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Enviro Voraxial Technology Inc. (OTCBB OTCBB

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:EVTN) and Maritime Solutions Inc. have won the support of the U.S. Maritime Administration (MARAD), an agency of the U.S. Department of Transportation, to evaluate the EVTN/Maritime Solutions' Ballast Water Treatment System. The testing will be performed aboard one of MARAD's US Ready Reserve Fleet ships, the "Cape May." The "Cape May" is an 875-foot long cargo carrier of 39,000 dead weight tons and contains 23 ballast tanks with a combined capacity to carry 25,547 metric tons of ballast water.

"This is yet another indication of the enormous interest and support surrounding the EVTN/Maritime Solutions' Ballast Water Treatment System," said John A. Di Bella Director of Business Development of Enviro Voraxial Technology. "This is the third governmental entity to offer resources for the purpose of evaluating our system."

The testing program is being conducted to conform to a recent testing program supported by the U.S Coast Guard Research and Development Center.

For the purpose of this evaluation the EVTN Model 8000 Voraxial Separator (VAS vas (vas) pl. va´ sa  [L.]´sal

vas aber´rans 
1. a blind tubule sometimes connected with the epididymis; a vestigial mesonephric tubule.

) has been selected. The unit is capable of processing 4,500 gpm of ballast water. The complete Ballast Water Treatment System to be tested will include the utilization of a single 8-inch EVTN Model 8000 Voraxial Separator, an ultraviolet light system and, alternatively, a specific chemical biocide biocide (bī`əsīd'), synonym for pesticide.  pre-selected to treat marine species. The purpose of this test is to perform a comprehensive evaluation of the EVTN/Maritime Ballast Water Treatment System under normal ballasting conditions within the Baltimore Harbor.

Once tested and accepted for use by the U.S. Coast Guard, Maritime Solutions will begin offering the Ballast Water Treatment System to the shipping industry. An application will also be submitted to the International Maritime Organization International Maritime Organization (IMO), specialized agency of the United Nations established in 1948, with headquarters in London and 158 member nations. IMO is one of the smallest of the UN agencies.  (IMO "In my opinion." See IMHO and digispeak.

) for approval of the EVTN/Maritime Solutions' Ballast Water Treatment System to be accepted as the alternative to ballast water exchange. Each year, ships exchange about 10 billion metric tons of ballast water. It is anticipated that the potential market for approved ballast water treatment systems will exceed $2 billion within the next 5 years.

The EVTN/Maritime Solutions' Ballast Water Treatment System is a state-of the-art, high flow rate ballast water purification technology, which reduces particulate sediment and unwanted marine organisms for the distinct purpose of inhibiting the introduction of non-indigenous and invasive marine organisms into local waters. Such technology could have applications in the shipping industry with companies such as Tidewater (NYSE NYSE

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:TDW TDW Total Diamond Weight
TDW Telecommunications Data Warehouse
TDW Tower Display Workstation (FAA)
TDW Tonnage Dead Weight
TDW Training Development Workload
TDW Time/Data Word
TDW Turbo Debugger for Windows
), International Shipping (NYSE:ISH ISH In Situ Hybridization
ISH Isolated Systolic Hypertension
ISH Irish Sport Horse
ISH Intermediate System Hello
ISH International Society of Hypnosis
ISH Information Super Highway
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), Teekay Shipping (NYSE:TK), Overseas Shipholding (NYSE:OSG OSG Open Scene Graph
OSG Open Science Grid
OSG Office of the Secretary-General (United Nations)
OSG Open Systems Group
OSG Office of the Surgeon General (HHS - PHS) 
), and Frontline Ltd (NASD NASD

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See National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD).

About Enviro Voraxial Technology: Enviro Voraxial Technology is the owner of the patented Voraxial Separator. The Voraxial Separator (VAS) is a continuous flow turbo machine that efficiently separates mixture of fluids or fluids and solids at extremely high flow rates while achieving very high levels of purity through the utilization of a strong centrifugal force or vortex. The scalability, efficiency and effectiveness of the VAS make the technology universal to any industry requiring the separation of liquids and/or liquids and solids, regardless of the quantity needed to be processed. Enviro Voraxial Technology's web pages may be viewed at

About Maritime Solutions: Maritime Solutions, Inc was established in 1998 to introduce advanced technologies to the international marine and environmental marketplace thereby providing more effective solutions to traditional marine and environmental problems. From its onset, Maritime Solutions targeted select areas of activity that demand the application of improved technology including oil/water separation for waste stream minimization, oil dispersant dis·per·sant  
n. Chemistry
A liquid or gas added to a mixture to promote dispersion or to maintain dispersed particles in suspension.
 capability for marine spill response, and fire fighting capability for emergency response. Maritime Solutions' web pages may be viewed at

For more information, call 954/421-6141.
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Publication:Industrial Environment
Date:Sep 1, 2000

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