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Dictionary: Coatings/Anstrichstoffe/[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (Lakokrasochnye, Materialy).

Dictionary: Coatings/Anstrichstoffe/[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (Lakokrasochnye Materialy)

anon., Vincentz Network, Hannover

2003. 705pp. Hardcover.

List price: $189.00.

As the title suggests, this is a tri-lingual dictionary of coatings terms. There are three fully equivalent sections providing listings of English, Russian and German terms commonly used in the coatings industry together with their synonyms in the other two languages. More than 30,000 terms are listed, including many synonyms and alternates. Unfortunately, the sometimes subtle differences between nominal synonyms are often not detailed; while this is not always a problem, one does wonder what the differences are in the some half dozen or so Russian synonyms listed for "sprayable" or what to make of the several synonyms given for the Russian [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], listed as "additament; addition; additional charge; additional substance; additive; auxiliary product; annex; appendix; ingredient." Still, this should be a valuable book for people involved in international technical or business exchange in central and Eastern Europe.


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Date:Jul 1, 2004
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