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Byline: Roy Bassave Knight-Ridder Tribune News Wire

Microsoft has come out with a new version of its top-selling multimedia encyclopedia, Encarta Encyclopedia '97, offering a neat mix of words, pictures, sounds and interactive features.

Microsoft also is offering its first two-CD Microsoft Encarta '97 Encyclopedia Deluxe Edition. Features include:

Internet links: Both the basic and deluxe versions offer links to the World Wide Web directly from Encarta articles. (You need to subscribe to Verb 1. subscribe to - receive or obtain regularly; "We take the Times every day"
subscribe, take

buy, purchase - obtain by purchase; acquire by means of a financial transaction; "The family purchased a new car"; "The conglomerate acquired a new company";
 an Internet service provider Internet service provider (ISP)

Company that provides Internet connections and services to individuals and organizations. For a monthly fee, ISPs provide computer users with a connection to their site (see data transmission), as well as a log-in name and password.
 to make use of this feature.) And while you're checking the Web links, take a look at the Online Library service, which lets you link to hundreds of periodicals, newspapers and references.

Yearbook: You use the Web to download monthly updates.

For teachers: Encarta '97 Encyclopedia Deluxe School Edition ($69.95) includes a teacher activity guide. For Windows and Macintosh.

Other Encarta Encyclopedia services: Encarta Encyclopedia Monthly Online Updates cost $19.95 for 18 installments, free if you have the deluxe edition. Encarta's Online Library is $6.95 a month, $34.95 for six months.

PC system requirements To be used efficiently, all computer software needs certain hardware components or other software resources to be present on a computer system. These pre-requisites are known as (computer) system requirements and are often used as a guideline as opposed to an absolute rule. : 486DX/33Mhz or better, 8MB of RAM, 12MB of RAM required for Windows NT (Windows New Technology) A 32-bit operating system from Microsoft for Intel x86 CPUs. NT is the core technology in Windows 2000 and Windows XP (see Windows). Available in separate client and server versions, it includes built-in networking and preemptive multitasking. , VGA card A display adapter that provides VGA resolution. All display adapters (graphics cards) for PCs provide base level VGA resolutions. See VGA.  with 256 colors, color monitor See monitor. , double-speed CD-ROM drive A device that holds and reads CD-ROM discs. CD-ROM drives generally also play audio CD discs by sending analog sound to the sound card via a 4-pin cable. For specifications of 10x, 20x, etc. drives, see CD-ROM drives. See CD-ROM, CD-ROM changer, CD-ROM server and CD-ROM audio cable. , Windows 3.1 or higher, or Windows 95 or Windows NT, modem (9600 bps or faster recommended), Internet provider.

Macintosh system requirements: Any Apple Power Macintosh or Macintosh with a 25MHz 68030 processor or faster, 8MB of RAM, color monitor with 256 colors, double-speed CD-ROM drive, QuickTime 1.6.1 or higher, System 7.0.1 or higher, modem (9600 bps or faster recommended), Internet provider.

Estimated selling price: $54.95 (single CD), $79.95 (deluxe); Microsoft.



Photo: Both the basic and deluxe versions of Microsoft Encarta '97 Encyclopedia offer links to the World Wide Web directly from Encarta articles.

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