  (1891-1942)." Vol. 50, No. 4 (2009), 747-795.


Crkva u svijetu (Split)

Mato Zovkic, "Otvoreno pismo 138 muslimanskih teologa krscanskim poglavarima" (including an English summary, "Open Letter of 138 Muslim Scholars to Christian Leaders," on pp. 351-352). Vol. 44, No. 3 (June, 2009), 329-352.

Ulrich Ruh, "Crkva u pluralizmu." Vol. 44, No. 4 (December, 2009), 522-531.

FRANCE France (frăns, Fr. fräNs), officially French Republic, republic (2005 est. pop. 60,656,000), 211,207 sq mi (547,026 sq km), W Europe.  

Sens (Paris)

A special issue on "Un homme nomme Judas" (Vol. 61, No 341 [September/October, 2009]) includes articles by Alain Lellouch, Jean-Claude Eslin, Armand Abecassis, Sandrine Caneri, Gilbert Dahan, Yves Chevalier, and Florence Taubmann.

A special issue on "Esperance es·per·ance  
n. Obsolete

[Middle English esperaunce, from Old French, from Vulgar Latin *sp
 juive, esperance chretienne: Dialogue entre David Banon et Philippe Barbarin His Eminence Philippe Xavier Christian Ignace Marie Cardinal Barbarin (born October 17, 1950) is a French prelate of the Roman Catholic Church, currently serving as Archbishop of Lyon in France. " (Vol. 61, No. 342 [November, 2009]) includes articles by Florence Taubmann, David Banon, and Philippe Barbarin.

Theologie Evangelique (Vaux-sur-Seine)

Neal Blough, "Calvin et les anabaptistes." Vol. 8, No. 3 (2009), 197-218.

Unite Chretienne (Lyons)

The following articles appear in a supplement, "La semaine de priere put l'unite chretienne 2010":

"C'est vous qui etes temoins," pp. 3-6.

"Un tartan eecumenique: les eglises chretiennes en Ecosse," pp. 7-8.

Jean-Francois Zorn, "L'oecumenisme est-il ne a Edimbourg en 1910?" pp. 9-12.


Kerygma ke·ryg·ma  
n. Christianity
The proclamation of religious truths, especially as taught in the Gospels.

[Greek k
 und Dogma (Gottingen)

Bernd Oberdorfer, "Konsensokumene? Differenzokumene? Okumene der Profile? Ulrich Kortners Beitrag zur neueren Diskussion um Leitvorstellungen des okumenischen Gesprachs." Vol. 55, No. 1 (January-March, 2009), 39-51.

Jonas Adelin Jorgensen, "Theology of Religions as Interreligious Hermeneutics: Presentation and Discussion of a Typological Model for Theology of Religions on the Basis of Two Field Studies of Syncretistic syn·cre·tism  
1. Reconciliation or fusion of differing systems of belief, as in philosophy or religion, especially when success is partial or the result is heterogeneous.

 Religious Movements." Vol. 55, No. 2 (April-June, 2009), 117-140.

Materialdienst (Bensheim)

Peter Gemeinhardt, "Der biblische Kanon als okumenisches Problem." Vol. 60, No. 4 (July/August, 2009), 63-68.

The following articles appear in Vol. 60, No. 5 (September/October, 2009):

Reinhard Frieling, "Europa und die KEK See CEC. ," pp. 89-91.

Barend Wallet, "Together on the Way: On the Process of Church Unification in the Netherlands," pp. 91-94.

Reinhard Thole, "Der Gottesdienst als Gabe und Erfullung: Eine lutherisch-orthodoxe Konvergenz." Vol. 60, No. 6 (November/December, 2009), 110-114.

Theologie und Philosophie (Freiburg)

Jan-Heiner Trick, "Die Kollegialitat der Bischofe--ein 'trojanisches Pferd'? Ekklesiologische Anmerkungen zur Kritik Marcel Lefebvres." Vol. 84, No. 4 (2009), 547-575.

Theologische Quartalshcrifl (Tubingen)

The following articles appear in Vol. 189, No. 4 (2009):

Massimo Naro, "Der Dialog ist moglich," pp. 257-261.

Ottmar Fuchs, "Caritaseinrichtungen als Orte interreligioser Praxis," pp. 262-272.

Abdulaziz Baymdir, "Die Beziehungen der Muslime zu Nicht-Muslime," pp. 273-276.

Matthias Morgenstern, "Tora-Kommunikation und interreligioses Lernen in Konstantinopel/Istanbul im 15. und 16. Jahrhundert," pp. 277-288.

Una Sancta sanc·ta  
A plural of sanctum.

The following articles appear in Vol. 64, No. 1 (2009):

Athanasios Vletsis, "Die immanente Trinitat ist die "doxologische Trinitat': Die Entsprechung yon 'Theologia' und "Oikonomia' als Voraussetzung einer Annaherung der Trinitatsmodelle yon Ost and West," pp. 8-28.

Hamideh Mohagheghi, "Trinitat--Dreifaltigkeit: Eine muslimische Perspektive," pp. 54-61.

Francis X. D'Sa, "Trinitat im Dialog yon Christentum und Hinduismus," pp. 62-72.

The following articles appear in Vol. 64, No. 2 (2009):

Georgios Tsetsis, "Die Erweiterung des Okumenischen Rates der Kirchen: Orthodoxe, romisch-katholische Welt und der 'Christliche Suden' in der Okumene der 60er Jahre," pp. 74-83.

Martin Greschat, "Die Fruhzeit der Konferenz Europaischer Kirchen," pp. 84-92.

Gerhard Voss, "Die regionalen Arbeitsgemeinschaften Christlicher Kirchen: Eine Frucht der sechziger Jahre--als sie vorbei waren," pp. 93-105.

Peter Neuner, "Das Okumenische Institut in Munchen--Stationen eines Aufbruchs: Fur Gunther Wenz zum 60. Geburtstag," pp. 106-114

Petra Heilig, "Gut verwurzelt weiter wachsen--60 Jahre Weltgebetstag in Deutschland," pp. 115-122.

Andre Birmele, "Die bilateralen Dialoge: Meilensteine auf dem Weg zur Einheit," pp. 123-136.

Barbara Schwahn, "Pionier des evangelisch-katholischen Dialogs: Der Jager-Stahlin Kreis," pp. 137-144.

Bernd Jochen Hilberath, "Das Zweite Vatikanische Konzil--ein Aufbruch wartet auf den Durchbruch," pp. 145-155.

Anastasios Kallis, "Ekklesiologische Indikationen eines konziliaren Prozesses: Die Panorthodoxen Konferenzen," pp. 156-163.

Konrad Raiser Konrad Raiser (b. 25 january 1938) is a former General Secretary of the World Council of Churches (WCC). Born in Magdeburg, Germany in 1938, Konrad Raiser studied theology and started working with the World Council of Churches, first in the department for Faith and Order. , "Philip Potter
For an article on the General Secretary (1972-1984) of the World Council of Churches of the same name, see Philip Potter (church leader).

Philip Potter
 und der 0kumenische Imperativ," pp. 164-168.

The following articles appear in Vol. 64, No. 3 (2009):

Reinhard Frieling, "Welche Einheit wollen wit? Zum Projekt 'Grund und Gegenstand des Glaubens' in Zusammenhang okumenischer Einheitskonzeptionen," pp. 170-181.

Miriam Rose, "Wechselseitige Perspektiventibemahme: Reflexionen zu einer neueren okumenischen Methode anlasslich eines baptistisch-lutherischen Dialogdokumentes," pp. 182-191.

Brigitta Kleinschwarzer-Meister, "Okumenische Dialoge--nur ein Glasperlenspiel? Uberlegungen zur Rezeption yon Dialogergebnissen," pp. 192-209.

Dagmar Heller, "Neue Entwicklungen in der Okumene: Das Beispiel des "Globalen Christlichen Forums,'" pp. 210-218.

Daniela Kastle, "Okumene des Lebens'--ein zukunflsweisender Weg fur die Okumene?" pp. 219-232.

Martin Maier, "Okumene der Martyrer: Anstosse aus der lateinamerikanischen Theologie der Befreiung," pp. 233-243.

GREAT BRITAIN Great Britain, officially United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, constitutional monarchy (2005 est. pop. 60,441,000), 94,226 sq mi (244,044 sq km), on the British Isles, off W Europe. The country is often referred to simply as Britain.  

The Heythrop Journal (Oxford)

A special issue on "Judaism and Christianity" (Vol. 50, No. 6 [November, 2009]) includes the following articles:

M. David Litwa, "Self-Sacrifice to Save the Life of Another in the Jewish and Christian Traditions," pp. 912-922.

Alan Mittleman, "No Fear of Foundations: Reflections on Human Rights in Contemporary Jewish Philosophy," pp. 923-929.

Jonathan Jacobs, "Judaism and Natural Law," pp. 930-947.

J. Aaron Simmons and Nathan R. Kerr, "From Necessity to Hope: A Continental Perspective on Eschatology eschatology

Theological doctrine of the “last things,” or the end of the world. Mythological eschatologies depict an eternal struggle between order and chaos and celebrate the eternity of order and the repeatability of the origin of the world.
 without TELOS 1. TELOS - The LeLisp Version 16 Object System. Also used in EuLisp. The object-oriented core of EuLisp. Incorporates ideas from CLOS, ObjVLisp and OakLisp. Total merging of types with classes and message-passing with normal function application.
," pp. 948-965.

Michael Purcell, "The Prevenience pre·ven·ience  
1. The act or state of being antecedent or prevenient.

2. Attention to another's needs.

prevenance, prevenience
the act or state of preceding or coming before.
 and Phenomenality of Grace, or, the Anteriority of the Posterior," pp. 966-981.

Nigel K. Zimmermann, "Karol Wojtyla and Emmanuel Levinas on the Embodied Self The Forming of the Other as Moral Self-Disclosure," pp. 982-995.

Interreligious Insight (London)

The following articles appear in Vol. 7, No. 3 (July, 2009):

Mohammad Habib, "Interfaith Engagement: Qur'anic Perception," pp. 8-19.

Michael Jagessar, "Drinking from Many Wells: Excerpts from an Interfaith Journey," pp. 39-45.

Dharam Singh, "Guru Granth Sahib Guru Granth Sahib

same as Granth
: Its Meaning in the Modern Pluralistic World," pp. 46-56.

Ian Jones and Ruth Tetlow, "Interpreting Faith to Visitors: Reflections on a Pioneering Faith Guiding Course," pp. 69-78.

Marcus Braybrooke, "Notes from the World Congress of Faiths," pp. 79-80.

The following articles appear in Vol. 7, No. 4 (October, 2009):

Richard Oxenberg, "Toward Jewish-Christian Reconciliation: Some Theological Reflections," pp. 14-27.

Charles Burack, "Becoming an Interfaith Spiritual Director," pp. 41-54.

Amber Hacker, Lucas Artaiz, Molly Fried, Emy Cardoza, Sayira Khokhar, "The Chicago Declaration," pp. 56-59.

Ohr Margalit, "A New Vision for God's Holy Mountain," pp. 60-68.

"The 2009 Chicago Declaration: Globalization globalization

Process by which the experience of everyday life, marked by the diffusion of commodities and ideas, is becoming standardized around the world. Factors that have contributed to globalization include increasingly sophisticated communications and transportation
 for the Common Good," pp. 70-73.

Jackie Tabik, "The Mission of European Imams and Rabbis to the United States," pp. 74-76.

Sobornost (Oxford)

Hilarion Alfeyev, "The Orthodox Understanding of Primacy and Catholicity." Vol. 31, No. 1 (2009), 6-17.

Studia Liturgica (London)

Stephanie A. Budwey, "A Selected Bibliography on Liturgy and Ecumenism (1990-2009)." Vol. 39, No. 2 (2009), 239-256.


Asia Journal of Theology (Bangalore)

Harsha Kumar Kotian, "Stanley Jones: A Christo-centric Pluralist." Vol. 23, No. 2 (October, 2009), 266-280.

Jeevadhara (Kottayam, Kerala)

The following articles appear in Vol. 39, No. 233 (2009):

Thomas Chillikulam, "Rupturing Hindu-Christian Relations: A Christian Introspection," pp. 349-361.

Anand Amaladass, "The Scope of Hindu-Christian Encounter Today," pp. 362-374.

Francis X. D'Sa, "Coming in Touch with Another Belief-Tradition," pp. 375-396.

Subhash Anand, "Celebrating Differences: Some Experiences of Inter-Religious Dialogue," pp. 397-411.

Subhasb Anand, "Church for Religious Harmony." Vol. 39, No. 234 (2009), 475-489.

Religion and Society (Bangalore)

M. M. Thomas, "Crystallisation of Christian Ecumenism in the Secular Context." Vol. 54, No. 3 (September, 2009), 28-49.

Vidyajyoti: Journal of Theological Reflection (Delhi)

Jason Keith Fernandes, "Muslims, Caste, and the Challenge before the Catholic InterFaith Initiative." Vol. 73, No. 6 (June, 2009), 431-442.

Michael Amaladoss, "Double Religious Identity: Is It Possible? Is It Necessary?" Vol. 73, No. 7 (July, 2009), 519-532.

P. T. Mathew, "The Phenomenon of Catholics Joining Pentecostal Groups and the Feasibility of Catholic-Pentecostal Dialogue." Vol. 73, No. 9 (September, 2009), 692-710.

Pascal Robert, "Dialogue for Peace." Vol. 73, No. 11 (November, 2009), 805-815.


Amicizia Ebraico-Cristiana Bulletin (Florence)

The following articles appear in Vol. 41, Nos. 3-4 (July-December, 2009):

Bruno Segre, "Pluralismo e liberta, nel pensiero di David Hartman," pp. 23-29.

Giovanna Fuschini, "Il messia e il funambolo: "La pace e possible' (Bruno Hussar)," pp. 31-35.

Bruno Segre, "La grande capanna di Fra' Bruno," pp. 37-41.

Gabriella Maestri, "Shavuot: Cinque conferenze sulla Pentecoste di Elia Benamozegh," pp. 43-49.

Gabriella Maestri, "L'immortalita, dell'anima secondo Ella Benamozegh," pp. 51-57.

Bollettino di San Nicola (Bari)

Lorenzo Lomsso, "Il movimento ecumenico." Vol. 58, No 1 (January-February, 2009), 13-16.

The following articles appear in Vol 58, No. 5 (September-October, 2009):

Damiano Bova, "A Bari la prima Chiesa Ortodossa Romena in Italia," pp. 13-15.

Lorenzo Lorusso, "Il direttorio ecumenico," pp. 19-21.

Lorenzo Lorusso, "Cattolici ed Ortodossi: un'unita, d'azione per Betlemme e per la pace." Vol. 58, No. 6 (November-December, 2009), 13-18.

Centro Pro Unione The Centro Pro Unione, founded and directed by the Society of the Atonement, is an ecumenical research and action center. Its purpose is to give space for dialogue, to be a place for study, research and formation in ecumenism: theological, pastoral, social and spiritual.  Bulletin (Rome)

The following articles appear in No. 76 (Fall, 2009):

Gunther Gassmann, "Catholic-Lutheran Dialogue, 1965-2005: An Extraordinary Historical Process with Significant Results and Still Remaining Challenges," pp. 3-9.

Jack Bemporad, "Hebrew Bible, Human Rights, and Interreligious Dialogue," pp. 10-14.

James Duncan, "Dialogue and Proclamation: Reflection and Orientation of Interreligious Dialogue and the Proclamation of the Gospel of Christ," pp. 15-23.

Cristianesimo Nella Storia (Bologna)

Vol. 30, No. 2 (May, 2009), a special issue on "Le relazioni tra pagani e cristiani: nuove prospettive su un antico tema," edited by Rita Lizzi Testa, includes articles by Rita Lizzi Testa, Peter Brown, Herve Inglebert, Maijastina Kahlos, Gianfranco Agosti, Sergio Knipe, Francisco Marshall, Lellia Cracco Ruggini, Paolo Liverani, Claude Lepelley, Wolf Liebeschuetz, and P. Chuvin.

Encounter (Rome)

Risto Jukko, "Theological Foundations of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue The Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue is a dicastery of the Roman Curia. It was erected by Pope Paul VI on May 19, 1964 as the Secretariat for Non-Christians, and later renamed by Pope John Paul II on June 28, 1988.  in Christian-Muslim Relations." Nos. 342-343 (February-March, 2009), 3-26.

Sebastiano D'Ambra, "Christians in Dialogue with Islamic Spirituality in the Philippines." No. 348 (October, 2009), 3-17.

Francis V. Tiso, "Muslim-Catholic Dialogues Sponsored by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (Part One)." No. 350 (December, 2009), 3-12.

Information Service (Tile Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity The Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity origins are associated with the Second Vatican Council.

Pope John XXIII wanted the Catholic Church to engage in the contemporary ecumenical movement.
) (Vatican City)

International Joint Commission for Theological Dialogue between the Catholic Church and the Oriental Orthodox Churches, "Nature, Constitution, and Mission of the Church." No. 131 (2009/I-II), 14-22.

Islamochristiana (Rome)

The following articles appear in Vol. 35 (2009):

Michael L. Fitzgerald, "The Most Beautiful Names of God “Holy name” redirects here. For other uses, see Holy name (disambiguation).

Monotheistic faiths believe that there is and can only be one unique supreme being; polytheism means the belief in several coexisting deities.
: Their Meaning for a Christian," pp. 15-30.

Maurice Borrmans, "Muhammad Hamidullah et sa traduction francaise du Coran," pp. 31-49.

Jean-Louis Declais, "'Samson et la nuit du destin," pp. 51-60.

Valentino Cottini, "Le menzogne di Abramo," pp. 61-84.

Pier Mattia Tommasino, "Discussione di confine sul dogma della Trinita: l'uso della Basmala in Bartholomaeus Georgievits (Yransilvania, 1547) e nel monaco Enbaqom (Etiopia, 1540)," pp. 101-139.

Jean Fontaine, "Peut-on porter un regard christique sur l'islam?" pp. 153-156.

Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na'im, "'Islam and the Secular State: Framework for Christian-Muslim Relations," pp. 157-169.

Joseph Bou Raad, "Le discours synodal sur le dialogue avec les juifs et les musulmans: elements pour une lecture critique," pp. 171-191.

Jose Louis Sanchez Nogales Nogales (nōgä`lās), city (1990 pop. 19,489), Santa Cruz co., S Ariz. on the Mexican border with its adjacent city, Nogales (1990 pop. 105,873), Sonora, NW Mexico. There are copper, silver, and lead mines. , "The Current Relationship between Christians and Muslims in Spain," pp. 209-230.

Nicolaus (Bari)

Agostino Babiak, "Monachesimo ed ecumenismo secondo Andrea Szeptyckyj." Vol. 36, Nos. 1-2 (2009), 153-162.

La Nuova Europa (Seriate, Bg.)

Giovanna Parravicini, "Alle fonti: Le icone dell'ecumene cristiana." No. 5(347) (September-October, 2009), 30-33.

O Odigos la Guida (Bari)

The following articles appear in Vol. 28, No. 3 (July/September, 2009): Makarios Geistdal, "La preghiera e la sorgente e la forma piu intima intima /in·ti·ma/ (in´ti-mah)
1. innermost.

2. tunica intima´timal

n. pl.
 della vita spirituale dei cristiani," pp. 3-6.

Simona Paula Dobrescu, "La quarta conferenza panortodossa preconciliare," pp. 7-10.

Enrico Maria Sironi, "Ecumenismo in Certosa: Nel soffio dello spirito," pp. 14-23.

Rosario Scognamiglio, "Calvino: Quale qua·le  
n. pl. qua·li·a
A property, such as whiteness, considered independently from things having the property.

[From Latin qu
 eredita ecumenica oggi?" pp. 24-26.

The following articles appear in Vol. 28, No. 4 (October/December, 2009):

"Commissione mista cattolico-ortodossa e dialogo minato dalla Confessione di fede contro l'ecumenismo," pp. 5-8.

Enrico Maria Sironi, "Unum dicimus: Quare in uno non sumus? Il Padre Nostro preghiera ecumenica," pp. 18-24.

Sapienza: Rivista di filosofia e di teologia (Naples)

Pietro Birtolo, "Dialogo interreligioso." Vol. 62, Nos. 3-4 (July-December, 2009), 305-337.

La Scuola Cattolica (Milan)

The following articles appear in Vol. 137, No. I (January-March, 2009):

Franco Manzi, "Interpretazione innovatrice ed efficacia salvifica del sacrificio di Cristo nella Lettera agli Ebrei," pp. 5-33.

Marco Marengo, "I confini della Chiesa nel pensiero di Georges Florovsky," pp. 35-63.

Marco Ballarini, "Quando l'ebreo litiga con il suo Dio," pp. 155-181.

Studi Cattolici (Milan)

Mtteo Andolfo, "Aristotele & Plotino nella filosofia islamica." Vol. 53, No. 584 (October, 2009), 674-676.

Giuseppe Goisis, "La religion nel plural delle societa democratiche.'" Vol. 53, No. 585 (November, 2009), 740-745.

The following articles appear in Vol. 53, No. 586 (December, 2009):

Agostino Babiak, "Il monachesimo secondo Szeptyckyj," pp. 837-842.

Luigi Negri, "Missione & dialogo," pp. 842-843.

Studi Ecumenici (Venice)

The following articles appear in Vol. 27, No. 3 (July-September, 2009):

Piero Stefani, ""Regno di sacerdoti' (Es 19,6): Yestimonianza come mediazione sacerdotale di Israele," pp. 255-262.

Panaghiotis Ar. Yfantis, "'Perche cercate tra i morti colui che e vivo?' (Lc 24,4) : Una riflessione in prospettiva ecumenica," pp. 263-271.

Giovanni Cereti, "'Che sono questi discorsi che late fra di voi durante il cammino?' (Lc 24,17) : I discorsi fra le chiese e l'annuneio di Pasqua," pp. 273-279.

Fulvio Ferrario, "'Non bisognava che il Cristo sopportasse queste sofferenze per entrare nella sua gloria?' (Lc 24,26): Croce e unita, della chiesa," pp. 303-314.

Placido Placido may refer to any of the following: People
Placido is a traditional Spaniard clan name (see Clan Placido) and it is now a common given name and a less common surname.

It is also a fairly common surname in Southern Italy.
 Sgroi, "'Non ci ardeva forse il cuore quando ci spiegava le Scritture?' (Lc 24,32): La Parola che riscalda il cuore,'" pp. 315-326.

Marco Dal Corso, "'Avete qui qualche cosa da mangiare?' (Lc 24,38): Per una teologia dell'ospitalita," pp. 337-341.

No. 18 (2009) of Quaderni di Studi Ecumenici, edited by Tecle Vetrali, on "La santita. terreno di unita," includes the following articles:

Tecle Vetrali, "La santita: da categoria di separazione a luogo di unita," pp. 11-43.

Fulvio Ferrario, "'Credo la Chiesa santa," pp. 45-67.

Roberto Giraldo, '"Universale vocazione alia santita nella Chiesa,'" pp. 69-86.

Giovanni Cereti, "La santita, nella riflessione ecumenica," pp. 87-101.

Pompeo Piva, "La struttura dell'etica teologica e gli attuali dissensi tra le chiese nella prospettiva di un ecumenismo della santita," pp. 103-136.

Panaghiotis Ar. Yfantis, "La santita ortodossa nel secondo millennio cristiano: Contesto ecclesiale, modelli agiologici, personaggi," pp. 137-151.

Gunther Gassmann, "I Santi nella comprensione della chiesa luterana," pp. 153-164.

Michele Cassese, "La santita: Fattore di appartenenza alia chiesa e fondamento di unita--Il contributo di Lutero e dei pietisti luterani," pp. 165-197.

Fernando Rodriguez Garrapucho, "Alcuni tratti della spiritualita ecumenica come cammino verso ver·so  
n. pl. ver·sos
1. A left-hand page of a book or the reverse side of a leaf, as opposed to the recto.

2. The back of a coin or medal.
 la santita," pp. 199-229.

A special issue of Quaderni di Studi Ecumenici, edited by Placido Sgroi, on the writings of Msgr. Pompeo Piva (No. 20 [2009]) includes the following articles of ecumenical interest:

"Etica ecumenica: Da un unico battesimo ad etiche diverse--i criteri di fedelta. all'evento Cristo nella vita pratica del cristiano," pp. 45-56.

"Problemi di antropologia culturale e dialogo ecumenico," pp. 93-115.


The Eastern Buddhist (Kyoto)

Gerhard Marcel Martin, "Love, Hate, Compassion: A Buddhist-Christian Depth Psychological Dialogue." Vol. 40, Nos. 1-2 (2009), 1-24.


AnaMnesis anamnesis /an·am·ne·sis/ (an?am-ne´sis) [Gr.]
1. recollection.

2. a patient case history, particularly using the patient's recollections.

3. immunologic memory.
 (Mexico D.F.)

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Efemerides Mexicana (Tlalpan)

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Bijdragen (Utrecht)

The following articles appear in Vol. 70, No. 1 (2009):

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Tidsskrift for Teologi og Kirke (Oslo)

The following articles appear in Vol. 80, No. 4 (2009):

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Philippiniana Sacra sa·cra  
Plural of sacrum.

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Teologie si Viata (Iasi)

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The Muslim World League The Muslim World League (MWL, or Rabita from Rabita al-Alam al-Islami) is one of the largest Islamic non-governmental organizations. It was founded in 1962 by Muslim religious figures from 22 countries in Mecca.

The current Secretary General is Dr.
 Journal (Makkah Al-Mukarramah)

Ahmad Hilail, "Dialogue: Methodology and Controlling Factors." Vol. 37, No. 2 (February, 2009), 44.

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MWL Most Wanted Live (band)
MWL Muslim Women's League (Los Angeles, CA, USA)
MWL Mean Water Level
MWL Modality Work List (medical imaging) 
 Holds Follow up Meet in Vienna." Vol. 37, Nos. 7 & 8 (July/August, 2009), 18-20.

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Naturaleza y Gracia (Salamanca)

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The Ecumenical Review (Geneva Geneva, canton and city, Switzerland
Geneva (jənē`və), Fr. Genève, canton (1990 pop. 373,019), 109 sq mi (282 sq km), SW Switzerland, surrounding the southwest tip of the Lake of Geneva.

A special issue on "The Barmen Declaration, 1934-2009: Global Perspectives" (Vol. 61, No. 1 [March 2009]) includes the following articles:

Keith Clements, "Barmen Barmen is a municipal subdivision of the German city of Wuppertal. Formerly an independent town, Barmen joined the newly-incorporated city of Wuppertal in January 1930. The asteroid 118173 Barmen is named in its honour, celebrating the 1934 Synod which issued the Barmen Declaration  and the Ecumenical Movement," pp. 6-16.

Victoria J. Barnett, "Barmen, the Ecumenical Movement, and the Jews: The Missing Thesis," pp. 17-23.

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A special issue on "Tradition and the Call to Move Forward" (Vol. 61, No. 2 [July, 2009]) includes the following articles:

Pantelis Kalaitzidis, "'Challenges of Renewal and Reformation Facing the Orthodox Church," pp. 136-164.

Michael Plekon, "To Become Permeable to Christ: Elisabeth Behr-Sigel's Theological Vision," pp. 165-176.

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Hans Jorg Urban, ""Kirche und Kirchengemeinschaft': Das Ergebnis des internationalen Romisch-Katholisch-Altkatholischen Dialogs und die Perspektiven in der Primatsfrage aus romisch-katholischer Sicht,'" pp. 62-79.

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Oliver Schuegraf; "Teufels Gespenst oder Diener der Einheit? Lutherische Aunaherungen an das Papstamt," pp. 138-168.

LWF LWF Lutheran World Federation
LWF Love Worth Finding (radio & TV program in Memphis, TN)
LWF Lotus Workflow
LWF LuraWave Format (image compression format and file extension) 
 Documentation (Geneva)

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Orientierung (Zurich)

Joachim Garstecki, "Was bleibt? Die 'Okumenische Versammlung der Christen chris·ten  
tr.v. chris·tened, chris·ten·ing, chris·tens
a. To baptize into a Christian church.

b. To give a name to at baptism.

 und Kirchen in der DDR (Double Data Rate) Refers to an SDRAM memory chip that increases performance by doubling the effective data rate of the frontside bus. For more details, see SDRAM.

DDR - Double Data Rate Random Access Memory
.'" Vol. 73, No. 1 (January 15, 2009), 1-2.

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Nikolaus Klein, "Der 'Zurcher Konsens' von 1549." Vol. 73, No. 19 (October 15, 2009), 201-203.


CTC Bulletin (Chiang Mai) (Bulletin of the Program Area on Theological Concerns of the Christian Conference of Asia The Christian Conference of Asia is a regional ecumenical organisation representing 15 National Councils and over 100 denominations (churches) in Aotearoa New Zealand, Australia, Bangladesh, Burma, Cambodia, East Timor, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Laos, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, )

James Haire, "Unity, Dialogue, and Peace: Ecumenical Challenges in Asia Today." Vol. 25, No. 3 (December, 2009), 81-93.


Call to Unity: Resourcing the Church for Ecumenical Ministry (Indianapolis, IN)

No. 10 (October, 2009), a special issue on "Identity, Spirituality, and Conviction: Our Ecumenical Vocation," includes the following articles:

Michael Kinnamon, "'Celebrating Our History as a Movement for Unity," pp. 1-4.

D. Newell Williams, "'Historical Reflections on Stone-Campbell Spirituality: In Recognition of the 200th Anniversary of Thomas Campbell's Declaration and Address," pp. 5-18.

John H. Thomas, "Polar Star polar star
See daughter star.
 or Shooting Star shooting star, in astronomy
shooting star, in astronomy: see meteor.
shooting star, in botany
shooting star, in botany: see primrose.
: Ecumenism's Challenge Today," 10th Joe A. and Nancy Vaughn Stalcup Lecture on Christian Unity, pp. 19-24.

Sam Kobia, "And Who Is My Neighbor?" pp. 25-27.

Michael Kinnamon, "The People of the Paradox," pp. 29-34.

Andy Mangum, "A Ya'll Which We Call the Church," pp. 35-37.

Jim McGrath, "Zechariah 3: A Coded Recipe for Unity in the Twenty-First Century," pp. 38-41.

Cross Currents (New York New York, state, United States
New York, Middle Atlantic state of the United States. It is bordered by Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and the Atlantic Ocean (E), New Jersey and Pennsylvania (S), Lakes Erie and Ontario and the Canadian province of

Paul F. Knitter, "Islam and Christianity: Sibling Rivalries and Sibling Possibilities." Vol. 59, No. 4 (December, 2009), 554-570.

Ecumenical Trends (Garrison, NY)

The following articles appear in Vol. 38, No. 3 (March, 2009):

Kathleen S. Hurty, "'That They May Become One in Your Hand: Week of Prayer for Christian Unity The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity is an international Christian ecumenical observance kept annually between 18 January and 25 January. It is actually an octave, that is, an observance lasting eight days. , 2009,'" pp. 1-2, 9, 16.

James F. Puglisi, "'Celebrating Prayer for Christian Unity, 1908-2008," pp. 3-9.

Paul Robichaud and Thomas Ryan, "From Conversion to Dialogue: The Transformation of Paulist Mission following Vatican II," pp. 10-13.

Antonios Kireopoulos, "The U.S. Ecumenical Response to A Common Word between Us and You: An Affirmation of Theology as the Primary Rationale for Dialogue," pp. 14-16.

The following articles appear in Vol. 38, No. 4 (April, 2009):

Paul B. Clayton, Jr., "Sacramentum Caritatis: On the Eucharist as the Source and Summit of the Church's Life and Mission: An Anglican Review," pp. 1-8.

David Carter, "'An Ecumenical Exchange," pp. 9-13, 15.

The following articles appear in Vol. 38, No. 5 (May, 2009):

Donald J. Reece, "Homily homily (hŏm`əlē), type of oral religious instruction delivered to a church congregation. In the patristic period through the Middle Ages the focus of the homily was on the explanation and application of texts read or sung during the  Marking the Conclusion of the Centenary of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity," pp. 1-3, 15.

Drew Christiansen, "The Church's Public Witness," pp. 4-8.

Susan K. Wood, "What Makes the Church One? A Roman Catholic Perspective," pp. 9-15.

The following articles appear in Vol. 38, No. 6 (June, 2009):

Ryan Patrick McLaughlin, "Church in Transit: Developing the Already/Not Yet of Miroslav Volf's Trinitarian Ecclesiology ec·cle·si·ol·o·gy  
1. The branch of theology that is concerned with the nature, constitution, and functions of a church.

2. The study of ecclesiastical architecture and ornamentation.
," pp. 1-7, 14-15.

Michael Kinnamon, "UN. Advocacy Week," pp. 8-10, 15.

Sarah Hinlicky Wilson, "The Institute for Ecumenical Research in Strasbourg, France," pp. 11, 15.

The following articles appear in Vol. 38, No. 7 (July/August, 2009): Elsa Tamez, "'Breaking Down Walls in Our Globalized Society: A Relevant Ecumenism," pp. 1-7.

Michael Kinnamon, "On Being Hopeful Realists," pp. 11-12, 15.

James Massa, "Catholic Bishops and Mormons: Building Bridges over Troubled Waters," pp. 13-15.

The following articles appear in Vol. 38, No. 8 (September, 2009):

John T. Ford, "John Henry Newman's Apologia Pro Vita Sua Apologia Pro Vita Sua (Latin: A defence of one's life) is the classic defence of the religious opinions of John Henry Newman, published in 1864 in response to what he saw as an unwarranted attack on Roman Catholic doctrine by Charles Kingsley. : An Ecumenical Autobiography?" pp. 1-5, 15.

Ruth Langer, "'Seeking Integrity," pp. 6-7, 15.

John T. Pawlikowski, "Catholic-Jewish Dialogue: The Road Remains Bumpy," pp. 8-9, 14.

Daniel S. Hamilton, "A Catholic Factor in an Inter-Orthodox Controversy," pp. 10-11.

The following articles appear in Vol. 38, No. 9 (October, 2009):

Jeffrey Gros, "'Rereading Paul Together," pp. 1-5.

Steven R. Harmon, "Ecumenical Theology and/as Systematic Theology," pp. 6-9, 15.

Daniel S. Hamilton, "Anglicans/Episcopalians Looking to Rome: 1570-Present," pp. 10-15.

The following articles appear in Vol. 38, No. 10 (November, 2009):

John A. Radano, "Ecumenical Dialogue in the 21st Century: Some Steps Forward, and Some Continuing Concerns: A Catholic Perspective," pp. 1-9, 15.

Diane G. Chen, "Commentary on the Scriptural Text, 2010: Luke 24:48, You Are Witnesses of These Things," pp. 10-14.

The following articles appear in Vol. 38, No. 11 (December, 2009):

Jeffrey Gros, "Ecumenical Challenge in the African American African American Multiculture A person having origins in any of the black racial groups of Africa. See Race.  Pentecostal Community," pp. 1-5.

James E. Pedlar, "Episcopacy episcopacy

System of church government by bishops. It existed as early as the 2nd century AD, when bishops were chosen to oversee preaching and worship within a specific region, now called a diocese.
 and the Sovereignty of the Spirit: ARCIC ARCIC Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission
ARCIC Army Capabilities Integration Center (US Army)
ARCIC Accident Rehabilitation & Compensation Insurance Corporation (New Zealand) 
 on Authority as a Response to Miroslav Volf," pp. 6-9.

Gail A. Ricciuti, "'Homiletic Reflections for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2010," pp. 10-11, 14.

Daniel S. Hamilton, "Did the Ancient Fathers Give the Primacy to Rome?" pp. 12-14, 16.

International Bulletin of Missionary Research (New Haven, CT)

David W. Shenk, "'Muslims and Christians: Eschatology and Mission." Vol. 33, No. 3 (July, 2009), 120-123.

Jonas Adelin Jorgensen, "Jesus Imandars and Christ Bhaktas: Report from Two Field Studies of Interreligious Hermeneutics and Identity in Globalized Christianity." Vol. 33, No. 4 (October, 2009), 171-174, 176.

The following articles appear in Vol. 34, No. 1 (January, 2010):

David J. Endres, "The Legacy of Thaddeus Yang," pp. 23-26, 28.

"Celebrating Edinburgh 1910's Centenary," p. 28.

Peter C. Phan, "'The World Missionary Conference, Edinburgh 1910: Challenges for Church and Theology in the Twenty-First Century." Vol. 34, No. 2 (April, 2010), 105-108.

Journal of Hindu-Christian Studies (Notre Dame, IN)

The following articles appear in Vol. 22 (2009):

Michelle Voss Roberts, "Response to Rambachan's The Advaita Worldview world·view  
n. In both senses also called Weltanschauung.
1. The overall perspective from which one sees and interprets the world.

2. A collection of beliefs about life and the universe held by an individual or a group.
 and Thatamanil's The Immanent im·ma·nent  
1. Existing or remaining within; inherent: believed in a God immanent in humans.

2. Restricted entirely to the mind; subjective.
 Divine," pp. 3-7.

Anantanand Rambachan, "Rethinking Advaita: Who Is Eligible to Read Advaita Texts?" pp. 8-13.

Michael McLaughlin, "Reconstructing Advaita in John Thatamanil's The Immanent Divine: Some Questions," pp. 14-18.

John J. Thatamanil, "Ecstasy and Nonduality: On Comparing Varieties of Immanence immanence (ĭm`ənəns) [Lat.,=dwelling in], in metaphysics, the presence within the natural world of a spiritual or cosmic principle, especially of the Deity. It is contrasted with transcendence. ," pp. 19-24.

Alastair R. McGlashan, "'The Human Predicament," pp. 25-31.

Jon Paul Sydnor, "Ramanuja and Schleiermacher on Language: Comparative Theology for Constructive Theology," pp. 32-38.

Lutheran Forum (Delhi, NY)

Edward Idris Cardinal Cassidy, "The Joint Declaration on Justification Ten Years On." Vol. 43, No. 3 (Fall 2009), 50-52.

Cecil M. Robeck, Jr., "Evangelism and Ecumenism One Hundred Years after Edinburgh, Part II." Vol. 44, No. 3 (Fall, 2010), 39-44.

The Muslim World (Hartford, CT)

A special issue on "Engaging Christian-Muslim Relations: Essays in Honor of David A. Kerr," guest-edited by Akintunde E. Akinade (Vol. 99, No. 4 [October, 2009]), includes the following articles:

Akintunde E. Akinade, "'On Building Bridges: A Tribute to David A. Kerr, 1945-2008," pp. 561-565.

Charles Amjad-Ali, "'Some Critical Issues for Muslim-Christian Relations and Challenges for Christian Vocation and Witness," pp. 566-580.

Robert Hunt, "'Can Muslims Engage in Interreligious Dialogue? A Study of Malay Muslim Identity in Contemporary Malaysia," pp 581-607.

Marsha Snulligan Haney, "Envisioning Islam: Imam Mohammed and Interfaith Dialogue," pp. 608-632.

Caleb O. Oladipo, "lAving in a Pluralistic Age: Constraints and Opportunities for Christians," pp. 635-645.

Yushau Sodiq, "Can Muslims and Christians Live Together Peacefully in Nigeria?" pp. 646-688.

Whitney Bodman, "'Reading the Qur'an as a Resident Alien Resident Alien

A foreigner who is a permanent resident of the country he or she resides, but does not have citizenship.

Resident and non-resident aliens have different filing advantages and disadvantages.
," pp. 689-706.

Theological Studies (Milwaukee, WI)

Ilia Delio, "'Religious Pluralism and the Coincidence of Opposites." Vol. 70, No. 4 (December, 2009), 822-844.
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