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Developments in Uranium Resources, Production, Demand and the Environment: Proceedings of a Technical Committee Meeting Held in Vienna, 15-18 June 1999.

International Atomic Energy Agency International Atomic Energy Agency: see Atomic Energy Agency, International.
International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)

International organization officially founded in 1957 to promote the peaceful use of nuclear energy.
. Wagramer Str. 5, P.O. Box 100 A1400 Vienna, Austria: International Atomic Energy Agency, March 2005. +43 1 2600 22529. ISBN ISBN
International Standard Book Number

ISBN International Standard Book Number

ISBN n abbr (= International Standard Book Number) → ISBN m 
 92-0-112904-1. 187 pp. 15.00 [euro].

Globalization globalization

Process by which the experience of everyday life, marked by the diffusion of commodities and ideas, is becoming standardized around the world. Factors that have contributed to globalization include increasingly sophisticated communications and transportation
 has led to growing importance of the uranium uranium (yrā`nēəm), radioactive metallic chemical element; symbol U; at. no. 92; at. wt. 238.0289; m.p. 1,132°C;; b.p. 3,818°C;; sp. gr. 19.  production industries of the world's developing countries. Uranium supply from these countries could be increasingly important in satisfying worldwide reactor requirements over time. Along with the increasing contribution to worldwide uranium supply, the environmental impact of uranium production in developing countries has come under increasing scrutiny from the nuclear power industry, the end-users of this supply, and from communities impacted by uranium mining Uranium mining is the process of extraction of uranium ore from the ground. As uranium ore is mostly present at relatively low concentrations, most uranium mining is very volume-intensive, and thus tends to be undertaken as open-pit mining.  and processing. The papers presented at the meeting on "Developments in Uranium Resources, Production, Demand and the Environment" provide an important overview of uranium production operations and of their environmental consequences in developing countries, as well as offering insight into future production plans and potential.
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Author:Lee, Chad
Publication:Environmental Law
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Sep 22, 2005
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