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Don't suffer buffer confusion.

Some M240 gunners and repairmen are confused about what to look for when inspecting the buffer. No need to suffer buffer confusion. Make these changes to the TMs so you'll know what to look for:

TM 9-1005-313-10

WP 0020 00-7, Item 3:

Under procedures, add "Check buffer housing for peening Peening is the mechanical working of metals by means of hammer blows or by blasting with shot (shot peening). Peening is a cold work process. It tends to expand the surface of the cold metal, thereby relieving tensile stresses and/or inducing compressive stresses. , cracking or damage to include finish missing from the stop above the buffer. Cheek buffer shaft for bends, mushrooming, peening and cracks on the face. Cheek shaft for oil residue. Work the buffer assembly to check for fluid leakage. Buffer shaft should depress de·press
1. To lower in spirits; deject.

2. To cause to drop or sink; lower.

3. To press down.

4. To lessen the activity or force of something.
 smoothly without chatter and return promptly when released."

In the NFMC NFMC National Federation of Music Clubs
NFMC Naval Financial Management Career Center
NFMC National Foundation for Mortuary Care
NFMC National Fraud Management Centre
NFMC Not Fully Mission Capable
NFMC National Farm Mechanization Committee
 column, add: "Brier brier or briar, name sometimes given any thorny plant, more specifically the sweetbrier, and the greenbrier. French brier, or brierroot, is a name for the root of the European white heath so widely used in the manufacture of smoking pipes.  housing is peened, cracked or damaged. Buffer shaft is bent, mushroomed, peened or cracked. More than 1/8 inch of finish is missing from top edge of buffer housing stop. Buffer shaft actuates roughly or fails to return to full extended position. Buffer leaking around shaft."

TM 9-1005-313-23&P

WP 0007-00-3, Item 3b: Under procedures, add the same words that were added to the-10 above.

WP 0012 00-2: At the end of INSPECT/REPAIR, add "If buffer/buffer housing assembly is damaged or buffer shows signs of leakage, evacuate e·vac·u·ate
1. To empty or remove the contents of.

2. To excrete or discharge waste matter, especially of the bowels.
 to Direct Support."

WP 0028 00-5: At the end of INSPECT/REPAIR, add "M240B and N, check backplate body for damage/cracks, peening to stop above buffer shaft or finish missing from stop. Check buffer for signs of leakage, shaft damage and presence of screw plug in rear.

"If damage to the backplate exists to include more than 1/8 inch of the finish missing from the stop, replace the buffer assembly.

"If the buffer itself shows damage or signs of leakage and the stop shows less than 1/8 inch of finish missing, replace the hydraulic buffer and touch up the stop with solid film lubricant Lubricant

A gas, liquid, or solid used to prevent contact of parts in relative motion, and thereby reduce friction and wear. In many machines, cooling by the lubricant is equally important.
 to restore a visual reference point for future wear to the stop."

For more information, see TACOM TACOM Tank-Automotive and Armaments Command (US Army)
TACOM Tactical Communications
TACOM Tactical Command
TACOM Tank-Automotive and Armament Command
TACOM Theater Army Command
TACOM Tactical Army Command
TACOM Tactical Army COM
 maintenance advisory message 06-038.

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Date:Jan 1, 2007
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