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Genworth 2014 Annual Cost of Care Survey: At Home Care Costs Increase in the District of Columbia. Apr 14, 2014 1657
Health trusts' negligence costs PS17m. Apr 14, 2014 493
1 IN 10 MEN HAVE TAKEN COCAINE BUT USE FALLS; Younger quitters cite cost of drugs while others stop for health reasons. Apr 9, 2014 276
Hospital Executives: 32 Percent of Healthcare Costs Due to Defensive Medicine. Apr 8, 2014 457
Afridi sets up 'free-of-cost' hospital in home village. Apr 5, 2014 136
Lazy teens to cost NHS billions. Apr 1, 2014 142
A prescription for savings: developing wellness programs to benefit the bottom line. Milano, Carol Apr 1, 2014 1689
Hospital costs and inpatient mortality among children undergoing surgery for congenital heart disease. Romley, John A.; Chen, Alex Y.; Goldman, Dana P.; Williams, Roberta Abstract Apr 1, 2014 7336
Health care utilization and costs associated with adherence to clinical practice guidelines for early magnetic resonance imaging among workers with acute occupational low back pain. Graves, Janessa M.; Fulton-Kehoe, Deborah; Jarvik, Jeffrey G.; Franklin, Gary M. Abstract Apr 1, 2014 7414
Using quantile regression to examine health care expenditures during the great recession. Chen, Jie; Vargas-Bustamante, Arturo; Mortensen, Karoline; Thomas, Stephen B. Abstract Apr 1, 2014 9144
MD Now Urgent Care Closing Wounds and Stitching the Gap in Soaring Hospital Healthcare Costs. Mar 31, 2014 704
The Philippine Government is Increasing its Financial Support for Healthcare Expenditure to Ease the Burden of High Out-of-Pocket Costs for its Citizens. Mar 27, 2014 674
Cost-Cutting, Nonprofit Health Sciences Consortium Expands. Mar 27, 2014 502
The Financial Cost of Healthcare Fraud 2014. Mar 25, 2014 1163
The Financial Cost of Healthcare Fraud 2014. Mar 25, 2014 1158
New Research Continues to Show Medical Cost Savings and Reduced Hospitalizations Possible with Gum Disease Treatment. Mar 21, 2014 602
Implementation of a supplementary social protection and pension costs. Mar 19, 2014 122
United States : FidelityA Study Shows 84 Percent of Americans Concerned About Health Care Costs in Retirement. Mar 19, 2014 418
United States : 2 UCSF Projects Win Grants to Improve Health Care, Lower Costs. Mar 12, 2014 357
New Medical Economics Article Details how Miramont Family Medicine Reinvents the Cost of Care Delivery. Mar 11, 2014 852
Needing Smarter, More Cost-Effective Production, Medical OEMs Turn to Contract Manufacturing. Mar 11, 2014 489
United States : At ECR 2014, Agfa HealthCare showcases line of cost-efficient CR systems, based on simple & smart design. Mar 8, 2014 443
Aon Hewitt: Year-Two Enrollment Results Show Private Health Exchanges Can Mitigate Costs and Create Greater Individual Accountability. Mar 6, 2014 2031
Good Move: Gov. Cuomo Push to Shield NYers from Out-of-Network Health Costs. Feb 27, 2014 688
American Academy of Actuaries Announces Health Care Cost Initiative. Feb 27, 2014 458
ConvergeHEALTH by Deloitte Announces Health System Intellect, a Comprehensive Analytics Solution Suite to Manage Margin, Cost and Quality. Feb 24, 2014 671
COST OF BOOZE & SMOKES ADDS UP; Pockets hit hard as price of living rises 0.2% in a year. Feb 21, 2014 409
Price points: N.H. cost-cutting programs point to $3.7m in health savings. Nevell, Madison Brief article Feb 21, 2014 158
Compass Healthcare Advisers Save State Of New Hampshire Residents More Than $3.7 Million In Healthcare Costs In 2013. Feb 19, 2014 481
American College of Surgeons and North Carolina Health Care Leaders Unite to Identify Challenges, Opportunities for Improving Health Care Quality and Reducing Costs in State and Nation. Feb 19, 2014 976
Kenya : Acumen Invests in Kenya Low-Cost Healthcare Provider MilikiAfya. Feb 13, 2014 359
Premature Babies Cost Employers $12.7 Billion Annually. Feb 7, 2014 659
New NSBA Health Care Survey: Costs Are Issue #1. Feb 6, 2014 521
Change Healthcare Analysis Identifies Eight High-Cost, High-Frequency and Highly Variable Services that Offer the Greatest Opportunity to Save on Healthcare. Feb 5, 2014 1080
Outpatient Diagnostic Center is Spreading the Word about Reducing Out-of-Pocket Healthcare Costs with "Random Acts of Value". Feb 5, 2014 460
Healthcare costs a,e1/4o[umlaut]straining Saudi financesa,e1/4,ao. Feb 3, 2014 332
CIGS QUITTERS' PS300 DRAG ON NHS; Campaigners: Cost a small price to pay compared to long-term savings. Feb 2, 2014 510
The end of hospital cost shifting and the quest for hospital productivity. Frakt, Austin B. Feb 1, 2014 3609
Geographic variations in the cost of treating condition-specific episodes of care among Medicare patients. Reschovsky, James D.; Hadley, Jack; O'Malley, A. James; Landon, Bruce E. Feb 1, 2014 6559
Affordable Care Act costs, clouds hit hard. Feb 1, 2014 277
Patients paid most of 2012 uptick in spending on MDs. Ault, Alicia Feb 1, 2014 756
Health care cost most expensive in UAE. Jan 22, 2014 476
United States : Los Angeles County Department of Health Services Selects Oracle to Improve Healthcare Quality and Cost Effectiveness. Jan 22, 2014 401
Cost of smoking; COMMENT The policy of honesty. The might of right. The expediency of principle. Jan 21, 2014 145
WHAT A SICKENER; Anger as NHS hospital hikes car park costs to at least PS4; EXCLUSIVE. Jan 19, 2014 286
Driving Growth and Productivity in India's Hospitals; To compete in rapidly expanding markets, the country's hospitals must tightly manage their costs to keep services affordable. Engaging their employees would help. Survey Jan 16, 2014 1498
Obese Patients May Cost Western Australia $488M. Jan 15, 2014 347
MedicAlert Foundation Introduces New Credit Card To Save Money on Medical Costs - and to Save Lives. Jan 14, 2014 579
Managing Medicaid costs. Jan 7, 2014 686
Alarming New Data - Some Hospitals Set Charges at More Than 10 Times their Costs according to NNU and IHSP. Jan 6, 2014 544
Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Report Shows Slower Growth in Health Spending, Generic Medicines Critical to Cost Control, GPhA/IMS Health Data Affirms. Report Jan 6, 2014 573
Hospital patients in Dundee are being fed for PS1.69 a day. A cup of tea in the cafe costs PS1.70; HEALTH STAFF SERVE BREAKFAST, LUNCH AND DINNER FOR LESS THAN TWO QUID. Jan 5, 2014 872
Hospital patients in Dundee are being fed for PS1.69 a day. A cup of tea in the cafe costs PS1.70; INVESTIGATES HOSPITALS SERVE BREAKFAST, LUNCH AND DINNER FOR LESS THAN TWO QUID. Jan 5, 2014 872
Implementation of a complementary health coverage costs for officials and retired employees of the city of merignac. Jan 4, 2014 143
Firearm injuries in US have resulted in billions of dollars in care costs. Krisberg, Kim Jan 1, 2014 543
The medical care cost ratchet. Foy, Andrew; Sciamanna, Christopher; Kozak, Mark; Filippone, Edward J. Jan 1, 2014 5524
NI health service compensation costs soar. Brief article Jan 1, 2014 231
Walmart to Provide Prescriptions at No Upfront Cost to Enrollees in Public Health Insurance Marketplace. Dec 31, 2013 385
Obesity Overtakes America, Costs $147 Billion Annually in Medical Costs--elements fitness Offers Women Solution to Better Health, Saves Former Shapes Gym from Closure. Dec 30, 2013 1162
Measuring and Modeling Health Care Costs. Dec 22, 2013 506
Analysis Reveals Average Out-of-Pocket Cost for Obamacare Plans. Dec 10, 2013 706
Disengaged Workers and Sick Staff Cost the UK Economy [pounds sterling]6bn. Dec 9, 2013 390
Covering the risk "health care costs" (agents and retired). Dec 6, 2013 176
Accountable Care Organizations in the United States: market and demographic factors associated with formation. Lewis, Valerie A.; Colla, Carrie H.; Carluzzo, Kathleen L.; Kler, Sarah E.; Fisher, Elliott S. Dec 1, 2013 6641
Supplement use may decrease length of hospital stay & costs: "Nutritional support is a critical component of the clinical management for pediatric inpatients, but it is often overlooked due to other medical issues.". Mascarenhas, Maria Dec 1, 2013 619
Demand for Direct Lenders for Bad Credit increases due to Soaring Healthcare, Housing and Education Costs as well as Declining Family Incomes. Nov 29, 2013 826
AARP Introduces Free Health Care Costs Calculator for Retirement Planning. Nov 26, 2013 424
AARP Introduces Free Health Care Costs Calculator for Retirement Planning. Nov 25, 2013 861
Americans' Views of Healthcare Quality, Cost, and Coverage; Public still more positive about their situations than the nation's. Newport, Frank Survey Nov 25, 2013 698
Americans Say Cost Is Top Health Problem; Despite healthcare law's ongoing rollout, cost and access still top the list. Dugan, Andrew Survey Nov 21, 2013 938
Aging Baby Boomers And Higher Health Care Costs To Impact Long-Term Care. Nov 21, 2013 483
Survey: Physicians Say Affordable Care Act Will Spike Costs, Impact Care. Nov 19, 2013 766
Colorado Employers See Health Insurance Costs Increase Dramatically. Nov 14, 2013 822
Dietary supplements help reduce healthcare costs. Nov 1, 2013 417
Preventing medication administration errors: lockable, computerized medication administration carts help hospitals avoid errors and reduce costs. Stroud, Deb Nov 1, 2013 1094
Critical management toots for getting costs under control. Citrin, Levi; Blath, Richard Nov 1, 2013 1617
Conflict management in the health care workplace. Simpao, Allan F. Nov 1, 2013 1908
Consumers spending more on out-of-pocket costs. Mayer, Kathryn Nov 1, 2013 463
Bad exchange decisions could cost consumers billions. Nov 1, 2013 265
Coverage considerations planning ahead for your family's care: as the first of the year draws closer, you may be wondering how the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will directly affect you and your family. Knowing about the changing system and enhanced coverage--including some preventive care and testing service--may be helpful when evaluating future healthcare costs for your family. Eames, Anna Nov 1, 2013 1661
Low-Cost Nonmedical Interventions Effective, Improve Diabetes Outcomes. Oct 29, 2013 1385
Private healthcare may require 200 pct additional cost. Oct 25, 2013 204
N.J. Hospitals Improve Quality, Reduce Costs, Shorten Wait Times in 'Patient Flow' Partnership with Institute for Healthcare Optimization. Oct 24, 2013 904
Provident healthcare costs at radio france. Oct 22, 2013 104
The care complex "dr. Victor rios ruiz" in los angeles need to purchase course iaas prevention and control in dentistry cost center in order to upgrade knowledge and acquire the tools necessary to pre. Oct 21, 2013 144
'Disturbing' health cost. Oct 16, 2013 388
Implementation of an additional pension coverage and health care costs. Oct 16, 2013 287
Balloon Dilation Sinuplasty: $4 Billion Is the Healthcare Cost of Chronic Sinusitis Annually. Oct 15, 2013 934
NCPA Digest: Community Pharmacists Promoting Medication Adherence, Generic Drugs To Improve Health Outcomes and Reduce Costs. Oct 15, 2013 1228
Draft the public national hospital cost data collection round 16 cost report. Oct 14, 2013 107
Dr. Szilard Voros To Present Comprehensive Health Management Strategies Improve Outcomes and Reduce Cost of Care at PCPCC Annual Fall Conference. Conference news Oct 13, 2013 571
United States : New Study Shows Oral Nutritional Supplement Use in Pediatric Inpatients Is Associated with Decreases in Length of Hospital Stay, Costs. Oct 12, 2013 428
New Study Shows Oral Nutritional Supplement Use in Pediatric Inpatients Is Associated with Decreases in Length of Hospital Stay, Costs. Oct 11, 2013 1077
New Study Shows Oral Nutritional Supplement Use in Pediatric Inpatients Is Associated with Decreases in Length of Hospital Stay, Costs. Oct 11, 2013 1081
Study Proves Online Shopping for Healthcare Services Drives Cost Reduction. Oct 9, 2013 534
Low-cost health care project announced at Pakistani Association in Dubai. Oct 6, 2013 428
New Index Measuring Healthcare Data on 60 Million Insured Americans Shows Healthcare Costs Rising 3.5% in the Year to May 2013. Oct 2, 2013 1931
Georgia Voters Support Patients Compensation System to Curb Healthcare Costs. Oct 2, 2013 628
Hospital cost analysis of neuromuscular scoliosis surgery. Diefenbach, Christopher; Ialenti, Marc N.; Lonner, Baron S.; Kamerlink, Jonathan R.; Verma, Kushagra Report Oct 1, 2013 3883
The cost of culture controlling DOD's runaway O&M spending. Luker, Joel J. Oct 1, 2013 5901
Affordable Care Act exactly the opposite. Oct 1, 2013 384
What you hear versus what you see. Oct 1, 2013 619
'Whistle-blowing' nurse's appeal to cost her PS4,000; PANEL SAYS UNREASONABLE APPEAL JUSTIFIES ORDER. Sep 28, 2013 561
Smoking Linked to $278 Billion in Losses for U.S. Employers; Smokers' subpar health leads to increased absenteeism and healthcare costs. Witters, Dan; Agrawal, Sangeeta Survey Sep 26, 2013 722
Significant Health Care Cost Savings Attainable through the Use of Dietary Supplements. Sep 24, 2013 972
Significant Health Care Cost Savings Attainable through the Use of Dietary Supplements. Sep 24, 2013 974
The HONDA Patient Population- Hypertensive, Obese, Non-Compliant, Diabetic and Asthmatics- in the U.S. is a Significant Driver of Healthcare Costs. Sep 24, 2013 566
New Economic Report Finds Dietary Supplement Usage Helps Reduce Individual And Societal Health Care Costs. Sep 23, 2013 1162
Ex-Oz swimmer Leisel Jones says 'psychotic pursuit' of Olympic gold came at cost of mental health. Sep 22, 2013 274
Economic burden of men's health disparities in the United States. Thorpe, Roland J., Jr.; Richard, Patrick; Bowie, Janice V.; LaVeist, Thomas A.; Gaskin, Darrell J. Sep 22, 2013 9224
Independent Study: Health Diagnostic Laboratory, Inc. Services Lead to Cost Savings of 23% and Significantly Improved Health Outcomes After Two Years. Sep 20, 2013 1080
Lower Your Health Costs While Boosting Performance; Yes, it's possible to do both. Here's how: Simultaneously increase employees' engagement and lift their well-being. Survey Sep 19, 2013 820
SMS Council Offers Home Health Care Agencies Cost-Effective Solution in ICD-10 Transitioning. Sep 18, 2013 413
United States : The Cost of Short-Term Health Insurance: Individuals Paid $69 per Month in 2012, eHealth Report Finds. Sep 18, 2013 440
US consumer prices muted, but rents and medical costs rise. Sep 17, 2013 586
Japan's health care costs rise to record 38 tri. yen in FY 2012. Sep 16, 2013 416
United Kingdom : How a fall in the USA could cost you a year s wages. Sep 14, 2013 376
Public Doesn't Expect Obamacare To Reduce Premium Costs. Sep 12, 2013 480
Cover and management of health care costs. Sep 11, 2013 117
United States : NAM/IndustryWeek Survey Shows Continued Concerns Over Rising Health Care Costs, the Federal Debt and an Uncertain Regulatory Environment. Sep 10, 2013 406
Dell Receives C. Everett Koop National Health Award for Efforts to Improve Employee Health and Reduce Costs. Sep 4, 2013 848
TRICARE Mail Order Pharmacy Program Demonstrates Safety, Cost-Effectiveness and Improved Health Outcomes. Sep 4, 2013 768
Imran Khan to inaugurate free of cost emergency services in KP hospitals. Sep 3, 2013 238
Imran Khan to inaugurate free of cost emergency services in KP hospitals. Sep 3, 2013 238
Uncovering hospital charges: hospitals are reporting their rates for various procedures in an effort to satisfy those who want more transparency in health care costs. Cauchi, Richard; Valverde, Holly Sep 1, 2013 1097
Health Care and Insurance Costs in San Diego Rising Faster Than National Average. Sep 1, 2013 589
Doctors: main responsibility for cost control not ours: sixty percent said trial lawyers bore the major burden, with health insurers a close second. Ault, Alicia Sep 1, 2013 727
ACPE poll finds physician integration may increase costs. Sep 1, 2013 331
The cost of postabortion care and legal abortion in Colombia. Prada, Elena; Maddow-Zimet, Isaac; Juarez, Fatima Sep 1, 2013 8873
Study shows EHRs do lower costs. Brief article Sep 1, 2013 301
United States : Oral Nutritional Supplements in the Hospital Demonstrate Significant Health and Cost Benefits in New Research. Conference notes Aug 31, 2013 428
Oral Nutritional Supplements in the Hospital Demonstrate Significant Health and Cost Benefits in New Research. Conference notes Aug 30, 2013 1006
Oral Nutritional Supplements in the Hospital Demonstrate Significant Health and Cost Benefits in New Research. Conference notes Aug 30, 2013 1008
The Obamacare dilemma: institutions grapple with the costs of providing health insurance to adjunct faculty under the Affordable Care Act. Cooper, Kenneth J. Aug 29, 2013 1185
Wise Insurance Quotes Survey Shows Majority Feel Obamacare Will Cut Health Care Costs. Aug 26, 2013 319
The cost of smoking; 32 VIEWS 2013. Aug 16, 2013 193
TEAM GP; Private health which costs PS100k offers Olympics docs; EXCLUSIVE. Aug 16, 2013 422
Analyze the clinical and cost structure through health care. Aug 16, 2013 134
Canada : Canadian Health Care Costs on Hold , but set for Fast Forward , Towers Watson Survey Finds. Aug 14, 2013 478
City NHS phone line failed on costs and targets. Aug 8, 2013 408
Low-cost medical care for Pakistanis on cards. Aug 4, 2013 403
Medicare costs linked to community health. Currie, Donya Aug 1, 2013 136
Doctors: major responsibility for cost control is not ours. Ault, Alicia Aug 1, 2013 576
Healthcare utilization and costs of Veterans screened and assessed for traumatic brain injury. Stroupe, Kevin T.; Smith, Bridget M.; Hogan, Timothy P.; St. Andre, Justin R.; Pape, Theresa; Steine Aug 1, 2013 13598
BRADY HUMAN RIGHTS BATTLE COSTS YOU PS500,000; MOORS MURDERER EXCLUSIVE; SAVE OUR HEALTH SERVICE; Brady right to die fight costs PS500k; Hard-pressed NHS hit by huge legal bills. Jul 30, 2013 639
BRADY HUMAN RIGHTS BATTLE COSTS YOU PS500,000; moors murderer exclusive SAVE OUR HEALTH SERVICE Brady right to die fight costs PS500k Hard-pressed NHS hit by huge legal bills SAVE OUR HEALTH SERVICE Brady right to die fight costs PS500k. Jul 30, 2013 658
Brady right to die fight costs PS500k; SAVE OUR HEALTH SERVICE. Jul 30, 2013 612
Brady circus lawyers cost PS200k. Jul 30, 2013 287
IAN BRADY LEGAL BID COST PS500K. Jul 30, 2013 134
Milliman actuarial research contributes to official recognition of lung cancer screening as a cost-effective health benefit. Jul 30, 2013 673
CMS Ranking Shows PMC Leading Central Florida in Clinical Care, Patient Experience, and Low Cost / Among the Best in the Country. Jul 29, 2013 987
Blue Shield of California, Providence Health & Services, Facey Medical Foundation, Facey Medical Group to Collaborate on Accountable Care Initiative to Improve Healthcare Coordination and Reduce Costs. Jul 25, 2013 1154
MedCost Finds Employers Are Turning To Self-Funded Health Plans As Affordable Alternative. Jul 24, 2013 481
Rep. Griffith and Local Rehab Center Team Up to Tame Healthcare Costs. Jul 17, 2013 887
Archimedes Announces New Study That Shows Health Checks Assessing Diabetes, Hypertension, Lipids and Smoking Would Likely Lead to Cost Effective and Meaningful Improvements in Health. Report Jul 16, 2013 662
New CAHP Infographic Illustrates Rising Health Care Costs. Jul 11, 2013 767
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota Turns to Gamification to Help Consumers Manage Their Healthcare Costs. Jul 9, 2013 743
Analysis of clinical and cost structure through health care. Jul 4, 2013 134
Ohio prison medical expenses decreased by $26 million in 2012. Shaw, Kate Brief article Jul 1, 2013 181
HIV/AIDS patient migration in North-Central West Virginia. Knutsen, Dorothy A.; Roidad, Nasira; Sarwari, Arif R.; Coombs, Tabatha; Fisher, Melanie A. Report Jul 1, 2013 2509
CVS Caremark Medication Adherence Report Identifies Significant Opportunities for Health Care Cost-Savings Across All 50 U.S. States. Report Jun 27, 2013 1597
Lung Cancer Alliance Applauds New NCI Study Showing Lung Cancer Screening As Cost Effective As Other Common Health Screenings. Jun 25, 2013 616
LeeSar Compounding Center's Safety and Cost Benefits With i.v.STATION Robot Featured at Gannett's News-Press. Jun 24, 2013 950
LeeSar Compounding Center's Safety and Cost Benefits With i.v.STATION Robot Featured at Gannett's News-Press. Jun 24, 2013 955
Supply chain management with cost-containment & financial-sustainability in a tertiary care hospital. Chandra, Hem; Rinkoo, Arvind Vashishta; Verma, Jitendra Kumar; Verma, Shuchita; Kapoor, Rakesh; Shar Report Jun 22, 2013 4324
Demand For DST's Medical Drug Management Service On The Rise As Health Plan Costs Increase. Jun 19, 2013 872
One in Four Surveyed EU5 Physicians Has Been Required to Change a Prescription for Some or Most of Their HIV Patients in the Past Twelve Months, Primarily to Reduce Costs. Jun 18, 2013 695
HEALTH COST ALERT. Jun 16, 2013 119
HOSPITAL PATIENTS' FALLS COST NHS PS15M; 200,000 tumbles in one year. Jun 12, 2013 334
HOSPITAL PATIENTS' FALLS COST NHS PS15M; 200,000 tumbles in one year. Jun 12, 2013 340
Neiman Center Issues Policy Brief Outlining Innovative Health Care Payment Models to Provide Cost-Effective Specialty Care for Patients. Jun 11, 2013 499
Out-of-network physicians: how prevalent are involuntary use and cost transparency? Kyanko, Kelly A.; Curry, Leslie A.; Busch, Susan H. Jun 1, 2013 6612
Beyond diagnosis: what is the treatment for spiraling healthcare costs? Jun 1, 2013 1079
Oregon's Earned Sick Days Law Would Improve Public Health, Reduce Costs. May 30, 2013 477
New Research Shows Continuing Medical Education Saves Healthcare Costs. May 29, 2013 749
Participation agreements for the implementation of an additional pension coverage and health care costs for the staff of the northern department - 2 lots. May 24, 2013 156
Study Finds 35 to 42 Percent Daily Cost Savings for Hospitals Using Flexi-Seal Faecal Management System. May 23, 2013 774
Prominent Research Physician Points to Cures As Key to Holding down Medical Costs. May 23, 2013 624
Study Finds 35 to 42 Percent Daily Cost Savings for Hospitals Using Flexi-Seal Fecal Management System. May 23, 2013 857
Partnership Urges Lawmakers to Consider Negative Impact of Cost-Sharing on Vulnerable Beneficiaries, Medicare Costs. May 21, 2013 851
Aligning with Employees to Lower Healthcare Costs, United Way of Greater St. Louis Partners with HooPayz. May 21, 2013 588
'Pauper funerals' cost hospitals thousands. May 20, 2013 463
McGraw Wentworth survey of Michigan employers shows cost of providing health care growing at 4%, lowest rate in ten years. May 20, 2013 859
Participation agreement for the implementation of an additional pension coverage and health care costs. May 18, 2013 165
Hospitals' Medicare costs vary by more than 100%. Brooks, David May 17, 2013 588
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois and OSF HealthCare team to create Accountable Care Organization to improve quality of care and reduce costs. May 16, 2013 1109
NHS's PS25k a month cost of IT expert; HOSPITAL. May 11, 2013 129
PCMA: Drugstore Lobby's Bill Would Raise Prescription Drug Costs, Increase Wasteful Spending. May 9, 2013 660
Dh60 cost of electronic sick leave under review. May 2, 2013 482
Stemming with critical illness insurance: rising health care costs: today's employees, faced with high-deductible health plans and increasingly expensive medical bills, need supplemental coverage that goes beyond disability insurance. Patience, Bob May 1, 2013 980
Employers worry about health plan costs. May 1, 2013 310
Is medical device interoperability a savior of rising healthcare costs? (Medtech Musings). May 1, 2013 768
The capacity of the medical expenditure panel survey to inform the Affordable Care Act. Cohen, Steven B.; Cohen, Joel W. Survey May 1, 2013 6512
Treating Gum Disease Can Lower Medical Costs for Individuals with Cerebrovascular Disease. Apr 30, 2013 414
Businesses impose significant costs on the environment. Apr 22, 2013 414
Cost of cancer; Health. Apr 21, 2013 897
Research highlights the true costs of battle against cancer; PATIENTS IN WALES FACE BILLS OF MORE THAN PS600 A MONTH. Apr 19, 2013 488
Earned Health Care Time in Vermont Would Reduce Employee Turnover and Employers' Costs. Apr 19, 2013 470
Priority Health moves to become first health plan in Michigan to publish comparative health care costs. Apr 16, 2013 833
Change Healthcare Announces Internationalization of its Consumer Engagement, Cost Transparency Platform. Apr 16, 2013 592
Remote Patient Monitoring Market to 2019 - Potential to Reduce Healthcare Cost Burden and Improve Quality of Care to Drive Future Growth. Apr 16, 2013 2574
Bill would provide cost data. Anderson, Jane Apr 15, 2013 115
Negligence claims cost NHS PS20bn; HEALTH. Apr 11, 2013 218
AARP on White House Budget Proposal. Apr 10, 2013 840
How Religion Could Lower Health Costs in America; Businesses and government want Americans to engage in a host of healthy behaviors. Though controversial, practicing religion could be included in those behaviors. Survey Apr 9, 2013 935
ResearchMoz: Global Remote Patient Monitoring Market to 2019 - Potential to Reduce Healthcare Cost Burden and Improve Quality of Care to Drive Future Growth - New Market Research Report. Report Apr 9, 2013 1391
ResearchMoz: Global Remote Patient Monitoring Market to 2019 - Potential to Reduce Healthcare Cost Burden and Improve Quality of Care to Drive Future Growth - New Market Research Report. Report Apr 9, 2013 1395
Wrestling mandates; Costs up for utilities, health care. Editorial Apr 2, 2013 434
Mandates push city health costs; Projected $4.8M increase for FY 2014. Apr 1, 2013 465
Cost-effectiveness of novel system of mosquito surveillance and control, Brazil. Pepin, Kim M.; Marques-Toledo, Cecilia; Scherer, Luciano; Morais, Maira M.; Ellis, Brett; Eiras, Alv Apr 1, 2013 5141
ACO Insider: an Rx for rising health spending. Bobbitt, Julian D. "BO", Jr. Apr 1, 2013 522
A forgotten landmark medical study from 1932 by the Committee on the Cost of Medical Care. Gore, Thomas B. Report Apr 1, 2013 1669
Health care costs continue when children with special health care needs become adults. Waldman, H. Barry; Perlman, Steven P. Apr 1, 2013 1621
Some Healthcare Costs May Rise When 'Obamacare' Implemented: Official. Mar 29, 2013 871
Cost of servicing PFI contracts to blame for lack of hospital beds; viewpoint. Mar 28, 2013 343
Gum disease treatment can lower annual medical costs for individuals with rheumatoid arthritis and women who are pregnant. Mar 26, 2013 576
IFHP Study Reveals Disparity In Medical Costs Around The Globe. Mar 26, 2013 927
ADP Webinar To Help Employers Plan And Prepare For The Affordable Care Act. Mar 22, 2013 838
The rising cost of teachers' health care. Costrell, Robert M.; Dean, Jeffery Report Mar 22, 2013 3512
New Study Finds Minimally Invasive Procedures Lower Healthcare Spending and Restore Worker Productivity. Mar 21, 2013 891
Highmark's new tiered benefit in North Central Pennsylvania designed to lower health care costs for businesses. Mar 21, 2013 313
New UMHC chief targets reform; Health care quality, costs subject of speech. Mar 21, 2013 639
Participation agreements for the implementation of a complementary pension coverage and health care costs. Mar 20, 2013 250
T08-13 quantity surveying & cost consultancy services for new hospitals pfi programme & the estates directorate. Mar 20, 2013 171
PCMA: New Report Shows Anti-PBM Laws Could Raise Health Care Costs for Oklahoma Businesses, Consumers, Government Programs. Mar 12, 2013 1021
HE Minister: Traffic accidents add to cost of healthcare. Mar 10, 2013 328
Earned Sick Days In Portland Would Improve Public Health, Reduce Costs. Mar 7, 2013 537
Accenture Helps Trinity Health Reduce Mortality Rates, Save Lives and Cut Costs. Mar 6, 2013 671
New DocuSign eSignature Solution Streamlines Patient Onboarding, Reduces Healthcare Costs. Company overview Mar 4, 2013 653
The wellness of a retirement plan: rising medical costs and possible cuts in Medicare coverage mean retirement planning must include health-care expenses. McCarthy, Ed Mar 1, 2013 1807
Wellness programs save big on health costs. Mayer, Kathryn Mar 1, 2013 247
Higher (cost) education: mass affluent care more about college costs than retirement. Gladych, Paula Aven Mar 1, 2013 527
West Health Institute demonstrates research advances in medical device interoperability to lower the cost of health care. Feb 28, 2013 1103 Introduces New Healthcare Solutions That Reduce Hospital Operating Costs. Feb 28, 2013 469
Third Annual Medical Pharmacy Trend Report Illuminates Hidden Healthcare Costs. Report Feb 25, 2013 992
Earned Sick Days In Maryland Would Benefit Economy, Reduce Health Care Costs. Feb 22, 2013 580
Rise in drug costs to hospitals, clinics slowing in 2013. Feb 15, 2013 957
Employers Reluctant to Shift Healthcare Costs to Workers, but Expect Others to Do So. Feb 14, 2013 621
Infina Connect and Knowledge Anywhere Form Strategic Partnership to Reduce Healthcare Costs and Improve Patient Engagement. Feb 13, 2013 390
New Study: California's Tobacco Control Program Saved Over $130 Billion In Health Care Costs. Feb 13, 2013 824
Elsevier's MEDalternatives Offers Additional Cost Saving Options for Payers and Members. Feb 6, 2013 900
Market renewal health-french comedy concerning a supplemental health costs of a collective nature and membership compulsory for employees and a supplemental health costs of a collective nature and opt. Feb 6, 2013 142
Elsevier's MEDalternatives Offers Additional Cost Saving Options for Payers and Members. Feb 6, 2013 904
Patients Engaged in Their Care Have Better Health Outcomes, Lower Costs. Feb 6, 2013 986
Enhanced Support for Shared Decision Making Cuts Medical Costs. Feb 4, 2013 691
Counting the cost: the consequences of increased medical malpractice litigation in South Africa. Malherbe, J. Editorial Feb 1, 2013 1493
Incontinence in Australia: prevalence, experience and cost. Book review Feb 1, 2013 192
Americans aren't willing to make tradeoffs that impact health costs. Mayer, Kathryn Feb 1, 2013 368
BD Diagnostics offers solutions to improve clinical outcomes and lower costs. Lenhoff, Alan Company overview Feb 1, 2013 957
Physician spending a top driver of health costs in 2011. Ault, Alicia Feb 1, 2013 814
VHI HIKE PRICES BY [euro]100 A YEAR; Anger over healthcare costs. Jan 31, 2013 587
Senators Take On Health Care Costs, Medicaid Expansion. Jan 31, 2013 683
SHOUTAmerica Unveils Calculator To Estimate Costs Of Looming Health Insurance Rate Hike For Many Young Americans. Jan 30, 2013 789
Senate Finance Committee Tackles Health Budget. Jan 30, 2013 935
PARKING COSTS TRIPLE FOR HOSPITAL STAFF; 220% rise for monthly permits. Jan 28, 2013 354
Anti-smoking money up in smoke. Jan 27, 2013 1569
Prices of Energy, Food Hurt Americans' Finances Most; Immigration policies and credit least hurtful. Newport, Frank Survey Jan 25, 2013 853
Urgent action is needed on debt, reveals report; Mental health at risk as borrowing increases. Jan 23, 2013 678
Netherlands : Identifying best practices for care-dependent elderly by Benchmarking Costs and outcomes of community care. Jan 17, 2013 441
Cigna Continues Expansion of Collaborative Accountable Care to Improve Health Outcomes and Lower Costs. Jan 16, 2013 1448
Global Healthcare Trends: As Market Climbs Past $10.2 Billion, Physicians Monetize Time, Use mHealth to Build Relationships and Reduce Overall Healthcare Costs. Jan 16, 2013 805
Village Health Partners and Cigna Start Accountable Care Program to Improve Health Outcomes and Lower Costs. Jan 15, 2013 1158
Blue Cross and Blue Shield and Texas Health Resources Implement Innovative Reforms to Improve Quality of Care and Reduce Costs. Jan 14, 2013 1011
Costs of hospital; Your say. Jan 11, 2013 204
Study: UnitedHealthcare's Diabetes Health Plan Can Lead to Improved Health, More Effective Disease Management, Better Cost Control. Jan 10, 2013 1473
Many States are Missing an Opportunity to Prevent Tooth Decay and Reduce Health-Related Costs. Jan 8, 2013 1084
PS225k paid to NHS staff on suspension; Call for quicker hearings to cut budget burden. Jan 3, 2013 418
Australia : Canberra sleight of hand costly for Victoria. Jan 3, 2013 436
Absence-minded: workers in poor health pose hidden costs that employers often don't recognize. Klachefsky, Michael Jan 1, 2013 570
Germany Dumping Aging Pensioners In Cheaper Foreign Care Facilities. Dec 26, 2012 435
Welsh Government must be open about NHS costs; Plaid Cymru health spokesperson Elin Jones looks at the issue of NHS finances. Dec 24, 2012 575
Connect the dots between health, the economy. Rowe, Steve Dec 14, 2012 528
Health Care Leaders Share Data on Proven Quality Programs, Offer Path Forward for Improving Patient Care and Reducing Health Care Costs in Georgia and Across the Nation. Dec 12, 2012 1539
Medication Errors from Injectable Drugs Harm One Million Inpatients Each Year Adding Billions in Cost, New Study Finds. Dec 10, 2012 945
In U.S., More Cite Obesity as Most Urgent Health Problem; But access to and the cost of care remain Americans' top concerns. Mendes, Elizabeth Survey Dec 5, 2012 887
Changes set to cost more. Dec 5, 2012 126
US Voters Are Pessimistic about the ACA, with 3 out of 4 Expecting Healthcare Quality, Access and Costs to Remain the Same or Get Worse after Implementation. Dec 5, 2012 876
Health Disparities Cost U.S. Economy $82b in Higher Healthcare Spending and Lost Productivity. Dec 5, 2012 733
Innovative NRDC Plan Featuring Federal-State Partnership Saves Americans More Than $25 Billion in Climate and Health Costs While Unleashing Billions In Clean Energy Investments. Dec 4, 2012 1175
The business case for wellness programs in public employee health plans. Brief article Dec 1, 2012 274
Choosing models for health care cost analyses: issues of nonlinearity and endogeneity. Garrido, Melissa M.; Deb, Partha; Burgess, James F., Jr.; Penrod, Joan D. Dec 1, 2012 6859
Majority in U.S. Still Satisfied With Own Healthcare Costs; Medicare/Medicaid recipients increasingly satisfied; private insured less so. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Nov 29, 2012 1023
U.S. Consumers Value Healthcare Affordability, but Not Willing to Make Tradeoffs that Impact Healthcare Costs, Says Accenture Survey. Nov 27, 2012 559
New Research Shows That Prevention Is Key To Reducing Health Care Costs For All Employees, Even Those With Chronic Conditions. Nov 19, 2012 1352
Catalyst for Payment Reform Report Highlights Strategies to Mitigate Provider Market Power, the Leading Driver of Health Care Costs. Report Nov 14, 2012 694
UAE expats face rising childcare costs. Nov 12, 2012 498
Data Published in Health Affairs Demonstrates Improved Health Outcomes and Lower Costs Associated with Cigna's Collaborative Accountable Care Program. Nov 12, 2012 1209
Report Reveals Cost of Veterans' Unmet Mental Health Needs. Report Nov 9, 2012 653
Saudi Arabia : HEALTHCARE Budget depleted by diabetes. Nov 8, 2012 421
HOW COST OF BIRTHS DIFFER; Health trusts figures revealed. Nov 7, 2012 393
SAS[R] Health Analytics Helps Insurers Personalize Member Experience to Improve Health, Decrease Costs. Nov 5, 2012 971
Graphic shows how public health saves lives, costs. Late, Michele Nov 1, 2012 253
Medicaid and the affordable care act after the supreme court decision. Gorin, Stephen H.; Moniz, Cynthia Nov 1, 2012 1356
Health care costs speeding up again. Mayer, Kathryn Nov 1, 2012 323
University of Southern California Announces Leadership Gift for the Leonard D. Schaeffer Center for Health Policy & Economics. Oct 30, 2012 1268
Castlight Health to Help Indiana University Reduce Costs and Improve Quality of Care for its 17,000 Employees. Oct 29, 2012 489
Financial Advisor Survey: Discussing Health Care Costs in Retirement Key to Retaining Clients. Oct 29, 2012 1249
Connected World Forum Speaker Says mHealth Technology Improves Monitoring and Costs in Healthcare Industry. Oct 24, 2012 754
Fewer Mass Affluent Americans Express Concerns About Retirement and Health Care Costs, According to Merrill Edge Report. Report Oct 24, 2012 1371

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