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Disabled veterans to get recovery checks.


Veterans who receive disability compensation from the Department of Veterans Affairs Veterans Affairs is a term of the business that deals with the relation between a government and its veteran communities, usually administered by the designated government agency.  will receive a $250 payment from the government's economic recovery program by June June: see month.  4. In addition, veterans who are first-time homebuyers First-Time Homebuyer

An IRA owner who is exempt from the early-distribution penalty (which applies to IRA distributions that occur before the IRA owner reaches age 59.5) for distributing funds from his or her IRA to buy, build, or rebuild a home when having had no interest in a
 can get an income tax credit of as much as $8,000 for homes purchased in this year.

To be eligible for the $250 payments, veterans must have been receiving disability compensation between November November: see month.  2008 and January January: see month.  2009. The VA will use its existing payment records to determine eligibility and no application is necessary. Veterans will receive their payments the same way they receive their monthly VA benefits--direct deposit or mail.

The VA plans to inform beneficiaries when it releases the payments, which are exempt from eligibility determination for any federal program. Those eligible must have received disability compensation, pension, dependency dependency

In international relations, a weak state dominated by or under the jurisdiction of a more powerful state but not formally annexed by it. Examples include American Samoa (U.S.) and Greenland (Denmark).
 and indemnity Recompense for loss, damage, or injuries; restitution or reimbursement.

An indemnity contract arises when one individual takes on the obligation to pay for any loss or damage that has been or might be incurred by another individual.
 compensation or spina spina /spi·na/ (spi´nah) pl. spi´nae   [L.] spine.

spina bi´fida  a developmental anomaly marked by defective closure of the vertebral arch, through which the meninges may (s.
 bifida benefits. Beneficiaries, however, must live within the United States United States, officially United States of America, republic (2005 est. pop. 295,734,000), 3,539,227 sq mi (9,166,598 sq km), North America. The United States is the world's third largest country in population and the fourth largest country in area.  or its territories.

Similar payments will be made to those receiving benefits from the Social Security Administration and the Railroad Retirement Board The Railroad Retirement Board (or RRB) is an agency of the United States government created in the 1930s which established a retirement benefit program for the country's railroad workers.

The RRB serves U.S.
, but will receive only one benefit payment. If VA beneficiaries are also eligible for those benefits, they will be paid through those agencies and not receive payment from the VA. The VA has additional information at

Meanwhile, as much as $8,000 in tax credit can be deducted de·duct  
v. de·duct·ed, de·duct·ing, de·ducts
1. To take away (a quantity) from another; subtract.

2. To derive by deduction; deduce.

 for a 2009 first-home purchase for veterans. Veterans can take the credit off their 2008 or 2009 taxes depending on when the home is purchased.

Veterans who still have to file their 2008 returns and are buying a home soon, can request a six-month IRS An abbreviation for the Internal Revenue Service, a federal agency charged with the responsibility of administering and enforcing internal revenue laws.  tax filing extension to Oct. 15. Veterans who are getting a large refund TO REFUND. To pay back by the party who has received it, to the party who has paid it, money which ought not to have been paid.
     2. On a deficiency of assets, executors and administrators cum testamento annexo, are entitled to have refunded to them legacies
 for 2008 may choose to file their taxes and claim the credit later, by filing an amended return Amended Return

A return filed in order to make corrections to a tax return from a previous year. It can be used to correct errors and claim a more advantageous filing.

An amended return is filed using Form 1040X.
. Or veterans can claim the tax credit next year when they file their 2009 tax returns.

In effect, the new law allows veterans a tax credit of 10 percent of the purchase price of a first home up to $8,000. The tax credit level is reduced if adjusted gross income exceeds $75,000, or $150,000 if filing joint returns with a spouse spouse  A legal marriage partner as defined by state law .

The IRS has additional information about the two recovery programs at
2009 DAV Day at the Ballpark Schedule
Major League Schedule

HOME TEAM                     GAME DATE            OPPONENT
* Seattle Mariners            Saturday, April 18   Tigers
* Houston Astros              Saturday, May 4      Padres
  Kansas City Royals          Saturday, May 16     Orioles
  St. Louis Cardinals         Saturday, May 23     Royals
* Colorado Rockies            Monday, May 25       Dodgers
* San Francisco Giants        Monday, May 25       Braves
  Minnesota Twins             Friday, July 3       Tigers
  Florida Marlins             Saturday, July 4     Pirates
* Philadelphia Phillies       Saturday, July 4     Mets
  Baltimore Orioles           Saturday, July 11    Blue Jays
  Seattle Mariners            Saturday, July 11    Rangers
  Milwaukee Brewers           Sunday, July 12      Dodgers
  San Diego Padres            Monday, July 20      Marlins
* Detroit Tigers              Tuesday, July 21     Mariners
  Pittsburgh Pirates          Sunday, Aug. 2       Nationals
  Washington Nationals        Sunday, Aug. 9       D-Backs
* San Diego Padres            Sunday, Sept. 13     Rockies
  Texas Rangers               Sunday, Sept 20      Angels

Minor League Schedule

  Oklahoma City RedHawks      Saturday, April 18   Memphis
  Iowa Cubs                   Saturday, May 9      Memphis
* Syracuse Chiefs             Saturday, May 9      Indianapolis
  Peoria Chiefs               Wednesday, May 13    Quad Cities
* Hickory Crawdads            Friday, May 15       Lake County
  Kinston Indians             Friday, May 15       Frederick
  Bowie Baysox                Saturday, May 16     Erie
* Potomac Nationals           Friday, May 22       Lynchburg
  Gwinnett Braves             Sunday, May 23       Toledo
* Huntsville Stars            Saturday, May 23     West Tennessee
* Louisville Bats             Monday, May 25       Pawtucket
  Wilmington Blue Rocks       Thursday, May 28     Frederick
  Las Vegas 51s               Saturday, June 6     Tacoma
* Arkansas Travelers          Sunday, June 7       San Antonio
  Wisconsin Timber Rattlers   Thursday, June 11    Kane County
  Cedar Rapids Kernels        Sunday, June 14      Kane County
* Pawtucket Red Sox           Tuesday, June 16     Charlotte
  Aberdeen Ironbirds          Tuesday, tune 23     Staten Island
  Salt Lake Bees              Thursday, June 25    Fresno
  Portland Beavers            Friday, June 26      Reno
  New Britain Rock Cats       Monday, June 29      Connecticut
  Lakewood Blueclaws          Tuesday, June 30     Greensboro
  Rochester Red Wings         Sunday, July 5       Buffalo
  Frederick Keys              Monday, July 13      Kinston
  Lake Elsinore Storm         Thursday, July 16    Stockton
  Grand Prairie AirHogs       Friday, July 17      Shreveport
* Sioux Falls Canaries        Friday, July 17      Sioux City
  Buffalo Bisons              Sunday, July 19      Toledo
  Albuquerque Isotopes        Friday, July 24      Iowa
  Scranton/WB Yankees         Sunday, Aug. 2       Pawtucket
  New Hampshire Fisher Cats   Friday, Aug. 7       Altoona
  Fort Myers Miracle          Tuesday, Aug. 11     Palm Beach
* Lake Elsinore Storm         Saturday, Aug. 22    Rancho Cucamonga
* Tulsa Drifters              Friday, Aug. 14      Frisco
* Lake Elsinore Storm         Thursday, Aug. 20    Lancaster
* Omaha Royals                Saturday, Aug. 29    New Orleans

* Veterans Appreciation Games--For tickets, please call the team's
ticket office and say you are a DAV member.
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