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Diadromy in Fishes, Migration Between Freshwater and Marine Environments.

Publication of "Diadromy in Fishes, Migrations Between Freshwater and Marine Environments" by R. M. McDowall has been announced by Timber Press, 9999 S.W. Wilshire, Portland, Oregon 97225. The author is manager of the Freshwater Fisheries Center, Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, New Zealand. The book differs somewhat from other general volumes on fish migrations in being a review of anadromy, catadromy, and marine and freshwater amphidromy.

Initial chapters discuss the early beliefs and studies of diadromy and review the terminology involved, as well as the taxonomic extent of diadromy. Another chapter discusses geographical variations in diadromy and the origin and evolution of diadromy. Then follow detailed analyses of each of the three forms of migration by family grouping.

With some groups of fishes, diadromy is a strong, important part of their life history strategy (i.e., certain lampreys, eels, sturgeons, salmon, etc). For other groups, diadromy is a rarity. The author has provided a good synthesis of the knowledge on the subject and discussion of diadromy for some southern hemisphere species adds to the review.

Other chapters discuss diadromy as an adaptive life history strategy and the phenomenon of landlocking where a diadromous population becomes an exclusively freshwater population. Another, from the author's southern hemisphere perspective, examines the "transportability" of diadromy when such migratory species are transplanted, and the successes and failures with the transplants and reasons therefore.

Fisheries for diadromous species are also reviewed, group by group, as are distance and persistence in diadromous migrations. Also presented is the status of various diadromous fishes--i.e., which ones are rare, endangered, declining, extinct, vulnerable, of indeterminate status, or are of regional concern.

The book is a good review of diadromy and its scope and significance in fish behavior and ecology. It includes a lengthy bibliography and an appendix listing the diadromous fish species according to type of diadromy and latitudinal range. Indexed, the 308 page volume is available from the publisher for $47.95 plus $3 postage.
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Publication:Marine Fisheries Review
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Date:Jan 1, 1989
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