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Digital video recorder.

The Intellex Ultra Digital Video Management System is new from San Diego-based American Dynamics. The 3U chassis Pronounced "chah-see," it is a physical structure that holds everything or that everything is attached to. A computer's cabinet is often called the chassis.  design provides a compact digital video management solution that also conserves network bandwidth. It features a separate, solid-state system drive for flexibility. It supports Windows XP The previous client version of Windows. XP was a major upgrade to the client version of Windows 2000 with numerous changes to the user interface. XP improved support for gaming, digital photography, instant messaging, wireless networking and sharing connections to the Internet.  Pro and uses Active Content Compression, the company's patented compression algorithm algorithm (ăl`gərĭth'əm) or algorism (–rĭz'əm) [for Al-Khowarizmi], a clearly defined procedure for obtaining the solution to a general type of problem, often numerical.  optimized for video security applications. The new platform integrates seamlessly with the entire Intellex product line as well as with access control systems from Kantech and Software House. The newest software, which comes with the unit, offers the convenience of a virtual matrix by combining keyboard-based control with an expanded capacity for streaming video A one-way video transmission over a data network. It is widely used on the Web as well as company networks to play video clips and video broadcasts. Computers in home networks stream video to digital media hubs connected to a home theater.  simultaneously from multiple cameras. Other benefits include improved system stability, alarm-triggered camera repositioning repositioning Laparoscopic surgery The changing of a Pt's position during a procedure to improve access or visualization of the operative field, which may be linked to complications, as it changes anatomic planes of operation. Cf Laparoscopic surgery. , e-mail notification of alarm events, and alarm notification of hard drive failure.


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Publication:Security Management
Date:Mar 1, 2006
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