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Earth's children: the Global Green Cross International Children's Environmental Art Exhibition.

Global Green Cross was formed in 1990 as a means to reach the general public worldwide, with information about the environment and the role we all share as caretakers of the Earth. In keeping with its mission "to bring about environmental awareness through the arts, exhibitions and educational programs," Global Green Cross has produced an international compilation of children's artwork with a broadly-based environmental theme.

Carol Lynn Hale, founder and President of Global Green Cross, believes that children understand the direct connection between the health of our planet and our own well-being at a very deep level. She initiated this exhibition to give children a voice, an opportunity to express their love and concerns for the Earth, and to send a message to others around the world.

The exhibition features artwork of children in China, Russia, Ireland and the United States, with children in Sri Lanka contributing artwork to the project this winter. It is a touring exhibition which will be shown in each participating country. It opened in Shanghai, China in April of this year, was shown at the Milwaukee Art Museum in June and at the Milwaukee Irish Fest in August. Future funding will decide the schedule for continuation of the exhibition; the next stops will be Washington, DC, Moscow and Dublin, with others added as additional countries participate. A pen pal program for the children is being planned.

The children of the world have a vital stake in the future of our planet. It is not for us to borrow on their future. Let us heed the love and concerns for the Earth which the children show us through their art.

Help Us Help the Eart

For information about the Exhibition or other Global Green Cross projects, contact Global Green Cross, 1001, E. Keefe Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53212
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Publication:School Arts
Date:Dec 1, 1992
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