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Reflow soldering with a SnCu eutectic Pb-free alloy: the performance matches SAC, but with shinier joints. Sep 1, 2008 677
Post-wave solder bridging: bridging seems random, yet always in the same place. Why? Oct 1, 2007 686
Controlling flux deposition: methods for measuring uniformity and volume. Sep 1, 2007 963
Easing the pressure: calculating the solder wave pressure and penetration in gaps relationship. Aug 1, 2007 794
Wave soldering 0603s: these small parts can usually withstand higher soldering temps. Jul 1, 2007 602
Imperfect shapes, perfect wetting: "lean" may be the rage, but fat solder joints are wholly reliable. Jun 1, 2007 520
Allowable concentration of contaminating elements in solder: impurities are harmless unless their level goes too high. May 1, 2007 774
Designing for wave solderability: board layout is the leading cause of solder defects, but getting it right is not easy. Apr 1, 2007 896
Mixing alloys on a single line: running SnPb and Pb-free on one line can be done. Here's how. Jan 1, 2007 673
The role of eutectics in solder joint appearance: a mix of liquids and solids solidifying at different stages gives joints a dull look. Nov 1, 2006 798
Should pallets still be used in wave soldering? It is a reliable technique conducive to high volumes and short cycle times. Jun 1, 2006 721
Avoiding solder spikes: shorter leads will prevent solder from being trapped in 'oxide envelopes.'. May 1, 2006 667
Preventing micro solderballs: it all starts with the right soldermask and flux. Apr 1, 2006 893
Why dull or frosty Pb-free solder joints are not defective: matte or dull joints are normal and should be considered just 'an effect.'. Jan 1, 2006 827
Fluxing: the critical parameter in wave soldering. Dec 1, 2005 701
Soldering PCBs with non-plated through-holes: low-tech, single-sided boards can be complicated to solder. Nov 1, 2005 799
Why a 2-D soldering pass won't (usually) improve hole-fill: optimized thermal design lies in board layout and placement. Sep 1, 2005 514
A stirring solution: intermetallic crystals form more easily in Pb-free solder pots, but there's a fix. Aug 1, 2005 797
Quieting the noise: quality wave soldering depends on control of its many parameters. Jul 1, 2005 736
Making selective soldering work for you: dip or drag? Which process to choose depends entirely on your product. Sep 1, 2002 2372
5 Steps to Successful Lead-Free Soldering: Step 5. Brief Article Aug 1, 2001 2345
Five Steps to Successful Lead-Free Soldering: Step 4. Jul 1, 2001 2621
5 Steps to Successful Lead-Free Soldering: Step 3. Jun 1, 2001 2354
Five Steps To Successful lead-Free Soldering: Step 2. May 1, 2001 1873

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