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EWAN FELT THE FORCE OF MY LIGHTSABER; Actor's brother tells of Stars Wars battles.

Byline: By Ben Spencer

THE brother of StarWars actor Ewan McGregor has revealed they used to take part in lightsaber battles as boys.

Colin McGregor, an RAF pilot, said he finds it funny watching his younger sibling take part in fights on the screen.

He said: "We used to have lightsabers as kids and have fights in the bedroom.

"To be physically doing it for real is just quite funny. It was amazing.

"Ewan and I really enjoyed that together."

Recalling a three-week trip he made to the set of Star Wars: Episode III in Australia two years ago, he also revealed similarities between their jobs.

He added: "It might sound strange, but you can draw quite a lot of parallels between what Ewan and I do.

"Ewan's a really patient guy - he sits around on set all day before he finally gets to do his thing.

"And in a kind of way, that mirrors what we do as well.

"We, too, have periods of inactivity blended with a couple of minutes of frantic activity."

Like Ewan, the 36-year-old Squadron Leader, who is based at RAF Lossiemouth, was brought up in Crieff, Perthshire. Colin is helping the charity Erskine launch a new tartan that will raise money to fund care for ex-servicemen and women.

He said his involvement was brought home by the Nimrod crash in Afghanistan two weeks ago that killed 14.

He said: "The tragedy of the Nimrod brings home to people that guys are still risking their lives.

"You don't hear about the injured people and there are lots of them.

"They don't make the headlines but they need support and that's what Erskine is all about."

He revealed Ewan, 35, often worries about the dangers of life as a pilot.

But Colin, of 617 squadron, insists he has no regrets about life in the RAF.

He added: "I think it was different for my generation because when we first joined the RAF, we never really imagined we'd be involved in combat.

"We were joining for the thrill but I'mnot sure that service to our country was paramount in our minds. Now that's completely changed.

"When we are out there, we talk about it among ourselves all the time - are we doing the right things, and so on.

"But at the end of the day, you do feel like you're playing your part in the rebuilding of that country.

"You've just got to believe that you're doing the right thing."


DRAMA IN THE AIR: Ewan, left, and Colin DAVID CHESKIN' JOBS FOR THE BOYS: Ewan in Star Wars
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Sep 18, 2006
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