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Denali Software to Leverage Bluespec Technology for Next-Generation Memory Controller IP Development.

Leading Memory Controller Vendor Picks Bluespec to Assist in Generation of SystemC Models and Verilog RTL (Register Transfer Level) A high-level hardware description language (HDL) for defining digital circuits. The circuits are described as a collection of registers, Boolean equations, control logic such as "if-then-else" statements as well as complex event sequences;  

WALTHAM, Mass. -- Bluespec, Inc., developers of the industry's only general purpose high-level synthesis solution, today announced that Denali Software Denali Software, Inc. is an American software company, based in Palo Alto, California. The company produces electronic design automation (EDA) software and intellectual property (IP) design cores for memory and other standard interfaces. , Inc., selected Bluespec's high-level synthesis toolset as part of its next-generation technology platform for future memory controller IP development. Denali Software chose Bluespec's toolset because of the productivity improvements it offers, its ability to support complex, highly parameterized designs, and its capability to satisfy a variety of needs.

"We chose Bluespec's general purpose high-level synthesis solution and view it as a valuable technology to augment our existing design flow in a number of areas," said Brian Gardner Brian Gardner is an American record producer and sound engineer. He has worked on over 750 recordings since the mid-1970s, including classic rock, funk, disco, alternative rock, R&B, hip hop, pop punk, and dance pop. , vice president of IP products at Denali Software, Inc. "We envision using it to perform architectural exploration and to create SystemC models as well as portions of our design. As a leader in the standards-based IP market, Denali is constantly challenging the state of the art in pursuit of better technology, higher productivity, and providing superior customer value."

"We're very pleased that Denali Software, one of the industry's most reputable IP companies, has selected Bluespec's toolset for enhancing a next-generation controller product," said Charlie Hauck, chief executive officer of Bluespec, Inc. "Bluespec's extreme reuse and control-adaptive parameterization is extremely well suited to the development needs of complex IP. Companies are selecting Bluespec for modeling, verification and implementation because we are the first solution that raises the level of abstraction The level of complexity by which a system is viewed. The higher the level, the less detail. The lower the level, the more detail. The highest level of abstraction is the single system itself.  and delivers no-compromise synthesis across the board, for both algorithmic and control IP. Unlike C-to-RTL synthesis, which is limited to DSP-oriented block-level IP, Bluespec delivers the general-purpose capabilities demanded by commercial IP."

Contact George Harper, Bluespec's vice president of marketing, for more details. He can be reached at (781) 250-2200 or via email at

About Bluespec

Bluespec Inc., manufactures an industry standards-based Electronic Design Automation (EDA (1) (Electronic Design Automation) Using the computer to design, lay out, verify and simulate the performance of electronic circuits on a chip or printed circuit board. ) toolset that significantly raises the level of abstraction for hardware design while retaining the ability to automatically synthesize high-quality RTL, without compromising speed, power or area. Elevating System-on-Chip (SoC) modeling, verification and implementation with atomic transactions, the only high-level abstraction for hardware concurrency Operations that are performed simultaneously within the computer. For example, dual-core CPUs provide complete overlapping of two independent processes. See dual core, hyperthreading, multiprocessing, multitasking, multithreading, SMP and MPP.

concurrency - multitasking
, the general purpose toolset allows ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) Pronounced "a-sick." A chip that is custom designed for a specific application rather than a general-purpose chip such as a microprocessor.  and FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) A type of gate array that is programmed in the field rather than in a semiconductor fab. Containing up to hundreds of thousands of gates, there are a variety of FPGA architectures on the market.  teams to reduce development time, bugs and re-spins that contribute to product delays and escalating costs. More information can be found on or by calling (781) 250-2200.

About Denali Software

Denali Software, Inc., is a world-leading provider of electronic design automation (EDA) software and semiconductor intellectual property (IP) for system-on-chip (SoC) design and verification. Denali delivers the industry's most trusted solutions for deploying PCI Express A high-speed peripheral interconnect from Intel introduced in 2002. Note that although sometimes abbreviated "PCX," PCI Express is not the same as "PCI-X" (see PCI-SIG and PCI-X for comparison). As a result of the confusion, "PCI-E" or "PCIe" is the accepted abbreviation. , NAND Flash See flash memory.  and DDR DRAM subsystems. Developers use Denali's EDA, IP and services to reduce risk and speed time-to-market for electronic system and chip design. Denali is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California and has offices around the world to serve the global electronics industry. More information about Denali, its products and services is available at

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:May 22, 2008
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