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Debbie Giesey celebrates 25 years with TEI.

TEI's Director of Administration, Debbie Giesey, celebrated a quarter century with the preeminent tax organization on October 22. Ms. Giesey joined the staff as an administrative assistant to the Executive Director and bookkeeper in 1984. She was subsequently promoted to Assistant Director of Administration and to her current position in 1996.

"I can't imagine TEI operating as smoothly as it does without Debbie's hard work and dedication," TEI Executive Director Timothy McCormally stated. "Her prodigious memory of TEI's history, her expertise with our accounting systems and investments, her ability to focus on the tasks at hand, and her sense of humor--all have made Debbie an incredibly valuable employee. I'm the fourth Executive Director Debbie has worked with," he added, "and I'm fortunate--we're all fortunate--that she's still part of TEI's staff."

On October 25, TEI's Board of Directors approved a resolution commending Ms. Giesey for her service. Mr. McCormally noted that, when Ms. Giesey joined the staff, the Institute had 3,800 members (compared with 7,000 today), 42 chapters in the United States and Canada (compared with today's total of 54 in nearly 20 countries), and a budget of $1.4 million and a fund balance of $500,000 (compared with 2009 figures of $6.2 and $8.5 million). "From October 1984 to today, Debbie has been an integral part of the Institute's staff, doing what is needed to be done to serve the members and advance the Institute. She has been a tremendous colleague."


In her spare time, Ms. Giesey enjoys traveling and her office is resplendent with photographs she has taken on trips to Alaska and Scotland. Born in Pennsylvania, she is a die-hard Pittsburgh Steelers fan.
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Title Annotation:Less Taxing Matters
Author:McCormally, Timothy J.
Publication:Tax Executive
Date:Nov 1, 2009
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