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Divine releases Conversations 5.0. (New Products).

divine, inc. has announced the availability of divine Conversations 5.0, which provides enhancements to core predictive dialing functionality, two new CTI (Computer Telephone Integration) Combining data with voice systems in order to enhance telephone services. For example, automatic number identification (ANI) allows a caller's records to be retrieved from the database while the call is routed to the appropriate party.  integrations, out-of-the-box integration to divine's business analytics solution, divine SoftMetric, and StrategyFlow, a multichannel Using two or more paths for transmission or processing. It can refer to a variety of architectures including (1) multiple I/O channels between the CPU and peripheral devices, (2) multiple wires in a cable, (3) multiple "logical" channels within a single wire or fiber or (4) multiple  proactive customer contact campaign management solution. New features in divine Conversations 5.0 include: Conversations StrategyFlow, a multichannel campaign management module that is designed to drive customer transactions to lower cost channels such as e-mail, Web chat and Web self-service, depending on the profile and preferences of customers; two new CTI integration capabilities, one which enables Conversations customers to utilize the efficiencies of the outbound out¬∑bound ¬†
Outward bound; headed away: outbound trains.

Adj. 1. outbound - that is going out or leaving; "the departing train"; "an outward journey"; "outward-bound ships"
 dialer while taking advantage of sophisticated enterprisewide agent routing capabilities, the other which combines superior call progress detection with reduced agent voice connectivity A generic term for connecting devices to each other in order to transfer data back and forth. It often refers to network connections, which embraces bridges, routers, switches and gateways as well as backbone networks.  costs; and out-of-the-box integration with divine SoftMetric, business acti vity monitoring and performance analysis software. Customer-driven feature enhancements include: Same Agent Callback An authentication technique that calls the sender back. After connection is made, the receiving side breaks the connection and calls the sender to ensure that the logon was made from the authorized computer. Callback prevents a stolen ID and password from being used on a different machine.  enhancements, Do Nor Call List enhancements, digital recording enhancements and security enhancements.
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Publication:Customer Interaction Solutions
Article Type:Product Announcement
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Date:Aug 1, 2002
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