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Displaytech, Inc.

The engineers at Displaytech, Inc., Longmont. CO, are producing what they say will be the next generation in data display devices. The new heir, following the history of CRTs. LCDs and plasma displays. could be the LightCaster Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal (FLC) display panel. The unit is comprised of a 1 micron thick layer of binary FLC material layered over reflective metal atop a memory chip. Signals from the memory cells control the polarization state of incident light, creating light and dark pixels. These microdisplays form pixels that are 7 microns in size, as opposed to the 25 micron pixel of current LCD displays, resulting in greater resolution. Further enhancing image quality is the very thin FLC layer, which virtually eliminates edge diffusion of the pixels that would occur with light passing through thicker materials. Capable of operating in a wide temperature range, the FLC material also switches extremely fast, moving to "on" and "off" states at the same speed, preventing blurring of moving image s. Building the display on the back of a chip makes them cheaper to produce. The image brightness allows them to be built into projection devices, such as monitors and large screen televisions, and their small size makes FLC panels directly applicable to personal and heads-up displays.
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Publication:Medical Equipment Designer
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Date:May 1, 1999
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