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Dear Doc.

Q i have been struggling with pain in my right elbow for several weeks, and recently saw the physiotherapist at work, who tells me that I have "Tennis elbow".

I am not clear what this is and how I got it as I don't play tennis.

A Tennis elbow is a common condition where there is strain or tearing of the muscles in your forearm.

The muscle gives way just at the point where it joins onto the elbow.

This typically produces a sharp pain at the elbow whenever the sufferer grips tightly, such as lifting up a teapot.

There are a variety of treatments, including physiotherapy and steroid injections.

Most cases will settle reasonably quickly.

This illness, like many, has picked up a colourful name from days gone by.

It can be produced by over-aggressive tennis playing but, more frequently, occurs from a fall or catching something heavy as it falls.

QI am 56 and a little worried. I have noticed a small amount of blood in my urine on a couple of occasions in the last few weeks.

I am a little embarrassed, so don't want to bother my doctor if it is nothing too serious.

A Don't be embarrassed! It is well worth bothering your doctor with this one.

Blood in the urine can occur for a variety of reasons, including infection, enlarged prostate gland and, rarely, through things such as bladder cancer.

It is likely that your doctor will want to examine your tummy and your prostate gland, (a rectal examination) and to check a sample of urine and may suggest a blood test to begin with.

He will be more than happy to see you and really impressed if you bring a urine sample with you!

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Date:Apr 29, 2003
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