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 LANGHORNE, Pa., Aug. 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Ecogen Inc. (NASDAQ: EECN) announced today that it has named Randy Gaugler, Ph.D., a member of its Scientific Advisory Board, as director of Nematode Research. Dr. Gaugler is taking a one year sabbatical leave from Rutgers University where he has been a professor of entomology since 1982, to join Ecogen's research team. Dr. Gaugler's work at Rutgers emphasizes the development of insect pathogens as environmentally safe biological alternatives to chemical pesticides.
 "We are honored to have Randy, a world renowned entomologist, take an active role at Ecogen," said James P. Reilly, president and chief operating officer of Ecogen. "His many accomplishments in the field of insecticidal nematodes and his outstanding reputation in the U.S. and abroad, give Randy the experience needed to assist Ecogen in expanding its nematode business internationally."
 At Ecogen, Dr. Gaugler will coordinate worldwide research and development activities directed toward insecticidal nematodes. These responsibilities include development of a core nematode research team to be located at Ecogen Europe, Todi, Italy. Other centers of activity include research contracts with Dr. I. Glazer, Voncani Institute, Israel, Dr. Ralf Ehlers, The Christian Albrechts University, Kiel Germany, and Ecogen Australia, Ecogen's nematode production facility in located in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.
 "Insecticidal nematodes have the potential to become a powerful and effective method of agricultural pest control -- one that has no known negative impact on the environment, humans or beneficial insects," said Dr. Gaugler. "As such, nematodes are an important part of Ecogen's diverse portfolio of biorational products."
 Dr. Gaugler's studies have been published in more than 60 journal articles, books and book chapters during the past five years. Dr. Gaugler was awarded the 1993 Research Award from the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources at Rutgers University and, in 1989, Dr. Gaugler received a Certificate of Appreciation from the United States Department of Agriculture for "outstanding service." These accomplishments have resulted in Dr. Gaugler being invited to conduct research, consult and teach in 28 foreign countries.
 Dr. Gaugler received a B.S. degree from North Dakota State University, an M.S. from North Carolina State University and a Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin. Prior to joining the faculty at Rutgers, Dr. Gaugler served as senior scientist for the New York State Museum.
 "This is an exciting time for nematode research at Ecogen as the company's research base is rapidly expanding. I hope to help shape Ecogen's nematode research team and efforts in the global marketplace," said Dr. Gaugler.
 Ecogen Inc., is an agricultural biotechnology company specializing in biological pest control. Ecogen has developed and is marketing a number of novel and proprietary biopesticides, including Cutlass(R) bioinsecticide for vegetables, and tree, nut and vine crops, Condor(R) bioinsecticide for row crops, Foil(R) BFC potato bioinsecticide, nematode-based Otinem(R) bioinsecticide and pheromone-based Bee- Scent(TM) and NoMate(R) products. The company is also developing additional biopesticides for corn and other vegetable and fruit crops, for home/garden and ornamental use as well as biofungicide products for the control of powdery mildew and post harvest rot diseases.
 NOTE: Cutlass, Condor, Foil, Otinem, Bee-Scent and NoMate are trademarks of Ecogen, Inc.
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 /CONTACT: John L. McIntyre, vice president-business development and international distribution of Ecogen, 215-757-1590, or Anthony J. Russo, Ph.D., of Noonan/Russo Communications, 212-696-4455, or (investors) Donald C. Weinberger of Strategic Growth International, 212-826-9622/

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