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Dowagiac Loam: Linear Regression Analysis of Soil Moisture on Spectral Reflectance. (Geography).

Dowagiac Loam: Linear Regression Analysis of Soil Moisture on Spectral Reflectance. Nicholas A. Forfinski, Western Michigan University Western Michigan University, at Kalamazoo, Mich.; coeducational; founded in 1903 as Western State Normal School, became accredited in 1927 as a college, gained university status in 1957. , Geography Department, Kalamazoo, MI 49008;

Soil moisture is an important variable in a number of disciplines, including hydrology, agronomy agronomy (əgrŏn`əmē), branch of agriculture dealing with various physical and biological factors—including soil management, tillage, crop rotation, breeding, weed control, and climate—related to crop production. , meteorology, and geo-technical engineering. Remote sensing offers a unique advantage when studying soil moisture in that synoptic data can be gathered at a distance. Although studies suggest that microwave data offer the greatest potential in remotely sensing soil moisture, research within the optical range has also proven applicable. In this study, the spectral reflectance (from 400-850 nanometers) of Dowagiac loam at various levels of volumetric volumetric /vol·u·met·ric/ (vol?u-met´rik) pertaining to or accompanied by measurement in volumes.

Of or relating to measurement by volume.
 soil moisture content (from 0% to a field capacity of 24.8%) was measured using a spectrometer in a controlled-light setting. Reflectance was regressed against volumetric soil moisture content for each of the 993 detected bands, and the resulting coefficients of determination were graphed. [R.sup.2] values of above .80 within the 520-785 nm range suggest that spectral reflectance, within this range, can serve as an indicator of volumetric soil moisture content.
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Author:Forfinski, Nicholas A.
Publication:Michigan Academician
Article Type:Brief Article
Geographic Code:1U3MI
Date:Mar 22, 2002
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