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Dow Magnesium stops production of granules.

Dow Magnesium Stops Production of Granules

Dow Magnesium has discontinued production of [PELAMAG.sup.[TM]] metallurgical granules at its plant in Freeport, Texas. Capacity at the plant will be converted to other magnesium products for steel desulfurization, primarily wingslab.

"We're exiting the PELAMAG line because these products are no longer the preferred reagents for steel desulfurization," said Jon L. Kiggans, Dow manager of magnesium operations. "The conversion will increase our capacity for other Dow magnesium sizes and shapes while maintaining total capacity at approximately 90,000 metric tons per year."
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Title Annotation:Industry News; PELAMAG metallurgical granules
Publication:Modern Casting
Date:Jan 1, 1991
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