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Didion Manufacturing Co.

The Company

Didion Manufacturing Co. was founded in 1974 with the invention of the Rotary Shakeout, later known as the Didion Rotary Sand Casting Separator. The inventor, Charles J. Didion, revolutionized the foundry industry with his unique concept/machine and had it patented internationally in 55 countries.

At a time when the foundry industry was stagnant and stifled in technological advancements in the area of shakeout and material handling, Didion emerged as an innovative leader who alleviated many problems associated with this area. This approach opened up a new line of thinking in the concept of material handling, which saved foundries throughout the world hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. Within a short time, the Didion machine became synonymous with shakeout and was utilized in over 20 countries.

The Didion ancestry in the foundry industry dates back to 1885 in Germany. Having thorough knowledge of all facets of the operation, Chuck carved a niche in the engineering/plant layout and maintenance of the foundry. After becoming disgusted with the constant cost and maintenance of their conventional flat deck shakeout, Chuck began barnstorming for the perfect replacement.

The design and engineering of the original machine continued at home in his basement due to the heavy workload in the foundry. Because of dedication and perseverance, the entire foundry industry benefited. The development of the Didion solved many problems associated with shakeout, especially the sand carryover to high-pressure molding systems.

Upon completion of the design and engineering, the prototype was built in the maintenance department at Didion & Sons Foundry Co. After installation, the machine offered several surprising advantages, including the elimination of eight men in the knockout (degating) area.

Other advantages consisted of less heat stress on employees, along with greatly reduced emissions and noise due to the containment within the drum. Based on the knowledge learned from the prototype, the Model 39-38-24 was developed as the first production model. It was later improved and upgraded to the Model RS-40.

Our patented rotary processing equipment has been incorporated in over 500 installations in 34 countries. To meet this growing demand, Didion recently built a new 72,000-sq-ft heavy manufacturing plant. The expansion has increased our capabilities with the installation of new equipment, making us even more efficient in improving deliveries so as to be even more competitive in the global marketplace.


Today, there is a complete line of models built for all size sand systems. The design versatility enables custom-built machines for each foundry's particular needs and requirements, and all the machines have incorporated standard off-the-shelf drive and bearing components.

The design versatility and service-oriented philosophy enabled Didion Manufacturing Co. to branch out into other areas within the foundry. These include chemically bonded sand lump crushers, rotary reclaimers, sand blending/cooling drums, rotary sand screens, sprue mills, protective coating/quenching drums, rotary dryers and rotary media drums. Didion Manufacturing Co. also manufactures and markets in the aggregate and the waste recovery industry.

To date, Didion Manufacturing has patents issued to 8 out of the 10 standard machines it manufactures and markets--all of which are based on the rotary principle.

Recent Projects

Allied Bendix: rotary sand casting separator for 200 tph sand and 20 tph casting; CMI (three plants): three 20 tph rotary lump crushers/sand reclaimers; Intermet: four rotary media drums, one 40 tph rotary lump crusher/reclaimer, one 200 tph rotary separator; Griffin Pipe: a 40 tph rotary lump crusher/sand reclaimer; Mitsubishi: four rotary media drums; Ward: three 100 tph rotary media drums. GM Powertrain recently installed its 19th Didion rotary drum.


Riverside Industrial Centre 7000 West Geneva Dr. P.O. Box 177 St. Peters, Missouri 63376 314/278-8700 Fax: 314/278-3155


* President: Charles J. Didion

* Managing Director: Michael S. Didion

* Controller/Treasurer: John E. Chandler

* Secretary/Office Manager: Debra M. Patton

* Engineering Project Coordinator: Mark A. Craig

* Manager of Engineer Services: Art E. Grillo

* Manager of Manufacturing: David A. Weseman

* Quality Assurance: Dale "Pat" Callaway
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Date:May 1, 1993
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