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Dozens of demonstrators in Baghdad demand release of detainees.

Baghdad / NINA /--Dozens of demonstrators in Tahrir Square, midtown mid·town  
A central portion of a city, between uptown and downtown.


US & Canad the centre of a town
 Baghdad urged the government to expedite the release of detainees, because mostly are innocent and have been held for long periods without bringing them to justice.

Demonstrators expressed by banners reading / releas the innocents / carrying photographs of the detainees shouting that their sons were arrested under gossip informants and some of them forced to sign mock confessions in a flagrant fla·grant  
1. Conspicuously bad, offensive, or reprehensible: a flagrant miscarriage of justice; flagrant cases of wrongdoing at the highest levels of government. See Usage Note at blatant.

 abuses contrary to the simplest principles of justice.

The demonstrators called on the government to build a comprehensive political reforms comprehensive for every citizen to take part in power sharing and not to exclud of any party but to resort to the law and the judiciary in Accounting abusers not to rely on the politicized criteria.

The protesters renewed reject of U.S. troops staying in Iraq .

stressing on the importance of addressing services , in particular the problem of electric power and the scarcity of potable potable /pot·a·ble/ (po´tah-b'l) fit to drink.

Fit to drink; drinkable.


fit to drink.
 water , address the unemployment crisis as well./End

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Publication:National Iraqi News Agency
Geographic Code:7IRAQ
Date:Aug 5, 2011
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