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Department of Defense News Release (Aug. 22, 2007): Department of Defense releases Selected Acquisition Reports.

The Department of Defense has released details on major defense acquisition program cost, schedule, and performance changes since the December 2006 reporting period. This information is based on the Selected Acquisition Reports (SARs) submitted to the Congress for the June 2007 reporting period.

SARs summarize the latest estimates of cost, schedule, and performance status. These reports are prepared annually in conjunction with the president's budget. Subsequent quarterly exception reports are required only for those programs experiencing unit cost increases of at least 15 percent or schedule delays of at least six months. Quarterly SARs are also submitted for initial reports, final reports, and for programs that are rebaselined at major milestone decisions.

The total program cost estimates provided in the SARs include research and development, procurement, military construction, and acquisition-related operation and maintenance (except for pre-Milestone B programs, which are limited to development costs pursuant to 10 U.S.C. [section]2432). Total program costs reflect actual costs to date as well as future anticipated costs. All estimates include anticipated inflation allowances.

The current estimate of program acquisition costs for programs covered by SARs for the prior reporting period (December 2006) was $1,683,973.8 million (see right column). After subtracting the costs for two final reports (Land Warrior and E-2C E-2C Hawkeye; Navy Airborne Warning and Control System Aircraft  Reproduction) and the MK 2 portion of Ship Self Defense System (SSDS SSDS SQL Server Data Services
SSDS Ship Self Defense System
SSDS Space Science Data System (NASA)
SSDS Sudden Sniffing Death Syndrome
SSDS Secure Software Distribution System
SSDS Sexual Self-Disclosure Scale
), and adding costs for six new programs--Defense Integrated Military Human Resources System (DIMHRS DIMHRS Defense Integrated Military Human Resources System (US DoD) ), Extended Range Munition (ERM (Enterprise Relationship Management) An umbrella term with many shades of meaning over the years. It may refer to the management of information from any or all of an organization's customers, suppliers, business partners and employees. ), Family of Beyond Line-of-Sight Terminals (FAB-T FAB-T Family of Advanced Beyond-Line-of-Sight Terminals ), Navy Multiband Terminal (NMT (Nordic Mobile Telephone) An analog cellular phone system deployed in more than 40 countries in Europe. Launched in the Scandinavian countries in 1979, NMT was the first analog cellphone system. Both 450 MHz and 900 MHz versions are available. See cellular generations. ), Remote Mine-hunting System (RMS), and Vertical Takeoff and Landing Vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL)

A flight technique in which an aircraft rises directly into the air and settles vertically onto the ground. Such aircraft do not need runways but can operate from a small pad or, in some cases, from an unprepared site.
 Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle A powered, aerial vehicle that does not carry a human operator, uses aerodynamic forces to provide vehicle lift, can fly autonomously or be piloted remotely, can be expendable or recoverable, and can carry a lethal or nonlethal payload.  (VTUAV VTUAV VTOL Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (US DoD Fire Scout) ) from the December 2006 reporting period--the adjusted current estimate of program acquisition costs was $1,689,502.0 million. For the June 2007 reporting period, there was a net cost increase of $4,271.4 million (+ 0.3 percent), due primarily to revised cost estimates for the Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle The Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle (EFV) is the newest USMC amphibious vehicle, intended for deployment in 2015.<ref name="NAVWAR" /> It was renamed from the Advanced Amphibious Assault Vehicle in late 2003. The USMC wants 1,013 AAAV's by 2015.  program.

For the June 2007 reporting period, there were quarterly exception SARs submitted for five programs. The reasons for the submissions are provided in the tables.


Cobra Judy Replacement -- The SAR (Segmentation And Reassembly) The protocol that converts data to cells for transmission over an ATM network. It is the lower part of the ATM Adaption Layer (AAL), which is responsible for the entire operation. See AAL.

SAR - segmentation and reassembly
 was submitted to report schedule slips of six months or more. The program was restructured to accommodate misalignments between the funding profile and the ship and mission equipment production schedules. The replanned program delays initial operational capability The first attainment of the capability to employ effectively a weapon, item of equipment, or system of approved specific characteristics that is manned or operated by an adequately trained, equipped, and supported military unit or force. Also called IOC.  until December 2012.

Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle (EFV) -- The SAR was submitted to report schedule slips of approximately two years since the December 2006 SAR. In February 2007, the program experienced a critical Nunn-McCurdy unit cost breach due primarily to system reliability challenges and a quantity reduction. The department certified a revised program to Congress in June 2007. Program costs increased $4,069.4 million (+ 34.2 percent) from $11,902.7 million to $15,972.1 million.

LHA Replacement -- The SAR was submitted to report schedule slips of six months or more to the program, due primarily to delays in the detail design and construction contract award from December 2006 to June 2007 and ship delivery from December 2011 to August 2012. Program costs increased $202 million (+6.6 percent) from $3,078.9 million to $3,280.9 million to reflect receipt of fiscal year 2006 supplemental funds to offset Hurricane Katrina impact on the detail design and construction contract.

Air Force

B-2 Extremely High Frequency extremely high frequency
n. Abbr. EHF
A radio-frequency band with a range of 30,000 to 300,000 megahertz.

Noun 1.
 Increment (EHF) 1 -- This is the initial SAR submission following program initiation at the Milestone B decision in May 2007.

B-2 Radar Modernization Program (RMP RMP right mentoposterior (position of the fetus). ) -- The SAR was submitted to report schedule slips of six months or more to the program. The Air Force was aggressive with the RMP schedule due to direction from the Department of Commerce to vacate the current B-2 radar operating frequency, but this schedule was not achievable due to the technical maturity of the radar antenna being slower than planned.

New SARs (As of June 2007)

The Department of Defense has submitted an initial SAR for the B-2 EHF Increment 1 program for the June 2007 reporting period. This report does not represent cost growth. The baseline established on this program will be the point from which future changes will be measured.
                                          Current Estimate (in millions)

December 2006 (89 programs)               $1,683,973.8
Less final reports on two programs (Land      -5,568.4
  Warrior and E-2C Reproduction, and MK
  2 portion of SSDS program)
Plus six new programs (DIMHRS, ERM, FAB-     +11,096.6
  T, NMT, RMS and VTUAV)
December 2006 Adjusted (93 programs)      $1,689,502.0

Changes Since Last Report  Current Estimate (in millions

Economic                        $0.0
Quantity                        +8.3
Schedule                      +842.8
Engineering                      0.0
Estimating                  +3,039.3
Other                            0.0
Support                       +381.0
Net Cost Change            $+4,271.4

Program              Current Estimate (in millions)

B-2 EHF Increment 1  $706.1
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