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Dubai Quality Group concludes the events of "World Quality Day".

World Quality Day events, which were organized by the "Continual Improvement Continual Improvement (also called incremental improvement or staircase improvement) is a process or productivity improvement tool intended to have a stable and consistent growth and improvement of all the segments of a process or processes.  Subgroup" (CISG CISG Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (United Nations)
CISG Convention on International Sale of Goods (UN) 
) one of the subgroups operating for "Dubai Quality Group" (DQG DQG Dark Quest Games (gaming) ) in cooperation with Dnata, "The Kanoo Group "," S. S. Lootah Group "and" Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi (ä`b thä`bē, zä–, dä–), Arab. Abu Zabi, sheikhdom (1995 pop. 928,360), c.  Systems and Information Center, have been concluded today.

This year's celebrations included the launch of the "The Second Forum of the World Quality Day" which was held by Dubai Quality Group, last Thursday at the Emirates Aviation College in Dubai.

In this context, Dr. Wafi Dawood, Chairman of Dubai Quality Group, commended on the leading role and vision of His Highness Sheikh sheikh
 or shaykh

Among Arabic-speaking tribes, especially Bedouin, the male head of the family, as well as of each successively larger social unit making up the tribal structure. The sheikh is generally assisted by an informal tribal council of male elders.
 Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum (Arabic (محمد بن راشد آلمكتوم) (born 1949) is currently the Prime Minister and Vice President of the United Arab Emirates, as well as the , Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, in turning Dubai to a leading city in the field of quality and organizational excellence through the adoption of pioneering initiatives and the launch of quality awards such as; "the Dubai Government Excellence Program" and "Dubai Quality Award", since these awards have enabled many organizations to fulfill the highest standards of quality and excellence putting Dubai at the forefront to compete with modern countries on the international quality awards.

This year's Forum had been participated by many government and private organizations locally and globally as well as a large audience of experts and interested in issues of quality. Mr. Sunil Thawani, Chairman of Continual Improvement Subgroup said: "The major international quality organizations has decided at its meeting in Houston in May of last year to launch a new era in the field of quality, including the expansion of activities and areas of quality, and the allocation of the second Thursday of the month of November to be the "World Quality Day". The American Society for Quality, the European Organization for Quality, the Asian Network for Quality, the International Academy for Quality and Japanese Union of Scientists and Engineers have participated in the meeting. We are thus working in Dubai Quality Group to transfer the modern methods and concepts of quality an excellence for the UAE; it is not only to view them, but also to be implemented commensurately with the requirements of the wide and diverse business community in the country".

The forum included many events and activities especially the "Quality Quiz Competition" which had been participated by sixteen organizations and had been won by; "Jumeirah Group" the gold award, the "Royal Bank of Scotland
This article deals with the retail bank. "Royal Bank of Scotland" can also refer to its holding company: Royal Bank of Scotland Group."

The Royal Bank of Scotland Plc (Scottish Gaelic: Banca Rìoghail na h-Alba
" the silver award, while "Mashreq Bank" had won the bronze award. The forum also included a documentary film on the life of the quality legendary Dr. Joseph Juran, besides, a panel discussion with international experts in the field of quality. Ms. Samia Al Yousuf, Managing Director of Dubai Quality Group, had honored winners of the "Quality Quiz Competition" at the end of the forum and handed over appreciation trophies. She also thanked "Dnata", "The Kanoo Travel Group", " S. S. Lootah Group "and "Abu Dhabi Systems and Information Center" for sponsoring this year's forum.

Dubai Quality Group utilizes its subgroups to strengthen and expand its activities in all events to reach a widest audience with a view to encouraging them to adopt standards of quality and excellence and replacing the traditional practices in business and management with modern and efficient ones that can save time, money and effort. Consequently, the Continual Improvement Subgroup (CISG) regularly holds symposiums, lectures, workshops and conferences such as "The Conference of continual improvement" which had been held recently on last September. 2009 Al Bawaba (

2009 Al Bawaba (

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Date:Nov 16, 2009
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