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Digital Artforms Announces Vega/SmartScene and SmartScene/Collaborative; New Software Offering Enhances SmartScene Functionality.

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VW2002 Conference

ORLANDO, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 25, 2002

Today at the VR2002 Conference, Digital ArtForms, Inc. announced Vega/SmartScene, SmartScene/Collaborative, and SmartScene/Linux, three significant advancements of SmartScene, Digital ArtForms' award-winning, immersive, realtime 3D environment software with its intuitive two-handed user interface. SmartScene is the first application to fully exploit realtime 3D technologies to train, certify and maintain efficient workforces and to enable man-in-the-loop virtual prototyping processes.

Vega/SmartScene combines SmartScene's unique, intuitive interaction techniques with MultiGen-Paradigm's industry-standard Vega application development environment, enabling SmartScene users to take advantage of the wide range of application-specific functionality available in MultiGen-Paradigm's Vega modules including Vega Special Effects, Vega DI Guy, and Vega Immersive.

SmartScene/Collaborative brings SmartScene users based in different geographic locations together in a common realtime 3D workspace to brainstorm ideas, review 3D designs, and train for complex 3D tasks. In a recent demonstration, SmartScene/Collaborative linked the boardroom at the New York Stock Exchange with Silicon Graphics' Reality Center in Mountain View, California for a demonstration design review and brainstorming session.

SmartScene/Linux takes SmartScene to PCs with commodity-level graphics cards. Combined with SmartScene/Collaborative, users with laptops and supercomputers can collaborate together.

"These new products mark a renewed commitment to the advancement of SmartScene and virtual environments as a whole," said Paul Mlyniec, president of Digital ArtForms. "Vega/SmartScene allows our users to configure SmartScene for virtually any display configuration, including CAVEs and PowerWalls and it introduces new features to SmartScene's powerful runtime environment. SmartScene/Collaborative makes the sharing of 3D data between geographically dispersed users possible. SmartScene/Linux brings SmartScene to a new level of affordability and portability."

"These new advancements from Digital ArtForms will greatly benefit our customers by further expanding the functionality of Vega and allowing our customers to take advantage of this exciting technology for their own projects," said Chris Hawkins, vice president of sales and marketing for MultiGen-Paradigm. "SmartScene has always been an innovative product, and now combined with Vega's feature-rich add-on modules, the two products working in tandem will allow customers the full benefits of a collaborative two-handed interface."

Pricing and Availability

Digital ArtForms' new products will be available April 1, 2002. For pricing information, contact Digital ArtForms at or visit for a local MultiGen-Paradigm sales representative.

About Digital ArtForms

Digital ArtForms, Inc was formed in 1998 to create new applications and markets based on two-hands. Its President, Paul Mlyniec, managed the team that developed SmartScene. Digital ArtForms is based in Los Gatos, California.

About MultiGen-Paradigm

MultiGen-Paradigm, Inc., a Computer Associates company, headquartered in San Jose, Calif., leads the industry in providing commercial-off-the-shelf, realtime 3D software tools and solutions to interactively create and run visual and sensor simulation, simulation based training, urban simulation and 3D GIS visualization applications. Further information about MultiGen-Paradigm and its products and services can be found on the World Wide Web at
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Date:Mar 25, 2002
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