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Donaldson Company and Los Alamos National Laboratory Join Forces to Advance Fuel Cell Commercialization.

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The Fuel Cell Contamination Control Procedures to avoid, reduce, remove, or render harmless (temporarily or permanently) nuclear, biological, and chemical contamination for the purpose of maintaining or enhancing the efficient conduct of military operations. (TM) (FC3) division of filtration leader Donaldson Company, Inc. (NYSE NYSE

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:DCI (Display Control Interface) An Intel/Microsoft programming interface for full-motion video and games in Windows. It allowed applications to take advantage of video accelerator features built into the display adapter. ) today announced a formal research partnership with Los Alamos National Laboratory Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) (previously known at various times as Site Y, Los Alamos Laboratory, and Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory) is a United States Department of Energy (DOE) national laboratory, managed and operated by Los Alamos National  to study the effect of ambient contaminants on the performance, life and durability of proton exchange membrane A proton exchange membrane (PEM) is a semipermeable membrane generally made from ionomers and designed to conduct protons while being impermeable to gases such as oxygen or hydrogen.  (PEM (Privacy Enhanced Mail) A standard for secure e-mail on the Internet. It supports encryption, digital signatures and digital certificates as well as both private and public key methods. Not widely used, work on PEM later evolved into S/MIME. See MIME. ) fuel cells.

Sponsored in part by the U.S. Department of Energy, Donaldson is using the research findings of the two-year program in its ongoing development of fuel cell filtration solutions. Donaldson's filtration expertise will be used in the development of air filtration and acoustics mitigation systems that prolong fuel-cell engine life. Filtration is a critical component in accelerating commercialization of a wide range of fuel cell-powered products, including automobiles, cell phones, laptop computers and power generation products.

"Donaldson leads the fuel cell industry in recognizing the need for intake-air filtration on the cathode of a fuel cell to ensure system reliability and performance," said Francisco Uribe, Fuel Cell Research Scientist, Los Alamos National Laboratory. "With this formal research agreement, we are applying Donaldson's leading-edge fuel cell filtration knowledge and products to our fuel cell experiments."

Donaldson Awarded World's First Fuel Cell Patent

Fuel cell development to date has taken place in the controlled environment of the laboratory, where the air is relatively free of real-world contaminants. Donaldson Company air quality studies conducted on every continent show that ambient air carries enough pollution to adversely affect hydrogen fuel cell reliability. Sub-micrometer-sized particles, salts, oils, chemicals and volatile organic compounds volatile organic compound Environment Any toxic cabon-based (organic) substance that easily become vapors or gases–eg, solvents–paint thinners, lacquer thinner, degreasers, dry cleaning fluids  -- which can shorten fuel cell life -- are all found in varying degrees in the atmosphere.

"We recently received the worlds first patent for fuel cell filters, said Richard Canepa, director of Donaldson's FC3 division. "This testing and research at Los Alamos National Laboratories assures our fuel customers that they remain on the leading edge of fuel cell filtration solutions."

Donaldson has established FC3 offices in North America North America, third largest continent (1990 est. pop. 365,000,000), c.9,400,000 sq mi (24,346,000 sq km), the northern of the two continents of the Western Hemisphere. , Japan, and Europe and is working with more than 30 fuel cell manufacturers and fuel cell-powered product developers to make the technology a commercially viable power source for a wide range of transportation, residential and portable applications.

For more information about fuel cell engines, visit the Los Alamos fuel cell information page at:

About Donaldson Company, Inc.

Donaldson Company, Inc., headquartered in Minneapolis, Minn., is a leading worldwide provider of filtration systems and replacement parts. Founded in 1915, Donaldson is a technology-driven company committed to satisfying customer needs for filtration solutions through innovative research and development. Donaldson serves customers in the industrial and engine markets including dust collection, power generation, specialty filtration, compressed air compressed air, air whose volume has been decreased by the application of pressure. Air is compressed by various devices, including the simple hand pump and the reciprocating, rotary, centrifugal, and axial-flow compressors.  purification, off-road equipment, industrial compressors, and trucks. More than 8,500 employees contribute to the company's success at 40 manufacturing locations around the world. In fiscal year 2002, Donaldson reported sales of more than $1.1 billion and achieved its thirteenth consecutive year of double-digit earnings growth. Donaldson is a member of the S&P MidCap 400 Index and Donaldson shares are traded on the New York Stock Exchange New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)

World's largest marketplace for securities. The exchange began as an informal meeting of 24 men in 1792 on what is now Wall Street in New York City.
 under the symbol DCI. Additional company information is available at
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