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Dueling stockbrokers.


Lieblong and Barnett are on a leader's seesaw. As the two continue to battle it out for bragging rights (actually either could brag with the kind of returns they are showing) the market essentially has stayed flat.

In mid-February, the market was in the low 2900s. It closed this tracking period at 2938.86. However, since we started the contest nine months ago, the market has risen from 2644.80, for an 11 percent gain.

Alex Lieblong

Back on top. Lieblong's only action since our last report was to repurchase Golden Nugget, and ironically, it's the only stock that lost money this month.

The banking industry continues to treat Lieblong well. Worthen is up another 8 percent, First Commercial another 6.5 percent and Valley National another 3.5 percent. And check out VNC's overall gain.

How do you beat a guy who picks them like that?

Daniel Barnett

Barnett's portfolio is down just slightly this month after a meteoric rise. He now holds less cash than any of our duelers and holds more issues than anyone else.

The addition of Ashton-Tate was his only change this month, and it promptly fell a couple of points. Not to worry, however. Consolidated Stores continues its climb as does Smith-Corona.

Wendy's and Morrison's paid dividends.

Barry McDaniel

McDaniel added Drug Emporium to his holdings this month. Come on, admit it, you've shopped there.

Most of his other stocks rose slightly. But look at his Worthen. He bought it about four months after Lieblong, but timed it well. It's up 25 percent for him and 18 percent for Lieblong.

I'm sure stockpickers everywhere would take either of those returns.

Kelly Ford

Ford's got her head back in the game, so don't count her out.

She took dividends this month on Wal-Mart, Humana, GE and Southwestern Bell.

Ford hopes Sonat has bottomed out (last report: $40). And she wasn't looking when IBM started to fall and now just may wait for it to come back (GE did), but will the contest last that long?

Anyway, thank God for Wal-Mart.

Elizabeth "Liz" Adams

What a show! Adams sold AMD after it made her 78 percent. She only started buying the stock in February.

Chrysler was the other gainer for Adams this month. The rest of her holdings were down, albeit slightly.

She purchased Stanhome Inc. after it dropped more than six points in one day.
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Title Annotation:5 Arkansas stockbrokers: Alex Lieblong, Daniel Barnett, Barry McDaniel, Kelly Ford, & Elizabeth Adams
Author:Ford, Kelly
Publication:Arkansas Business
Date:May 13, 1991
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