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The following area students have received honors or awards:


Emmanuel College There is more than one Emmanuel College:
  • Emmanuel College, Cambridge (part of the University of Cambridge)
  • Emmanuel College, Boston
  • Emmanuel College, Georgia
  • Emmanuel College, Brisbane (part of the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia)

Auburn: Christina M. Costa, Stephanie K. Levesque and Kayla A. Peck.

Grafton: Rebecca E. Anderson, Pamela Fahlbeck and Elijah V. Patterson.

Jefferson: Brian J. Dolan.

Leicester: Megan C. Harrington.

Leominster: Olivia H. Dougherty and Lindy lin·dy or Lin·dy  
n. pl. lin·dies
A lively swing dance for couples. Also called lindy hop.

[From Lindynickname of Charles Augustus Lindbergh.
 M. Sontag.

Oakham: Samuel R. Lajoie.

Paxton: James J. Dowd.

Rochdale: Cassandra L. Reis.

Rutland: Alicia A. Bartholomew.

Shrewsbury: Katherine J. Cornine, Kristen D. Duplin and Lauren A. Vescera.

Sutton: Joseph R. Vallee.

Worcester: Derek J. Barton, Lauren E. Buffone, Erin A. Fogle, Ryan D. Milliken, Argyrios Petsas and Janelle J. Rugg.

James Madison University “JMU” redirects here. For the university in Liverpool, England, see Liverpool John Moores University.

For the public-policy college at Michigan State University, see .

Leicester: Elizabeth V. Wilson.

Quinsigamond Community College Quinsigamond Community College (colloq: QCC, Quinsig) is a public, two-year academic institution located in Worcester, Massachusetts. A commuter school, the college currently has an enrollment of 7,000 students in its Associate's degree and its certification programs.  

Ashburnham: Rebecca Dupuis and Carol Healey.

Ashby: Lesley Bergquist and Nicole Howell.

Ashland: Thaise Nunes.

Athol: Kayla Judd.

Auburn: Joseph Amaral, James Bacon, Sheryl Beauregard, Andrew Bjork, Myles Burke, Casey Clouthier, Sarah Fenlon, Jennifer Muzzy muz·zy  
adj. muz·zi·er, muz·zi·est
1. Mentally confused; muddled.

2. Blurred; indistinct.

[Origin unknown.
, Heidi Pechie, Jaymes Poudrier, Jeffrey Shimkoski, Sheila Tucker and Kostika Vangjeli.

Baldwinville: Samuel Chandler Samuel Chandler (1693 - May 8, 1766) was an English Nonconformist divine

He was born at Hungerford in Berkshire, where his father was a minister. He was sent to school at Gloucester, where he began a lifelong friendship with Bishop Butler and Archbishop Secker; and he

Barre: Kristen Burnett.

Blackstone: Dyanna Dery, Robert Finch
For the Canadian poet by this name see Robert Finch (poet)
Robert Hutchison Finch (October 9, 1925-October 10, 1995) was a Republican politician from Southern California. Born in Tempe, Arizona, he was the son of Robert L.
, Craig Landry and Lance Pickering.

Boylston: Jarad DeWolfe, Matthew Fuller, Thomas Fuller, Thomas, 1608–61, English clergyman and author. He was an able preacher and a noted wit. He adhered to the royalist cause during the civil war and the Commonwealth and served briefly as a royal chaplain.  Seiler and Nathan Sevier.

Brimfield: Spenser Matre.

Brockton: Heidi Healey.

Brookfield: Adam Barrett Adam Barrett born 29 November 1979 in Dagenham. He is a professional footballer who currently plays as a defender for Southend. He has previously played for Bristol Rovers, Mansfield and Plymouth. , Christopher Garon and Christopher Ross.

Charlton: Amanda Bergstrom, Jeremiah Briand, Janelle Holm and Matthew Stewart Matthew Stewart may refer to:
  • Matthew Stewart, 4th Earl of Lennox,
  • Matthew Stewart (mathematician),
  • Matthew Stewart (philosopher),

Charlton City: Allan Andre.

Clinton: Kenton Brister, Meredith McClintock, Victoria Rainville, Luis Ramos and Steven Shirra.

Douglas: Kimberly Carroll, Anais Dakin and Kiani Kasper.

Dudley: Julie Brown

For other people named Julie Brown, see Julie Brown (disambiguation).
Julie Ann Brown (born August 31, 1954) is an American actor, stand-up comic, comedic singer-songwriter and screenwriter.
, Jennifer Choruzek, William Engle, Ronald Oleski, Rayne Purcell and Emanuel Velez.

East Douglas: Melissa Flinton, Kristi MacLeod, Neal Makowski, Theresa Werme and Anton Zymin.

Fitchburg: Jaymie Cote and Othmane Rifki.

Framingham: Katiucia Correa and Anna Sullivan.

Franklin: Anne Phillips Anne Phillips is Professor of Political and Gender Theory; The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE); Gender Institute and Government Department. Profile .

Grafton: Briana Boria, Jessica Bylin, Jessica Connolly, Nathan Fillers, Elizabeth Halpin and Mary Lennon.

Holden: Gregory Caswell, Randall Cole, Meghan Curtin, Dana Desmarais, Timothy Dodd, Matthew Frysinger, Bryan Gallagher, Jason Kuntz and Christine Morin.

Holland: Kate Swalec.

Hopedale: Olga Diaz.

Hubbardston: Jeannette Blohm, Raymond Gibson and Adam-James Ouellette.

Hudson: Debra Maryyanek and Melissa Ponte.

Jefferson: Amber Munafo and Derek Nylen.

Lancaster: Amanda Huggins, David Patterson David Patterson could refer to:
  • David A. Patterson, computer scientist
  • David T. Patterson (1818-1891), United States Senator from Tennessee
  • David J. Patterson, biologist
  • David Patterson (military contractor), military contractor, see Blackwater USA
, Leah Santangelo and Guilherme Sobral.

Leicester: Bryan Belmore, Jay D'Andrea, Marie Fullen, Matthew Hovagimian, Stephanie Johnson Stephanie Kay Johnson (born February 19, 1990) is a fictional character on the American soap opera Days of our Lives.

Stephanie has been portrayed by actress Shelley Hennig since April 2007.
, Brian LeBlanc, Krystal Norman, Taylor Ring and Pamela Stanikmas.

Leominster: Abraao DeCampos, Kimberly Fitzgerald, Jeremiah Marcoux, Jason Mitchell Jason Mitchell (born July 19, 1981) is an american football wide receiver who was invited to the National Football League Tampa Bay Buccaneers minicamp in May 2006. Professional career
Previously, he was with the Jacksonville Jaguars organization.
 and Michelle Wilgus.

Lunenburg: Mark Arnold.

Marlboro: Caitlin Campbell, Lola Freitas, Caitlin Gentile, Jazmin Hernandez, Dawn Lehman, Carla Nery, Nayhara Simoes and Enio Ximenes.

Medway: Ronald Marin.

Mendon: Brian Tetreault and Nathan Tetreault.

Milford: Edgardo Feliciano and Alicen Hutcheson.

Millbury: Robert Cayer, Zachary Dalrymple, Elizabeth DeWolfe, Danielle Dubuque, Melanie Filippelli, Lauren Gjeltema, Jennie Johanson, Deanna Larson, Melinda Lee, Davida Muldrow, Ginger Otten and Patrick West Patrick West is a freelance writer based in the UK and Ireland, the son of British journalist Richard West and Irish journalist Mary Kenny. Born in London in 1974, he graduated from Manchester University in 1997 with an MA in Cultural History. .

Millville: Shannon Dunton and Angela Todaro.

New Braintree: Kimberly Merkel.

North Brookfield: Marshall Smith and Patrick Waugh.

North Grafton: Robyn Lewis and Kyle Polselli.

North Oxford: Rebecca Lavoie and David Shoblom.

Northboro: Brunno Neves and Rebecca Setterlund.

Northbridge: Cassandra Campbell, Daniel Cressman, Matthew Curtis, Matthew Gauthier, Ryan Michelson and Hillary Robertson

Oakham: Wendy Sandman Sandman

induces sleep by sprinkling sand in children’s eyes. [Folklore: Brewer Dictionary, 966]

See : Sleep

Sandman - The DoD requirements that led to APSE.

Oxford: Chad Binette, Nicholas Dearent, Elizabeth Dyer, Leonard Korch, Michael Palumbo, Robyn Tebo, Shelley Walsh

Paxton: Timothy Stalmok and Christina Whalen.

Princeton: Joshua Aquafresca.

Randolph: Tuan Nguyen.

Rutland: Alexandra Brockway, Robert Flink, Karen Head, Jennifer Mangano, Kelley McGuiness, James Quill, Karen Speroni and Jane Wasiuk.

Shrewsbury: Derek Appleby, Naiska Cheung, Christopher Chevalier, Kathleen Colonna, Chelsea D'Urso, Timothy Ford, Chunsun Kim, Benjamin L'Bassi, Matthew Lapeikis, Clint Leduc, Timothy Ludy, Anila Manda, Nicholas Perna, Michael Repasy, Marc Ste Marie, Sarusha Subermony, John VanDeusen and Alyse Walsh.

South Grafton: Stefan Giroux, Brittany Kostka, Paul Krushinskie and Kellie Nash.

Southboro: Jonathan Hasenzahl and Alexander Leruth.

Southbridge: Darci Carter, Thomas Gormally, David Miller and Tyra Taylor.

Spencer: Jason Falkowski, Roland Huard, Denise Kane, Ali Rei, Jessica Roy, Michael Shanley and Ryan Towle.

Sterling: Kevin Farr, Robert Lanciani, Daniel Patterson and Briana Smith.

Sturbridge: Joshua Cloutier, Rebecca Howard, Arlene Ireland and Erika Peterson.

Sutton: Eric Cobane, Rachael Kangas, Joseph Lavallee and Stephanie Pflieger.

Uxbridge: Hayley Evans, Keith Koerten, Robert Russell and Deborah Sawyer.

Wales Wales, Welsh Cymru, western peninsula and political division (principality) of Great Britain (1991 pop. 2,798,200), 8,016 sq mi (20,761 sq km), west of England; politically united with England since 1536. The capital is Cardiff. : Derick Brown and Taylor Tooley.

Ware: Toni Delsignore.

Warwick: Jeanine Sturtevant.

Wayland: Catrina Walsh.

Webster: Noel Freytag, Mark Huberdault, Charles Katinas, Cathleen Kotarba, Matthew Krupsky, Brian Nault, Kyle Prunier, Richard White and Maciej Wojcik.

West Boylston: Patrick Norton, Melissa Nowak, Adam Renaud and Ellyn Saposnik.

West Brookfield: Catherine DiBara and Dawn Santos.

Westboro: Michael Barnes, Diana Bucaro, Tatiane Hatchoua, Maureen Hester, Mary McDonald, Joshua Oparowski, Meryl Papaz, Erin Synnott and Carlos Trento.

Westminster: Mark Nelson.

Whitinsville: Michael Brosnahan, Julianne Creasia, Paige Horn, Thomas Koser, Heather McKinnon, Rebecca Messier, Kara Kara (kär`ə), river, c.140 mi (230 km) long, NE European and NW Siberian Russia. It flows N from the N Urals into the Kara Sea, forming part of the traditional border between European and Asian Russia. It is navigable in its lower course.  Rancourt and Sandy Wade.

Woodstock: Emily Townsend.

Worcester: Noor Ain, Mavis Akoto, Natasha Alexander, Denis Denis, king of Portugal: see Diniz.  Ansah, Kathy Archambault, Esmelinda Asamoah, George Atchilian, Kara Atkinson, Marco Avalos, Sokol Ballta, Brian Bandalewicz, David Belanger, Mandie Burdett, Nicholas.. Caporelli, Andrew Cavan, Olla Chas, Ericka Cobos, Daniel Condon, Derek Corriveau, Melanie Curran, Fliden Demiri, Eva Diaz, Gayan Don Amarasinghe, Jorge Duque, Bryanna Ekblom, Soraya Eller, Christopher Enman, Mark Fernandes, Narciso Fernandez, Fatymatta Fofana, George Gacheru Kinuthia, Monica Gaithuma, Ewelina Gasiorski, Mike Goma, Cynthia Gonzalez, Kimberly Graves, Bryan Gregoire, Christopher Grilli, Michael Harper, Faiza Hassan, Rachel Hatzberger, Jennifer Havey, Stephanie Henderson, Carlos Hernandez, Khuong Huynh, Pho Huynh, Brooke Johnson, Joan Johnston, Rose Kamau, Michael Kangas, Irma Karpaviciute, Marcin Karpinski, Joseph Keddy, David Kilcoyne, Krystal LaPierre, Patricia Lavallee, Javier Lopez, Rosemary Lopez, Ramon Machado, Artur Magda, Ami Malek, Alexandra McKaye, Brianne Mitchell, Christopher Moniak, Candy Mugo, Margo Murphy, Shakirah Naluwugge-Carr, Loan Ngo, Nam Nguyen, Trung Nguyen, Laura Novoa, Kevin O'Day, Clarence Oliver, Michelle Oliveri, Bossman Owusu, Cameron Parke, Maritza Paulino, Emily Poulos, Katrina Quinn, Matthew Reed, Lady Renteria, Ana Ribeiro, Erin Roache, Elvin Rodriguez, Michael Rossetti, Damian Ruggieri, Jacqueline Russo, Denise Santos, Andrew Sarpong, Roshonda Shaw, Rianna Shea, Kellie Sheehan, Adam Smith, Vanessa Smith, Jenna Soper, Tonia Staples, Shauna Tavakolnia, Damia Tayoun, Patrick Titta, Donna Tortorici, Cuong Tran, Bich Trinh, Phuong Truong, Eric Tsai, Daniel Yazlovitsky and Brandon Zarr.

Roger Williams University Roger Williams University, commonly abbreviated as RWU, is a private, coeducational American liberal arts university located on 120 acres in Bristol, Rhode Island, above Mt. Hope Bay. Founded in 1956, it was named for theologian and Rhode Island cofounder Roger Williams.  

Leicester: Kathleen M. Wilson.

The Gunnery School

Holden: Megan V. Murphy.

State University of New York-Oswego

North Brookfield: Derek A. Mobilio.

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