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Dragon NaturallySpeaking Enterprise Product Family Expands Speech Recognition to Networked Environments.

NEWTON, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 27, 1999--

New System Simplifies Use and Management

of Speech Recognition Software for Corporations,

Non-Profits, and Government

Dragon NaturallySpeaking(TM) Enterprise, the first family of large vocabulary continuous speech recognition products built for networked environments, was announced today by Dragon Systems Dragon Systems, Inc., was the company that created DragonDictate and Dragon NaturallySpeaking. It was founded in 1982 by Drs. James and Janet Baker and bought by Lernout & Hauspie in 2000. (R), Inc. Dragon NaturallySpeaking Enterprise is part of Dragon Systems' overall strategy to better serve the needs of larger organizations by offering convenient access to speech recognition technology.

Easy-to-use and highly accurate speech recognition software can improve productivity and speed in a variety of applications, including email packages, forms entry and natural language search programs, medical and legal record systems, and corporate groupware Software that supports multiple users working on related tasks in local and remote networks. Also called "collaborative software," groupware is an evolving concept that is more than just multiuser software which allows access to the same data.  applications.

The new Dragon NaturallySpeaking Enterprise software allows network administrators to install and manage Dragon NaturallySpeaking software from a central location. Network administrators can use the new Administrator Workbench to create and delete users, update vocabularies and speech commands. Dragon NaturallySpeaking Enterprise operates on any network that provides directory service to Windows(R), including Windows NT (Windows New Technology) A 32-bit operating system from Microsoft for Intel x86 CPUs. NT is the core technology in Windows 2000 and Windows XP (see Windows). Available in separate client and server versions, it includes built-in networking and preemptive multitasking. (R) and Novell(R) NetWare(R).

Speech files and speech commands are stored on the central server. Users can log in from any PC on the network and use their speech files and speech commands. When users save changes to their speech files, those updated files are available the next time he or she logs in from any PC on the network. Back-ups can be performed using existing back-up software. Portable PC users can copy their speech files to their local drive, alter them while disconnected from the network, and then re-synchronize when reconnected to the network.

The Dragon NaturallySpeaking Enterprise product family features four solutions designed to meet the needs of different marketplaces and applications. The systems include Dragon NaturallySpeaking Enterprise (based on the popular Dragon NaturallySpeaking Preferred product), Dragon NaturallySpeaking Enterprise Professional, and Dragon NaturallySpeaking Enterprise Medical and Legal.

All Enterprise editions contain the ability to run macros, or speech commands created by MIS departments or Value Added Resellers See VAR.

(company) value added reseller - (VAR, or "value added retailer") A company which sells something (e.g. computers) made by another company (an OEM) with extra components added (e.g. specialist software).
. With these commands, Dragon NaturallySpeaking can be customized to work with corporate applications. Dragon NaturallySpeaking Enterprise Professional contains all of the features of Dragon NaturallySpeaking Enterprise plus the ability to create speech commands. Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal Enterprise and Dragon NaturallySpeaking Medical Enterprise contain advanced vocabularies for legal and medical professionals.

"Dragon NaturallySpeaking Enterprise editions are designed to meet the needs of corporations, government offices, non-profits, small offices, and more where individuals need to use multiple PCs within an organization," said Dragon Systems Vice President of North American North American

named after North America.

North American blastomycosis
see North American blastomycosis.

North American cattle tick
see boophilusannulatus.
 Marketing Roger Matus. "Network management is an important request from our customers. But, it is also important to let users access their speech files from any PC on the network. For example, a doctor could go from examining room to examining room and dictate notes on different PCs. Inspectors in a factory can log records from different PCs on the floor. Police officers can complete reports from any available desk. Professionals with a desktop and a laptop PC can access their files from both of them"

Organizations can take advantage of the Dragon Systems Volume Licensing Program announced today to receive discounts on purchases. These groups may also standardize their sound systems across multiple computer brands by choosing a Universal Serial Bus See USB.

(hardware, standard) Universal Serial Bus - (USB) An external peripheral interface standard for communication between a computer and external peripherals over an inexpensive cable using biserial transmission.
 in full Universal Serial Bus

Type of serial bus that allows peripheral devices (disks, modems, printers, digitizers, data gloves, etc.) to be easily connected to a computer.
) solution (see today's related announcement, "Dragon Systems Releases USB Solutions Designed to Significantly Enhance Speech Recognition Accuracy") with their purchase.


--USE SPEECH RECOGNITION ON ANY PC ON THE NETWORK -- Users can harness the power of speech recognition technology to create documents, notes, and correspondence from any authorized PC on the network. They simply log-in and their trained speech files are then available for use.

--WORKS IN VIRTUALLY ANY WINDOWS(R) APPLICATION -- Users just point their mouse and click in any application. Their text automatically appears in the text window where the cursor is. The product supports Microsoft Word A full-featured word processing program for Windows and the Macintosh from Microsoft. Included in the Microsoft application suite, it is a sophisticated program with rudimentary desktop publishing capabilities that has become the most widely used word processing application on the market. (R), Corel WordPerfect See WordPerfect Office and WordPerfect Corporation. (R), Lotus Notes Messaging and groupware software from IBM Lotus that was introduced in 1989 for OS/2 and later expanded to Windows, Mac, Unix, NetWare, AS/400 and S/390. Notes provides e-mail, document sharing, workflow, group discussions and calendaring and scheduling. (R), WordPro(R), e-mail packages, Internet chat packages and many more.

--CONTROL WINDOWS DESKTOP BY VOICE -- Users can open Windows applications A program that is written to run under Microsoft's Windows operating system. Such applications typically run under all 32-bit versions of Windows, but earlier applications might also run under the 16-bit versions (Windows 3.x) as well. See Windows.  from the start menu, navigate menu items in Microsoft Office Microsoft's primary desktop applications for Windows and Mac. Depending on the package, it includes some combination of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Outlook along with various Internet and other utilities.  97, and switch between Windows applications by voice.

--SELECT-AND-SAY(TM) FUNCTIONALITY -- Select-and-Say enables users to select words or phrases that they wish to edit simply by saying "Select" <the word or phrase> and then saying the new word or phrase. This capability exists in Dragon NaturallySpeaking and several third party applications, including Microsoft Word(R) 97, Corel(R) WordPerfect(R) 8, GoldMine, Microsoft WordPad, Microsoft Outlook For the e-mail and news client bundled with certain versions of Microsoft Windows, see .

Microsoft Outlook or Outlook (full name Microsoft Office Outlook
, and Microsoft Chat Microsoft Chat is a simple text chatting program included in the Windows NT-line of operating system, including Windows NT 3.x, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. It utilizes NetBIOS session service and NetDDE.  2.0 and 2.5.

--NATURAL LANGUAGE COMMANDS -- Easy to use and easy to remember commands can be issued in a natural way to edit and format text within Microsoft Word 97. For example, a user can say "Make a five by two table," or many other variations.

--DRAGON NATURALLYMOBILE(TM) SOFTWARE -- Users can create documents by speaking into a portable recording device, such as the Dragon NaturallyMobile portable digital recorder See DVR and CD-R.  and have those recordings transcribed right into a document.

--NATURAL FORMATTING -- Users can dictate numbers, email addresses, and more using natural language. For example, a user could say "Sixty-seven dollars and twenty-six cents," and see $67.26 appear on the screen.

--HIGHLY ACCURATE-- BestMatch(TM)technology reduces errors for most users by an additional 25% over previous versions.

--LARGE ACTIVE VOCABULARY -- The active vocabulary comes with more than 72,000 words that are ready to use. Over 230,000 words are on disk and can be automatically retrieved by the system. Each word contains spelling, pronunciation, and language usage information for high accuracy. Users can customize the vocabulary with new words, proper names, and specialized terms.

--SAPI 4.0 SUPPORT -- Support for industry standard API (Application Programming Interface) A language and message format used by an application program to communicate with the operating system or some other control program such as a database management system (DBMS) or communications protocol.  ensures that Dragon NaturallySpeaking will seamlessly integrate with future speech-enabled Windows applications that employ this standard.

--SPEECH PLAYBACK -- Recorded speech playback allows users to listen to what they said for easier proofreading Proofreading traditionally means reading a proof copy of a text in order to detect and correct any errors. Modern proofreading often requires reading copy at earlier stages as well.  and editing. The text-to-speech feature allows users to have words that appear on the screen read aloud to them using high quality text-to-speech from ELAN Informatique(TM) .

--TRUE CONTINUOUS SPEECH -- Users speak naturally and at a normal pace without the need to pause between words. Dragon NaturallySpeaking was the first product on the market that recognized large vocabulary general-purpose continuous speech.


--Dragon NaturallySpeaking ENTERPRISE -- This system includes all of the major features that made Dragon NaturallySpeaking America's #1 selling continuous speech product (PC Data). It includes Dragon's BestMatch technology for superior accuracy, Natural Language Commands with Select-and-Say editing, dictation into virtually any Windows application, Dragon NaturallyMobile for transcription of recorded speech, recorded speech playback, and text-to-speech for easier editing. Enterprise also has the ability to use speech commands created by Value Added Resellers and corporate MIS departments.

--DRAGON NATURALLYSPEAKING ENTERPRISE PROFESSIONAL -- Contains all of the features of Dragon NaturallySpeaking Enterprise and adds sophisticated customization features for the user who creates significant amounts of text. The Professional Edition includes multiple user and topic configurations, increased active vocabulary sizes, text-to-speech capabilities, recorded speech, which allows for complete hands-free operation of a PC.

--DRAGON NATURALLYSPEAKING ENTERPRISE LEGAL-- This product is designed specifically for the legal market. It allows attorneys, judges, paralegals, legal secretaries, and others in the legal profession to improve their productivity by creating documents, briefs, notes, and correspondence completely by voice.

--DRAGON NATURALLYSPEAKING ENTERPRISE MEDICAL-- Dragon NaturallySpeaking Enterprise Medical is a continuous speech recognition system specifically designed for medical professionals to create patient records, medical reports, notes, correspondence and other documents. Medical professionals can dictate directly into Microsoft(R) Word or Corel(R) WordPerfect(R).

PRICING, AVAILABILITY AND SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS To be used efficiently, all computer software needs certain hardware components or other software resources to be present on a computer system. These pre-requisites are known as (computer) system requirements and are often used as a guideline as opposed to an absolute rule. :

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Enterprise is scheduled to begin shipping in Q2 1999. It will be available directly from Dragon Systems and through its network of VARs and resellers. Dragon NaturallySpeaking Enterprise has a list price of $395 U.S. per license, Dragon NaturallySpeaking Enterprise Professional has a list price of $695 U.S. per license, Dragon NaturallySpeaking Enterprise Legal and Dragon NaturallySpeaking Enterprise Medical each have a list price of $995. Quantity discounts are available using the Dragon Volume License Program.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Enterprise operates on individual PCs and accesses speech files stored on the network. The system supports Windows 98, Windows 95, and Windows NT. Clients on the network require a minimum 133 MHz (MegaHertZ) One million cycles per second. It is used to measure the transmission speed of electronic devices, including channels, buses and the computer's internal clock. A one-megahertz clock (1 MHz) means some number of bits (16, 32, 64, etc.  Pentium Processor IBM compatible (computer) IBM compatible - A computer which can use hardware and software designed for the IBM PC (or, less often, IBM mainframes).

This was once a key phrase in marketing a new PC clone but now in 1998 is rarely used, the non-IBM wintel personal computer manufacturers such
 PC, 32 MB RAM for Windows 95, and 48 MB RAM for Windows NT. To take advantage of improved accuracy with Dragon's BestMatch Technology, users require an additional 16 MB RAM. Dragon NaturallySpeaking Enterprise operates on any network that provides directory service to Windows, including Windows NT and Novell NetWare (operating system, networking) Novell NetWare - Novell, Inc.'s proprietary networking operating system for the IBM PC.

NetWare uses the IPX/SPX, NetBEUI or TCP/IP network protocols. It supports MS-DOS, Microsoft Windows, OS/2, Macintosh and Unix clients.
. The system supports a broad range of built-in audio and industry standard sound cards, including Creative Labs SoundBlaster 16 and compatibles, as well as notebooks with built in 16-bit audio. Proprietary speech cards are not required for either desktops or portables.

About Dragon Systems, Inc.

Dragon Systems, Inc.,( is a worldwide leader in PC speech recognition. Dragon Systems develops and markets high-performance, cost-effective speech and language technology that, in multiple world languages (including American English American English
The English language as used in the United States.

Noun 1. American English - the English language as used in the United States
American language, American
, British English British English
The English language used in England as distinguished from that used elsewhere.
, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Swedish), enable users to create text, issue commands, enter and access data simply by speaking. The company also licenses technology worldwide through developers, distributors, resellers, OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and ISVs (Integrated Software Separate software components or applications that have been combined into one package. See integrated software package.  Vendors). Dragon Systems ports its technology across multiple operating systems Operating systems can be categorized by technology, ownership, licensing, working state, usage, and by many other characteristics. In practice, many of these groupings may overlap.  and hardware platforms Each hardware platform, or CPU family, has a unique machine language. All software presented to the computer for execution must be in the binary coded machine language of that CPU. Following is a list of the major hardware platforms in existence today. See platform.  -- from hand-held devices and PCs to workstations, and is pursuing leading-edge research and development projects for computer and telecommunications applications. Since introducing Dragon NaturallySpeaking, the first large vocabulary continuous speech recognition system able to create general purpose text, in 1997, the Company has received over 80 major industry awards worldwide.

Founded in 1982, Dragon Systems has its headquarters in Newton, Massachusetts The City of Newton in Middlesex County, Massachusetts, is an important residential suburb of Boston, which abuts it on the east. According to the 2000 census, the population of the Newton was 83,829, making it the tenth largest city in the state. . It has European subsidiaries in Munich, Paris and in Marlow near London, and additional research laboratories in Cheltenham, England (Dragon Systems GmbH, Dragon Systems SA, Dragon Systems UK Ltd, and Dragon Systems UK Research & Development Ltd, respectively).

Dragon Systems and the Dragon Systems logo are registered trademarks, NaturallySpeaking, NaturallyClear, NaturallyMobile and The Natural Speech Company are trademarks, of Dragon Systems, Inc. All other trademarks are of their respective holders.
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