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Drugs, Crime and the Criminal Justice System.

Editor: Ralph Weisheit

Publisher: Anderson Publishing Company, Criminal Justice Division, PO Box 1576, Cincinnati, OH 45201-1476; 1990, 401 pages, softback: $17.95

Reviewer: John J. Nolan, Jr., CPP, Director of the Loss Prevention Services Corporation in Waldorf, MD, and a member of the ASIS Standing Committee on Substance Abuse

Drugs, Crime and the Criminal Justice System is a collection of previously published monographs on the impact of drugs on the criminal justice system. In the preface, the text is described as "a book that reviewers have deemed to be on the cutting edge of research in the field of drugs and criminal justice. Ralph [Weisheit] has put together a group of authors who examine the dimensions of the drug problem specific to crime and criminal justice by 'cutting through the smoke screen' raised by government and other persons involved in key policy decision-making capacities." This analysis is both concise and accurate.

The book is composed of 14 monographs authored by academics with impressive credentials. Some of the authors have extensive research backgrounds in addition to their academic backgrounds. None is a practitioner in the field of substance abuse. The 14 monographs are grouped in three main topics: "Drugs and the Criminal Justice System ... .. Drug Use and Crime," and "Special Issues." The book is well organized and thoroughly cross-indexed for ready reference.

The text focuses only on the impact of drugs on crime and the criminal justice system and examines the topic in depth. Each author presents his or her topic in a well-organized, logical fashion. The monographs are readable and informative, and the facts are solid and well presented. Each concludes with a concise summary and an extensive reference list.

While the book focuses on the effects of drugs on crime and the criminal justice system, this does not limit its value to practitioners in other fields. The dramatic effect of the drug problem on the criminal justice system and on crime creates a derivative impact on all aspects of our society.

The extraordinary measures taken to combat drug use and abuse drain resources that would normally be used in other endeavors. By focusing on one specific topic the book deals with its subject well and provides valuable insight into the drug problem.

This book is worthwhile not because it presents new information but rather because it compiles valuable statistical and factual information and presents a concise, usable manner. The information is current, but the reader is cautioned that statistics and trends in this field change rapidly. Nonetheless, the book is worth the time to read and would be a valuable addition to your library.
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Author:Nolan, John J., Jr.
Publication:Security Management
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Jul 1, 1991
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